How To Use Facebook Promoted Posts for Every Business by Chris Marentis


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How to use facebook promoted posts for every business by Chris Marentis, Founder and CEO, Surefire Social @cmarentis

Facebook Sponsored Posts: Success Tips For Paying To Promote Your Content
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Between Facebook’s regular introduction of new ad products and the slimming down of its suite of offerings, it’s tough to keep up with the site’s latest advertising opportunities. Meanwhile, constant change in the way organic content is displayed demands a shift in paid tactics. Attend this session to get up to date on the techniques that are working today so you can take advantage of the latest paid offerings before your competitors do.

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How To Use Facebook Promoted Posts for Every Business by Chris Marentis

  1. 1. Facebook Promoted Posts For Every Business
  2. 2. Surefire Social in a Nutshell  Founded in 2009 by Chris Marentis  Based in DC Metro  Work with small businesses and enterprises  Offer technology enabled marketing services  Maintain education focus with both clients and staff  We have 100’s of clients across North America
  3. 3. Promoted Posts  Build campaigns around community, products/services and causes  Facebook will become an asset to your business if you promote consistent, quality content to your audience  Images + strong copy are essential to building your fan base and increasing engagement  Build your brand and target the right audience to attract high quality Facebook fans  Listen and have meaningful conversations with your Fans to gain their trust
  4. 4. Facebook Goals for Our Clients We work with clients to create an editorial plan that incorporates their business objectives. Engagement though sharing, commenting, and liking to create social signals through people + links 2. Driving quality traffic from Facebook (and other channels) to our clients’ websites 3. Generate Leads using specific offers + promotions 1.
  5. 5. What We Measure  Facebook insights  Facebook Ads Manager  Google analytics to look at quality of traffic and number of leads
  6. 6. Targeting Tip Take your targeting to the next level… • Upload your database to Facebook using Power Editor and create your own custom audience • Another communication channel like email
  7. 7. Targeting to for Brand Exposure
  8. 8. Metrics After running our clients “bullying” post for only two days it gained a very high click through rate.
  9. 9. Audience Targeting Promote by: 1. Geography 2. Demographics 3. Groups 4. Interests
  10. 10. Content to Promote Using an App Tab Page Number of Interactions: Shares: 6 Comments: 5 Likes: 118 Posting for a Cause Number of Interactions: Shares: 67 Comments: 2 Likes: 348 Posts pointing to Blog Number of Interactions: Shares: 43 Comments: 4 Likes: 260 Informative Articles Number of Interactions: Shares: 9 Comments: 3 Likes: 46
  11. 11. Paid vs. Organic Posts
  12. 12. Increasing Engagement… with Interactive Content and Questions Mix up your content to give your Facebook fans the opportunity to interact with your business
  13. 13. Tying in Live Events and Promotions
  14. 14. Website Traffic
  15. 15. Facebook in Referral Traffic
  16. 16. Providing Solutions to Problems
  17. 17. Charity “Like” Campaign Connecting campaigns with relevant timely topics
  18. 18. Projects that Matter
  19. 19. Sharing Real Stories
  20. 20. Helping Real People
  21. 21. Drawing Connections - Against the Odds
  22. 22. Take Action 1. Create an editorial plan 2. Post and promote regularly 3. Ask open-ended questions 4. Engage fans in conversation 5. Add pictures and video to spark interest 6. Link to content and products on your website 7. Get involved with your local community