NO SEO is NEVER Dead, It's Just Trying To Be by Marshall Simmonds


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Searchengineland.Com Digital Summit Session #Smx - No, Seo Is Never Dead… It’S Just Trying To Be Presentation By Marshall Simmonds @Mdsimmonds Of Define Media Group

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NO SEO is NEVER Dead, It's Just Trying To Be by Marshall Simmonds

  1. 1. Marshall Simmonds Define Media Group, Inc. mdsimmonds NO SEO is NEVER Dead It’s just trying to be.
  2. 2. mdsimmonds Google Growth • “Google says it has found more than 30 trillion unique URLs on the Web, crawls 20 billion sites a day and processes 100 billion searches every month” • “The Google search team made 530 improvements this year already, to get it closer to “the future.”
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  5. 5. mdsimmonds SEO is not a project
  6. 6. mdsimmonds Universal Results
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  9. 9. mdsimmonds Knowledge Graph Resource
  10. 10. mdsimmonds DataOne Box Popularity
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  15. 15. mdsimmonds Google “Search Plus Your World”
  16. 16. mdsimmonds More real estate for branded searches Strengthen the association by linking to your Google+ page with rel=“publisher”
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  20. 20. mdsimmonds Market Share
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  23. 23. mdsimmonds Define Media Group Analysis: Search Engine Market Share Google, 86% Bing, 6% Yahoo, 4% Google Bing Yahoo 1,387,198,786 search referrals reviewed 125 profiles within the DMG network
  24. 24. mdsimmonds “6 months worth of data from 63 websites – a mix of B2B and B2C. We looked at more than 100 million organic search visits”
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  26. 26. mdsimmonds
  27. 27. mdsimmonds BUZZFEED “BuzzFeed their data gathering is done via a tracking code across their network of sites of which “represent an audience of more than 300 million people globally.” • Accumulated data pulled directly from Google Analytics and Omniture • 87 sites across several major publishing networks, including many of the best-known brands on the web • Analyzed 48 billion pageviews and 10 billion visits in 2013
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  29. 29. mdsimmonds Dark Social Tynt dark-social-sheds-light-o.html
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  31. 31. mdsimmonds Google Image Search 2012
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  33. 33. mdsimmonds Google Image Search 2013
  34. 34. mdsimmonds “That [phantom visits] was causing problems for some webmasters, and so we thought we can do away with that. That’s gone now. This, along with new options to reach publisher sites, is “a net win for webmasters.” Pierre Far, a webmaster trends analyst with Google. January 23, 2013
  35. 35. mdsimmonds “a net win for webmasters”
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  41. 41. mdsimmonds WordPress Plugin
  42. 42. mdsimmonds Pixabay
  43. 43. mdsimmonds Pixabay
  44. 44. mdsimmonds Pixabay
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  46. 46. mdsimmonds Watermark added Watermark removed
  47. 47. mdsimmonds 125 Profiles Over 19,320,000 Visits for “imgres” Hummingbird Launched Testing Panda 4.0
  48. 48. mdsimmonds Solutions • Still optimize images for contextual relevancy • Google may change course • Image traffic is no longer a consistent source of traffic • This is the new normal • Use Bing • Use Pixabay
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  50. 50. mdsimmonds Google Safe Search
  51. 51. mdsimmonds History Time SafeSearch Algo Update Quick Reference February, 2012 Improved detection for SafeSearch in Image Search. [launch codename "Michandro", project codename “SafeSearch”] This change improves our signals for detecting adult content in ImageSearch, aligning the signals more closely with the signals we use for our other search results. SafeSearch update. We have updated how we deal with adult content, making it more accurate and robust. Now, irrelevant adult content is less likely to show up for many queries. March, 2012 SafeSearch algorithm tuning. [launch codenames "Fiorentini", “SuperDyn”; project codename "SafeSearch"] This month we rolled out a couple of changes to our SafeSearch algorithm. We’ve updated our classifier to make it smarter and more precise, and we’ve found new ways to make adult content less likely to appear when a user isn't looking for it April, 2012 Improvements to SafeSearch for videos and images. [project codename "SafeSearch"] We’ve made improvements to our SafeSearch signals in videos and images mode, making it less likely you’ll see adult content when you aren’t looking for it. Improved SafeSearch models. [launch codename "Squeezie", project codename "SafeSearch"] This change improves our classifier used to categorize pages for SafeSearch in 40+ languages. Improvements to SafeSearch signals in Russian. [project codename "SafeSearch"] This change makes it less likely that you’ll see adult content in Russian when you aren’t looking for it. May, 2012 Improvement to SafeSearch goes international. [launch codename "GentleWorld", project codename "SafeSearch"] This change internationalizes an algorithm designed to handle results on the borderline between adult and general content. June, 2012 Vuvuzela. [project codename “SafeSearch”] We've updated SafeSearch to unify the handling of adult video content in videos mode and in the main search results. Explicit video thumbnails are now filtered more consistently. July, 2012 Labradoodle. [project codename “SafeSearch”] We've updated SafeSearch algorithms to better detect adult content. August, 2012 Maru. [project “SafeSearch”] We updated SafeSearch to improve the handling of adult video content in videos mode for queries that are not looking for adult content. Palace. [project “SafeSearch”] This change decreased the amount of adult content that will show up in Image Search mode when SafeSearch is set to strict. #82872. [project “SafeSearch”] In "strict" SafeSearch mode we remove results if they are not very relevant. This change previously launched in English, and this change expanded it internationally. Sea. [project “SafeSearch”] This change helped prevent adult content from appearing whenSafeSearch is in "strict" mode. September, 2012 Cobra. [project “SafeSearch”] We updated SafeSearch algorithms to better detect adult content.
  52. 52. mdsimmonds December 12, 2012
  53. 53. mdsimmonds 49% drop in average daily referrals.
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  55. 55. mdsimmonds Yeah but my content is unique and it’s my voice and
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  57. 57. mdsimmonds
  58. 58. mdsimmonds Solutions • Health related content ok. • Sequester info • Not link off the home page, (channel level and navigation is ok) • Be mindful of your target market? Savvy users who know how to opt out of SafeSearch? Dudes? • Submit request to Google, charting what changes have been made to the site. • Search on stop lists Google's attitude towards specific terms changes with the greater public sentiment
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  61. 61. Marshall Simmonds Founder / CEO - Define Media Group, Inc. mdsimmonds