Measuring Up with Social Analytics by Ben Straley


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Measuring Up with Social Analytics by Ben Straley of RioSEO

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Measuring Up with Social Analytics by Ben Straley

  1. 1. Local, Social, & Search Content Marketing Software MEASURING SOCIAL ROI
  2. 2. Meet Ben Straley and Rio SEO • • • • • | @ booth #102 VP of Products and Emerging Technologies 18 year product strategy executive and entrepreneur Interactive marketing instructor at the University of Washington's Continuing Education program. Rio SEO is the Software Division of Covario, Global Search Marketing Agency Rio SEO is the Leading Independent Search and Social Marketing Technology and Services Company
  3. 3. Solutions to a BIG Problem in Social Media What are my marketing objectives? | @ booth #102 How do I get people to share my content? How do I track word of mouth sharing?
  4. 4. What is Your Goal? 1. 1. | @ booth #102 Get people to know your brand and Buy SOON Get people to buy right Now
  5. 5. Can Social Media Deliver? Awareness Transactions Shared Content Increases Brand Favorability by 27% Sharing and Social Referrals Drive Millions in Incremental Revenue | @ booth #102
  6. 6. How Do We Know It Works? Measuring Social Impact • • Engagement • Conversions • | @ booth #102 Targeted Reach Revenue
  7. 7. What Do These Metrics Enable? Optimization • Drivers Include • Consumer Data – Profiles, Personae, etc. • • | @ booth #102 Content Topics and Types Contexts and Devices
  8. 8. A Social Attribution Cycle 1. Unique Content = Links 2. Track Each and Every Link That’s Shared a. 90%+ of Links Shared via Copy/Paste or Mobile Devices b. The Rest Through Buttons 3. Attribute Shared Links to Specific Users (aka Influencers) 4. Attribute Referred Visitors to Shared Links (eg. social referrals) 5. Attribute End Actions and Conversions ($) to Specific Shared Content AND Influencers | @ booth #102
  9. 9. Sharing and Word of Mouth Attribution Track Each and Every Shared Link (including copy/paste and mobile) Attribute End Actions, Conversions, and Revenue to Shared Links and Influencers Content (URL) Attribute Referred Traffic to Specific Shared Links | @ booth #102 Attribute Shared Link to Specific User (aka Influencer)
  10. 10. The WOM Scorecard | @ booth #102
  11. 11. Key Capabilities 1. 2. | @ booth #102 Analytics Solution to Track and Attribute Shared Links Impact Surveys to Measure Changes in Brand Awareness and Perception
  12. 12. Putting It All Together Millions in Incremental Revenue $2.8M 25% 370% 1st Revenue from Sharing and WOM ----------------------------------------------------Of All Registrations -----------------------------------------------------      Goal: Drive event registrations of for annual global conference Create & Promote shareable content to drive word-of-mouth and enable discovery Identify & Connect with Influencers and niche sites/ communities with which they engage Engage & Activate audience with compelling content and gamification to increase sharing and reach Retarget Social Audience and lookalikes that convert at a 2x-4x higher rate than direct visitors | @ booth #102 More Sites Linking to Brand Site ----------------------------------------------------Time Event Sold Out
  13. 13. Putting It All Together • • • • | @ booth #102 Define Your Objectives Implement Tools to Collect Sharing, Perception, and Transactional Data Identify Optimization Drivers Develop Benchmarks to Track Performance Over Time and Learn from Mistakes
  14. 14. Thank You For Joining Us Today! Visit us at booth #102 Find Information, News, and Press around Rio SEO online at Local, Social, & Search Content Marketing Software