Mobile SEO & Mobile App Case Study by Dave Roth

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  • 1. MOBILE SEO CASE STUDY: # Dave Roth @daverothsays #SMX #14C October 1, 2013 #
  • 2. 2 • Where we started • What we did • What we didn’t do (but maybe should have) • ASO! • Measuring success Agenda WHAT YOU’LL SEE AND HEAR
  • 3. 3 • 2011 – SEO team talks mobile, distributes best practices • Reco = mdot site for mobile browsers. Tdot site? • Couldn’t get on roadmap (site redesign) • 2012 January – mobile product group formed • Had app in market since 2010 • December mdot release • 2012 SMX, Google announces preference for responsive design • Our LDP not well suited for responsive design • Ended up with mobile AJAX TIMELINE
  • 4. 4 • Mdot site • Interstitial • Homepage, Search Box, SRP, LDP • • foo=Near+12+S+Almaden+Ave%2C+ San+Jose%2C+CA+95113&type=sin gle_family%2Ccondo CURRENT STATUS
  • 5. 5 MDOT URLS +San+Jose%2C+CA+95113&type=single_family%2Ccondo
  • 6. 6 SERPS AND URLS ndhomes-search%2FLos-Altos_CA,CA
  • 7. 7 • Mdot site not responsive design (mobile dedicated) • Mobile rankings, traffic good • Not currently optimizing separately for mobile • Will search engines stop using our desktop pages for mobile listings? • If so, when? • Building crawlable mdot site in meantime • Is responsive design in our future?? (probably not) CURRENT STATUS
  • 9. 9 • 1st app released Feb 2012 • Social sharing was in there, later got taken out (now it’s going back in!). • Mobile advertising – weekend bursts to increase rankings ($$$) • When the app launched we did basic keyword research • Built desktop pages to promote the app ( + static pages by device). Optimized pages for real estate app KWs. • Link from those pages over to app stores. Also put links in top-level nav So, we had an app… A S O – A S TA R T I N G P O I N T
  • 10. 10 • ASO tools: • MobileDevHQ – at first was really basic. Now, can get top charts reports (different categories) • Appfigures – rankings, downloads and reviews • AppStoreRanking – good for competitive set • App name – like title tag • App description (make sure they are in there) • Reviews – prompting every 3 or 4 • Content marketing – outreach (links) - PR and social • Hard to correlate search volume, rankings, and downloads. Then we started to optimize… A S O – G E T T I N G S M A R T E R
  • 11. 11 REALTO R. COM RENTA L S APP LAUN C H Paid Advertising at launch Store rank goes up Hits Lifestyle New & Noteworthy ASO Keyword rakings go up Paid advertising tapers off Store ranking falls ASO Keyword rankings settle App falls out of Lifestyle New & Noteworthy Daily downloads decrease
  • 12. Thank You Dave Roth VP Marketing @daverothsays
  • 13. # see more presentations at: #