Creating Good Content That Really Counts by Amy Vernon


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Creating good content that really counts by amy vernon #SMX #24A

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Creating Good Content That Really Counts by Amy Vernon

  1. 1. Think You Know Good Content? Fuggedaboutit. Here's What Really Counts #smx #24A
  2. 2. Finding Your Subjects #smx #24A
  3. 3. Where Inspiration Strikes • Mention, Talkwalker - take what Google Alerts used to do so well and do it 100 times better. • RSS - whether through Flipboard, Feedly, Digg Reader, or wherever else, RSS lives on. • Forums - people still use 'em. And love 'em. • StumbleUpon - the easiest way to get content to come to you. #smx #24A
  4. 4. Content Categories Targeted Funny How-to Commentary Target photo by Ville Miettinen viaFlickr Creative Commons Owl photo by Doug Wheller via Flickr Creative Commons #smx #24A
  5. 5. Targeted Any piece of news that relates to your niche/genre. They can be quickly recapped and take little effort.  Industry happenings  News releases  Personnel changes and moves Writing/Creation Time: LOW Social Potential: LOW Value: Helps share important news, caters to your core audience, boosts SEO and helps keep the blog filled. #smx #24A
  6. 6. Funny A play off the news or something topical, but with an eye toward the absurd.  Start from the topic, but focus on the funny Writing/Creation Time: MEDIUM to HIGH Social Potential: HIGH Value: Shows a light-hearted side; brings in traffic, boosts SEO and exposes you to new audiences. #smx #24A
  7. 7. How-to  Teach your readers something they don’t know.  Better yet, teach your readers something they didn’t know they needed to know.  Can take many forms Writing/Creation Time: LOW to HIGH Social Potential: HIGH Value: High shareability; establishes your thought leadership; provides value to reader (which makes them think better of you); boosts SEO. #smx #24A
  8. 8. Commentary Covering popular news stories or timely topics, but making it your own by expressing opinion.  Covers the news from a specific angle.  On a news release – is this a departure from the norm?  Has this worked in the past? Writing Time: HIGH Social Potential: MEDIUM Value: Establishes your thought leadership, boosts SEO. #smx #24A
  9. 9. Content Types Infographics Timelines Video Photos #smx #24A
  10. 10. Infographics #smx #24A  DON’T: just throw up a bunch of stylized text  DON’T: Change color schemes for no apparent reason  DON’T: Mix and match fonts just because you feel like it.
  11. 11. Infographics #smx #24A  DO: Share interesting information in an engaging, informative way  DO: Have some information that people want to know and share  DO: Visualize data and make numbers tangible
  12. 12. Timelines #smx #24A  “Evolution” (of a logo, a singer, etc.)  Design is important  Memes are still good  Yes, this is a type of infographic
  13. 13. What happens if you Google “LEGO timeline”? #smx #24A
  14. 14. Video #smx #24A  YouTube is the biggest by far, but it’s not the only game in town.  Dailymotion is 2nd-largest in the world.  Vimeo has reputation for quality video.  Telly, Viddler – more players every day.  Video is getting bigger every day  It doesn’t have to be expensive  When it goes viral, it goes HUGE
  15. 15. Photos #smx #24A  Use large, high-res, attractive photos  Slideshows need to be short, or very fast-moving (i.e., no reloading the page every scroll)  Encourage users to send in pics  Then & Now  “Separated at birth?” This had 102K views on StumbleUpon
  16. 16. A few words about lists #smx #24A This had 166K views on Stumbleupon  People love lists.  They really do.  They complain about them being linkbait, but they read them.  And share them.  If you’re going to do a list, cover the subject. BE COMPREHENSIVE.  Why do top 10 if you can do top 34?  People like learning things they didn’t know.  Did I mention that people love lists?
  17. 17. #smx #24A (Just seeing if you’re paying attention!) A COUPLE MORE THINGS
  18. 18. Do these things #smx #24A  Be useful.  Be relevant.  Be consumable.  Link out. People will notice, visit and maybe even link back to you.  Illustrate whenever possible.  K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, stupid (no offense).  Emulate content you like.  Look at your piece before you post — would you read it if you happened up on it? Photo by Matt Brown via Flickr Creative Commons
  19. 19. Thanks and Keep in Touch #smx #24A