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How to Improve PPC Results with Google Ad Extensions by Emily Rucker

How to Improve PPC Results with Google Ad Extensions by Emily Rucker



Tips from eBay Enterprise on Using Ad Extensions by Tara Siegel

Tips from eBay Enterprise on Using Ad Extensions by Tara Siegel



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    How to Improve PPC Results with Google Ad Extensions by Emily Rucker How to Improve PPC Results with Google Ad Extensions by Emily Rucker Presentation Transcript

    • Emily Rucker October 2, 2013 GOOGLE AD EXTENSIONS
    • WHAT ARE AD EXTENSIONS? o Features that displays extra business information with ads such as an address, phone number, webpage links or a coupon
    • TYPES OF AD EXTENSIONS o Sitelinks o Call Extensions o Location Extensions o Social Extensions o Offer Extensions o Seller Ratings o Mobile App Extensions o Email / Communication Extensions
    • SITELINKS o Showcase extra targeted and relevant links o Easy to update and refresh seasonal and limited promotions o Change the extra links on ads as often as needed
    • MOBILE SITELINKS o Provides an additional line of text to take up more real estate on the page o Offer additional options for searchers in case original ad didn’t entice the searcher to click through o No cost involved unless Sitelinks are clicked on 5 o Did you know - recent studies by Google show that campaigns with sitelinks have clickthrough rates up to 30% higher than campaigns without sitelinks?
    • CALL EXTENSIONS o Include a phone number in standard text ads o Make it easy for customers to call directly from an ad and for you to better understand the value of a campaigns by measuring the phone calls that an ad generates o Allows advertisers to include their business phone number in a text ad
    • MOBILE CALL EXTENSIONS o Direct way for searchers to contact a business directly through their phone • Provides detailed reporting on the calls received from ads o Charges are the same as for a standard click on the ad o On high-end mobile devices (devices with full Internet browsers): • Include a clickable “call” button, shown to customers who see your ad on Google.com search, Voice search, Google Mobile App or Google maps for Mobile 7 o Good for searchers that would like a faster response or want to speak to a person instead of searching the site or submitting a form
    • LOCATION EXTENSIONS o Merges business address and phone number with ad text
    • MOBILE LOCATION EXTENSIONS o Allows you to include a link to get directions to your business, and may also show how far a customer is from the business location
    • SOCIAL EXTENSIONS o Includes Google +1 information in ads o Link a Google+ page to ads, Google can show more endorsements for a business from customers and supporters o Raises social awareness of a business and increases its relevance
    • OFFER EXTENSIONS o Make ads stand out by showing in-store coupons, deals, and discounts
    • SELLER RATINGS o Ratings are based on customer reviews collected by Google Shopping, which aggregates reviews from a broad base of sources across the Internet o Google Wallet reviews are also included, where applicable o Reviews are aggregated on Google Shopping, seller ratings extensions also include reviews for non-product retailers o Reviews primarily reflect customers' buying experience with these businesses, as opposed to particular products o Appears on desktop and laptop computers and high-end mobile devices with full Internet browsers
    • MOBILE APP EXTENSIONS o Provide searchers the option to learn more about an app and download it o Add a link directly to the mobile app o Once app has been enabled, customers will be able to click through to the website from the headline or click through to the app store o App promotion ads will only show on the device from which the app can be installed o Ads for apps available only for tablets won’t show on mobile devices 13 o Did you know - Mobile App extensions help to increase app downloads, which can improve app rankings?
    • EMAIL / COMMUNICATION EXTENSIONS o Single line added to regular ads that contained a box to enter an email address, a submit button (with a variety of different phrases) and a privacy policy note o Costs the same price as a regular click, but receive the customers email address, instead of just receiving a click
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