How To Find And Market To Audiences Across Different Platforms By Phoebe Hanley


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SMX Advanced 2014 Session #SMX #13B - Maximizing The Synergy Of Paid Search & Social - How To Find And Market To Audiences Across Different Platforms By Pheobe Hanley Of Social Code

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How To Find And Market To Audiences Across Different Platforms By Phoebe Hanley

  1. 1. 6/11/14 SMX Advanced 2014 How To Find And Market To Audiences Across Different Platforms
  2. 2. Introductions Phoebe Hanley Senior Ad Manager, managing full funnel social campaigns for our largest partners. What We Do SocialCode helps the largest brands in the world advertise on Facebook and Twitter Partnerships API Partner with Facebook, Twitter, and official Platform Developer on Instagram Our Clients More than 30% of Fortune 100 brands rely on SocialCode
  3. 3. What We’ll Talk About Today Why Social Media? Finding Customers On Social Custom Audiences and Existing Customers Building New Customer Base Audience Testing Sharing Audience Learnings Using Full Funnel Advertising for Scale Engagement to Direct Response Creative Synergy Case Study
  4. 4. Why Social Media? • 1.28 billion monthly active users • 802 million daily active users • 79% of Facebook active users are on mobile • 255 million monthly active users • 500 million Tweets are sent per day • 78% of Twitter active users are on mobile
  5. 5. Finding Your Customers on Social
  6. 6. Retargeting Your Search Audience • Retargets users based on past online history • Product dynamic and automatic • Place WCA Pixel • Retarget previous visitors of your website • Facebook targeting overlays • Customer emails, phone numbers, Facebook IDs, or app users • Segment your search customers Facebook Exchange (FBX) Website Custom Audience Custom Audiences
  7. 7. Finding New Audiences on Social Using third party purchase data, both online and in store, to identify Facebook users that are more likely to convert Use your Custom Audiences to find similar audiences based on similar interests and Facebook behavior. Custom Audiences of 500k can be scaled to 20MM Facebook identifies users based on home composition, income, ethnicity, family structure, life events, and political views. Partner Categories FB Advanced Demo Look-A-Likes
  8. 8. Keyword Targeting: Competing Outside Your Vertical Student, College, Exams Travel, Airplanes Wedding, Engagement, BridalGaming
  9. 9. Sharing Audience Learnings TEST CREATEANALYIZE AUDIENCE SYNERGY Break down the make-up of search converters ANALYIZE Create Website Custom Audience and Custom Audience by Keyword Segments Analyze the composition of your Custom Audience Test new audience possibilities with specific messaging for each
  10. 10. Full Funnel Advertising and Scale
  11. 11. Full Funnel Advertising Serve engagement and DR to maintain Community Management and Create Demand Using paid as a response to intent Social Drive Conversions Search Find audiences with keyword targeting Engagement and Awareness against multiple audiences for Audience Learnings Create a DR Testing Program to use paid to Create Demand with Scale Drive Conversions
  12. 12. Scaling Direct Response Look-A-Likes/Fans Interests/Partner Categories Search Self Identifiers Custom Audiences
  13. 13. Test, Optimize, Then Scale Click/DownloadVolume Align on Logistics & Launch Scale • Incrementally increase spend against top performing clusters and placement types 4 Weeks Ongoing Test Scale Test all variables and levers. 1 Week Evaluating Marketing Mix
  14. 14. Creative Synergy
  15. 15. Use Your Historical Search Findings! • Top ads on search • Messaging and Call to Actions • Products vs. Branding
  16. 16. 1 6 Engagement vs. Direct Response
  17. 17. Story Time
  18. 18. Aligning on Promotional Messaging A Case Study Overall Direct Response Results Targeting Conv Rate (Conv/Click) ROAS Custom Audiences 21.58% $9.83 Look-alike 14.61% $5.57 Fans 11.88% $3.34 16.17% $5.96 Promotional Weekend Results Targeting Conv Rate (Conv/Click) ROAS Custom Audiences 16.09% $6.24 Look-alike 8.25% $4.07 Fans 10.62% $2.97 10.97% $5.06 • Engagement Prep • Hashtag Targeting • Aligning on Messaging • Consistent Creative Promotional Weekend #1 Direct, Engagement, Search Alignment
  19. 19. In Summary • Bring Audiences Across Platforms • Creative Learnings from Search to Social • Plan Holistically, Execute Separately
  20. 20. Thank you!