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Entity Search & Getting to Understand Freebase by Jonathan Goodman
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Entity Search & Getting to Understand Freebase by Jonathan Goodman


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From SMX East 2013 - Entity search & getting to understand freebase by jonathan goodman #SMX #24C

From SMX East 2013 - Entity search & getting to understand freebase by jonathan goodman #SMX #24C

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Halyard Consulting Understanding Freebase SMX East 2013
  • 2. About Halyard Consulting • Name: Jonathan Edward Goodman o Position: President of Halyard Consulting o Established: 2007 o Client Focus: Small to Medium Businesses o Development: WordPress, PHP, etc. o Services: Full Range of Internet Marketing  Including: • Optimization • Development • Content • Advertising • Public Relations • Author & Podcast: The World of Internet Marketing
  • 3. Freebase What Is It?
  • 4. History of Freebase ● Metaweb then acquired by Google ● Over 40 million topics ● Over 2K types = relational table ● 30K properties = table columns ● What Can You Do ○ Query Freebase's data using MQL ■ (Metadata Query Language) ○ Build applications using API ● Community of thousands working to improve the data.
  • 5. Freebase: Nodes & Edges ● Freebase = Graph Data Structure - Allows for growth of data without restructuring. ○ Nodes - Data Points (ex. Bryan Cranston) - Defined as /type/object/ ○ Edges - Connectors (Bryan Cranston is in Breaking Bad) - Defined as /type/link/ Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad Node (type/object) Node (type/object) Edge (type/link)
  • 6. ● Topic - is a node BUT not every node is a topic. ■ Physical Entities (Bryan Cranston) ■ Artistic Creations (Breaking Bad) ■ Classification (Psychostimulant) ■ Abstract Concept (Awesomeness) ■ Schools of Thought (Empire Building) Freebase: Topics Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad Psychost imulant Methamp hetamine Awesom eness Empire Building
  • 7. Freebase: Types ● Types - Topics can have numerous associated types. ■ (Breaking Bad a /tv_program/ with /award_nominations/ and /award_winning_work/) Breaking Bad /tv_program/ /award_nomi nations/ /award_winni ng_work/
  • 8. Freebase: Properties ● Properties - Each Type carries a different set of properties. ■ (Breaking Bad a /tv_program/ with /program_creator/ Vince Gilligan /air_date_of_first_episode/ was 1/20/2008 and currently has /number_of_seasons/ equaling 5. Breaking Bad /tv_program/ /number_of _seasons/ Vince Gilligan /air_date _of_first_ episode/ /program _creator/ 5
  • 9. 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon PLUS: College Attended, Street, Age, Where Born, Endless Etc.
  • 10. Let’s Play A Game What Two Ways is Gregory Peck Connected to Steve Wozniak?
  • 11. In the Scheme of Things Google Knowledge Graph Freebase
  • 12. Freebase Query Editor
  • 13. NOTE: Make Sure Query Assist is On. MQL (Metaweb Query Language) w/ JSON Syntax
  • 14. Results
  • 15. Template
  • 16.
  • 17. Freebase In Action
  • 18. Small Demons Freebase pulls every song, person, food, and place from within every book.
  • 19. Yatedo Yatedo is a free people search engine that provides relevant personal connections through a social graph along with images, video, web pages, news, and books associated with that person.
  • 20. RichSeam lets you discover music through the collaborations and connections of your favorite artists. Richseam also brings in APIs from DBpedia, EchoNest,, MusicBrainz, Songkick, Spotify Metadata, and YouTube.
  • 21. The Future…. ...of SEO Death - No. But it’s going to get a lot harder. Suggestion: Try to build a Sphere of Influence. Start marking up all Semantic Data. ...of Search Semantic + Implied Intent Your personal historical previous searches, purchases, and Sphere of Influence. AstroCat’s Ultimate 2015 Prediction Backlinks will Mean Nothing!!
  • 22. Recommended Viewing Google I/O 2013: The Freebase APIs Freebase Query Editor 2.0 Introducing Freebase Acre 1.0
  • 23. Thank You! Phone: 800-641-9157 Email: Website: Twitter: HalyardConsult Facebook: HalyardConsulting