A Tale of 1000+ Authors & Challenges Implementing Google Authorship by John Carcutt

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From SMX East 2013 / SearchMarketingExpo.com - Authorship & Step by Step Troubleshooting by @JohnCarcutt of Advance Digital publications - #SMX #23C. …

From SMX East 2013 / SearchMarketingExpo.com - Authorship & Step by Step Troubleshooting by @JohnCarcutt of Advance Digital publications - #SMX #23C.

Slidedeck by John Carcutt, demonstrating the challenges large scale publishers have in implementation and adoption of rel="author" markup for Google Authorship.

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  • 1. 1000+ AUTHORS & GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP # John Carcutt Advance Digital @JohnCarcutt #SMX #23C October 2, 2013 #
  • 4. OUR ORGANIZATION Search & Social Group • 6 Team Members - SSG • Authorship Organizational Coordination • Content Strategy Team – ADI • Technical Services - ADI • Local Publishers - Papers • Local Editorial Staff – Papers • Over 1000 Authors
  • 5. OUR ORGANIZATION To be Set-up with Authorship Then trained to build AuthorRank @JohnCarcutt #SMX #23C
  • 6. OUR CHALLENGES • Early Adopters • Technical Implementation • Mass Training • Author Pushback • Google+ Indifference • Time and Priorities @JohnCarcutt #SMX #23C
  • 7. EARLY ADOPTERS We love our early adopters ! But they can get caught up in early issues with products as is the case here. • Photographers Love Google+ • Reporters not so much • Email Verification is a problem for us @JohnCarcutt #SMX #23C
  • 8. NEGATIVE FACTORS Syndicated Content v v
  • 9. TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION Request for the Implementation of Authorship was made Mid 2011 Implementation happened 1st Quarter of 2013 @JohnCarcutt #SMX #23C
  • 10. MASS TRAINING Something we are very familiar with. • Annual in-person training for each market • www.advancessg.com • Monthly internal newsletters
  • 11. MASS TRAINING What did we add to training? • Creating a Google+ account • Connecting their account to our sites • Managing their “Contributor to” links • Using/Optimizing Google+ overall • The effectiveness of G+ Communities • Why this all matters @JohnCarcutt #SMX #23C
  • 12. AUTHOR PUSHBACK Why are we adding one more thing for them to worry about? • Too many social accounts to manage • No one is on Google+ • There are better uses of my time • I don’t have time Adoption is slow. @JohnCarcutt #SMX #23C
  • 13. NEGATIVE FACTORS Syndicated Content
  • 14. NEGATIVE FACTORS Selling AuthorRank .. It’s already happening “ … they have connected their web sites to their Google+ profiles and all of the content they write appear in the Google search results along with their photo that shows their Authorship status.” This might work for a while .. But not for long. @JohnCarcutt #SMX #23C
  • 15. AUTHORSHIP OWNERSHIP When an author leaves the organization what happens to their authorship? • We never change by-lines. • Policy strongly suggests no “Hybrid” account names such as “JimDuncanTP” • Authors that have moved on will continue to build AuthorRank and improve our site too. • At some point, Authorship/AuthorRank will become a hiring consideration @JohnCarcutt #SMX #23C
  • 16. THANKS 16 John Carcutt Director of SEO and Social Media Advance Digital Inc. @JohnCarcutt
  • 17. http://www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketingExpo # see more presentations at: # 17