Social Analytics & Measurement by Ben Straley


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Social Analytics & Measurement by Ben Straley of RioSEO

You’ve heard about the buzz, leads and traffic that social media generates. But what about everyone’s ultimate goal? SALES!
Find out how to successfully harness social media for e-commerce. From social tactics that drive sales, to social apps built solely to push product, to advanced social integration for sharing and disbursement, this session will help you to turn your social media efforts into cold, hard cash.

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Social Analytics & Measurement by Ben Straley

  1. 1. Local, Social, & Search Content Marketing Software SOCIAL ANALYTICS & MEASUREMENT
  2. 2. Meet Ben Straley and Rio SEO • • • VP of Products and Emerging Technologies 18 year product strategy executive and entrepreneur Interactive marketing instructor at the University of Washington's Continuing Education program. @bstraley • • | @ booth #102 Rio SEO is the Software Division of Covario, Global Search Marketing Agency Rio SEO is the Leading Independent Search and Social Marketing Technology and Services Company
  3. 3. Can Social Consistently Move the Needle? What are my marketing objectives? | @ booth #102 How do I get people to share my content?
  4. 4. Sure, it “worked” but did it WORK? | @ booth #102
  5. 5. Brands Making It Work | @ booth #102
  6. 6. Selling with Social is About Getting Results Tracking and Measurement Selling with Social Predictability and Repeatability Scalability | @ booth #102 Analytics and Audience Data Content Referral Rewards and Gamification
  7. 7. Using Data and Metrics Who? | @ booth #102 What? How Many? How Much?
  8. 8. The “Peanut Butter & Chocolate” of Social Killer Content Sweet Rewards | @ booth #102 Sharing and Referrals
  9. 9. Keys Benchmarks Benchmarks Insight Action The % of social referrals from URL copy/paste and “native mobile” Responsive content The % of audience that refers others. The “Influencers” Identify these users. The ratio of influencers to those influenced Recruit, cultivate and motivate influencers. 2X Conversion lift from social referrals Motivate referrals 5X Potential audience increase from Social Lookalikes Create influencer personas and find more like them! 90% 1% 1:15
  10. 10. Scaling Your Social Audience Social Lookalikes Social Visitors Influencers • 5.5M • 5% growth • 1,240,000 • 15% growth m/m • 105,000 • 10% growth m/m Social Retargeting & Lookalike Targeting >6.5M Uniques >30M Impressions
  11. 11. Required Tools and Technology Analytics Advertising Social Sales Gamification Data Management Platform
  12. 12. Putting It All Together Millions in Incremental Revenue $2.8M 25% 370% 1st Revenue from Sharing and WOM -----------------------------------------------------      Goal: Drive event registrations of for annual global conference Create & Promote shareable content to drive word-of-mouth and enable discovery Identify & Connect with Influencers and niche sites/ communities with which they engage Engage & Activate audience with compelling content and gamification to increase sharing and reach Retarget Social Audience and lookalikes that convert at a 2x-4x higher rate than direct visitors | @ booth #102 Of All Registrations ----------------------------------------------------More Sites Linking to Brand Site ----------------------------------------------------Time Event Sold Out
  13. 13. Take-Aways 1. Sharing Drives Social Referrals 2. Social Referrals Convert Really Well 3. 4. 5. Learn as Much as You Can About Your 1% (Influencers) Invite them “Under the Tent” Remarket and Retarget Your Social Audience
  14. 14. Thank You For Joining Us Today! Visit us at booth #102 Find Information, News, and Press around Rio SEO online at Local, Social, & Search Content Marketing Software