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Smx East 2013 Inferred Authorship by Janet Driscoll Miller
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Smx East 2013 Inferred Authorship by Janet Driscoll Miller


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From SMX East 2013 - Authorship Step by Step & Troubleshooting

From SMX East 2013 - Authorship Step by Step & Troubleshooting

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. INFERRED AUTHORSHIP IN GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS # Janet Driscoll Miller Search Mojo @ #SMX #22C October 2, 2013 #
  • 2. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller INFERRING AUTHORSHIP
  • 3. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller PDF AUTHORSHIP • Infers authorship from content • Does not infer from meta data
  • 4. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller WORD AUTHORSHIP • “By” may not be the only way Google infers authorship via content. About the Author Janet Driscoll Miller brings over seven years of search engine marketing experience to Search Mojo and is considered a leading expert in her field. Prior to founding Search Mojo in 2005, Miller was the Director of Internet Marketing at WebSurveyor Corporation…
  • 5. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller POWERPOINT AUTHORSHIP • Infers authorship from text in powerpoint • Doesn’t appear to use meta data
  • 6. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller BOOK AUTHORSHIP
  • 7. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller POTENTIAL PITFALLS
  • 8. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller BE THOUGHTFUL OF AUTHORSHIP • Only the first author will show Is it possible to add two authors for one article? In the current search user interface, we only support one author per article, blog post, etc. We’re still experimenting to find the optimal outcome for searchers when more than one author is specified.
  • 9. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller BE THOUGHTFUL OF AUTHORSHIP • Be sure that you get the snippet you want (watch for “by” in text)
  • 10. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller BE THOUGHTFUL OF AUTHORSHIP • Be sure that you get the snippet you want (watch for “by” in text)
  • 11. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller BE THOUGHTFUL OF AUTHORSHIP • Author will only appear once on a page of search results
  • 12. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller NAME MUST MATCH EXACTLY
  • 13. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller AUTHORRANK
  • 14. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller WHAT DOES AUTHORRANK MEAN FOR PR AND SEO? • Traditional, offline methods for choosing a reporter to work with may not generate the best SEO benefit online.
  • 15. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller IDENTIFYING GOOD ONLINE AUTHORS • Does the site allow for authorship? • Does the author have a Google+ profile? – What sites are listed in the “Contributor to” section and other links on the About section • To check: – Site:URL followed by author name – Ex: david pogue
  • 16. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller DETERMINING OUTREACH • Weigh the SEO value – Does the author have authorship “cred” with Google? • If not, weigh that against the other factors • Weigh the readership value – Realize the value in readers finding your content, that contributes to SEO. – Recognize the level of authority for a publication on a particular topic as well as the publication itself.
  • 17. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller PUBLISHERS: PROTECT YOUR CONTENT!
  • 18. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller PROTECT YOUR CONTENT!
  • 19. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller PROTECT YOUR CONTENT!
  • 20. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller PROTECT YOUR CONTENT! • 89 pages copied verbatim from client’s site – All had authorship applied • On some keywords, over 100 exact duplications on various sites
  • 21. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller COMPARISON Attribute Client Copycat Inbound Links 441,000+ across 6,100+ domains 57 across 7 domains Authority Domains? Yes (example: CDC, NIH) No Local-Based Business? No Yes (Texas)
  • 22. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller PROTECT YOUR CONTENT! • Pages seem to have been created in early-mid April 2013
  • 23. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller RESULTS Keyword ID Google Organic Traffic Improvement in One Week 1 23.7% 2 11.9% 3 26.2% 4 3.6% 5 8.6% 6 28.6% 7 12.5% 8 8.75% 9 14.5% 10 14.1%
  • 24. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller PROTECT YOUR CONTENT! • CopySentry – Monitor content for a monthly fee for duplicates – • Establish authorship (if you can) •
  • 25. #SMX #23C@janetdmiller CONTACT Janet Driscoll Miller 800-939-5938 x101 Google+: +Janet Driscoll Miller (and +Search Mojo) Twitter: @janetdmiller Facebook:
  • 26. # see more presentations at: #