A Mad Men Approach To Social Media For Search Marketers By Lisa Williams

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SMX Advanced 2014 Session #SMX #12C - 25 Social Media Ideas For The Advanced Search Marketer - A Mad Men Approach To Social Media For The Search Marketers By Lisa Williams @Seopollyanna Of Search …

SMX Advanced 2014 Session #SMX #12C - 25 Social Media Ideas For The Advanced Search Marketer - A Mad Men Approach To Social Media For The Search Marketers By Lisa Williams @Seopollyanna Of Search Discovery

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  • 1. A Mad Men Approach to Social Media for the Search Marketers
  • 2. Search Discovery is a Digital Analytics and Search Marketing Agency. Digital Analytics SEO + Content Strategy Paid Media Technology @SEOPollyAnna
  • 3. The Product @SEOPollyAnna Connection to the product with great storytelling
  • 4. Start with Communication Strategy Specific. Measurable. Actionable. Relevant. Timebound. @SEOPollyAnna #Carousel80 is a marketing campaign that supports the awareness, consideration and purchase of the Kodak Carousel. We live in a world of abundance of information, abundance of photos of our life events, friends and family, but we have scarcity of time. The Kodak Carousel holds 80 slides and helps you tell the stories of your life and share that abundance in a way that connects us. With 80 slides we can organize our special moments and events into stories we can share and save for a lifetime. Join us in celebrating your life stories with #Carousel80
  • 5. Plan Audience Story Channels Process Conversation Measurement • Content mission • Content stakeholder discovery • Inventory audit & curation • Persona/behavior identification • Content mapping • Campaign story • Authorship integration • Optimizing stories • Social sharing structured data • Channel integration plan • Platforms to support collaboration across channels • Optimizing for channels • Identifying roles in social (community management, etc) • Influencer identification and outreach • Define KPI’s • Content influence • SEO Influence • Share of Voice • Product Sales Unify Silos with a Methodology Embrace a process/methodology that drives business objectives & encourages role clarity and ownership • Editorial calendars • Optimization checklists • Brand guidelines • Copy guide • Social media guide • Partnership & role • Quarterly content council @SEOPollyAnna
  • 6. Or This Methodology @SEOPollyAnna Marketing Stack
  • 7. Create Timelines Specific to the audience: high level for executive @SEOPollyAnna
  • 8. Define Assets Know what you’re optimizing @SEOPollyAnna Video Landing Pages Images Blog Posts Channel-Specific Markup for assets such as Rich PinsSchema Markup
  • 9. Define Channel Priorities Prioritize your paid, owned & earned opportunities @SEOPollyAnna
  • 10. Create Collaborative Calendars Get strategic for Social & Search to thrive together @SEOPollyAnna
  • 11. Visualize with Content Pillars Integrate with content, search and social @SEOPollyAnna
  • 12. Define Influencer Outreach Build relationships & authority @SEOPollyAnna
  • 13. Nurture Relationships You can’t automate relationships (aka automation isn’t strategy) @SEOPollyAnna
  • 14. Nurture Your Personal Brand Establish topical/categorical authority @SEOPollyAnna
  • 15. EngageMedia&Movements Define amplification opportunities @SEOPollyAnna
  • 16. Define Partnerships Research partners for curation & collaboration @SEOPollyAnna
  • 17. Alignment on KPI’s What does success look like? @SEOPollyAnna
  • 18. Collaboration Can Happen Dare might things @SEOPollyAnna
  • 19. We Thank You @SEOPollyAnna
  • 20. Don Draper Thanks You  @SEOPollyAnna
  • 21. BONUS: Resources Strategy, marketing, social, PR, content assets, historical perspective & creativity ① Content Strategy for the Web Kristina Halvorson & Melissa Rach ② Cognitive Surplus Clay Shirky ③ It’s Not the How or the What but the Who Claudio Fernandez-Araoz ④ Epic Content Marketing Joe Pulizzi ⑤ Accelerate! Arnie Kuenn ⑥ Social Marketology Ric Dragon ⑦ Optimize Lee Odden ⑧ Social PR Secrets Lisa Buyer ⑨ From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg John Naughton ⑩ Made to Stick Chip Heath & Dan Heath CPL Goal @SEOPollyAnna
  • 22. Enjoy the show! Lisa Williams Search Discovery Director | Content Strategy & Marketing @SEOPollyAnna Lisa.Williams@searchdiscovery.com