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How To Increase Findability with Twitter Terms and Tags by Angie Pascale
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How To Increase Findability with Twitter Terms and Tags by Angie Pascale


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How To Increase Findability with Twitter Terms and Tags by Angie Pascale @angiepascale of Location3 …

How To Increase Findability with Twitter Terms and Tags by Angie Pascale @angiepascale of Location3

Beyond The Same Old, Same Old: Winning Followers & Boosting Twitter Engagement

#SMXsocial13 #smx #13A
Twitter is one of the most powerful social platforms, enabling a virtual Swiss Army knife of earned/owned social media tactics: customer service, community engagement, direct sales, broadcast news and brand updates. Attend this session and discover new ways to develop your audience organically and build a more engaged community. You’ll learn tips and tactics for leveraging hashtags and trending topics, finding influencers, automating your social media activities, and more.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

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  • 1. INCREASING FINDABILITY WITH TWITTER TERMS & TAGS Angie Pascale, Social Media Director | Location3 Media | LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 2. What We’ll Cover I II •Why Hashtags are Important •How to Research Terms & Tags III •How to Use Terms & Tags IV •Maximizing Reach V LOCATION3 •Tracking Success #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 3. WHY HASHTAGS ARE IMPORTANT Increasing Findability With Twitter Terms & Tags LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 4. LOCATION3 Sources: Twitter data, Q4 2012, Huffington Post, eMarketer #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 5. START OR JOIN A CONVERSATION LOCATION3 Photo Credit: #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 6. #BlogChat #NASASocial LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 7. But make sure you know what the conversations is actually about. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 8. CREATE A BRANDED CAMPAIGN LOCATION3 Photo Credit: #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 9. Levi’s #MakeOurMark LOCATION3 Urban Outfitters #UONailedIt #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 10. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 11. MANAGE AN EVENT LOCATION3 Photo Credit: #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 12. #Agile2013 #SMXSocial13 LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 13. ADD A PUNCH LINE LOCATION3 Photo Credit: #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 14. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 15. HOW TO RESEARCH TERMS & TAGS Increasing Findability With Twitter Terms & Tags LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 16. Do A Simple Search On Twitter TERMS LOCATION3 HASHTAGS #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A + OPERATOR @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 17. Twitter Trends LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 18. What Are Your Influencers Using? Search Klout for influencers LOCATION3 View Klout profile to learn topics they are known for #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A View tweets to learn what other hashtags they use @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 19. Find trending topics among journalists. See most popular terms and tags for top media outlets, and most active journalists. Free for topics and outlets. Pro plans for more in-depth insights on influencers and topics, and search and organization functionality. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 20. HOW TO USE TERMS & TAGS Increasing Findability With Twitter Terms & Tags LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 21. Include Key Terms In Your Bio And Add Link To Your Website LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 22. How To Use Hashtags In Tweets Be Mindful Of Characters & Numbers LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A PascalCase @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 23. #ShutThe@&*!Up More than 2 hashtags can reduce engagement by 17%. LOCATION3 Source: Buddy Media and LinchpinSEO #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 24. Know What You’re Tweeting! #susanalbumparty Susan Album Party #rimjobs Reach in Motion Jobs #hobbitch Hobbit CH #clitfest C Lit Fest LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 25. Using hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Pinterest translate seamlessly when these posts are tweeted. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 26. MAXIMIZING REACH Increasing Findability With Twitter Terms & Tags LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 27. Use Promoted Accounts and Tweets to grow following and increase reach and engagement. Cost-efficient CPF or CPE model Target by keywords, interests, followers and lookalikes, search, demographics, device and TV ads. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 28. III. Promoted Tweet is served to that user. I. Specify the terms and phrases to target II. User tweets message containing targeted term. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 29. The American Red Cross used Promoted Tweets to drive national awareness and support during a holiday donation drive. 100% 200 2,400 of goal met for fund drive new “digital volunteers” daily mentions on Twitter LOCATION3 Photo Credit: #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 30. MEASUREMENT Increasing Findability With Twitter Terms & Tags LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 31. Find conversations and monitor sentiment around specific terms and hashtags. Sort by content type or posts by influencers. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 32. Create streams to track keyword or hashtag usage. Track up to three terms via keyword search. Create multiple streams for monitoring different terms or campaigns. Create reports to show trending and comparision keyword data (powered by Topsy). LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 33. Compare and analyze followers and following of your brand and competitors. Identify common topics, locate gaps and better understand your current and potential audience. Find influencers based on terms used in bios. LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 34. Why Are Hashtags Important How to Research Terms & Tags •Increase engagement on active social network •Start a conversation •Create a branded, trackable campaign •Manage an event •Add some humor and playful brand voice •Search Twitter for terms, hashtags and via operators •View Twitter trends •Research influencers via Klout and MuckRack How to Use Terms & Tags •Include in Twitter bio •Know how to use characters and numbers •Make them user friendly •Don’t spam •Leverage content on other social channels, share on Twitter Maximizing Reach •Use Promoted Accounts and Tweets Tracking Success LOCATION3 •Monitor usage, curate content and join conversations •Tools: Topsy, HootSuite, Followerwonk #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3
  • 35. FIND ME Angie Pascale Social Media Director @angiepascale @Location3 LOCATION3 #SMXSocial13 | #SMX #13A @angiepascale | @Location3