John Marshall of Market Motive: "How To Build and Nurture a Rockstar Marketing Team"


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Turning your marketing organization into a well-oiled machine is a major pain point for the enterprise. John will talk us through all aspects including recruiting, skills assessment, development, culture, and motivation.

From the Searchmetrics x Search Engine Journal June 13 conference: "SEO, Content Marketing & Analytics: Three Pillars of Online Marketing Success in 2014" at the Hotel Vitale in San Francisco.

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  • 2011 Industry Report.
    up to 1,000 = $922 per person
    1,000 and 10,000 = $761 per person
    10,000+ $375 per person

    We also see 7.2% of marketing budget

    At Market Motive we see strong marketing teams investing 3-5% of salary in training.
  • Measure investment or INPUT
    Books -> and by thought leaders
    Follow -> Avinash, Danny Sullivan, Cutts (you want to see willingness to stay up to day and learn more)
    Regarding Courses:
    Standards/outcome based courses used by larger teams (vetting done for you)
    Reputable universities, continuing ed, & up-to-date faculty
    No standards/potentially biased
    Tool vendor, agency, and get-rich courses
  • How many tennis balls in a limo
    What to charge for washing all the windows in Montana
    How many schools in Zimbabwe
    Candidates: Pick up a pen, ask questions, plug in sample values and keep at it.
    Managers: Give pressure outlets ahead of time. If candidate is clearly overwhelmed, offer to take a break and come back to the problem. If it makes you feel smart… Don’t do it.
  • Pick no more than five per interview. No scenarios? Candidate is highly unlikely to have behavior you need

  • Here’s how the I shape marketer changes for more developed roles.

    Employers, it is ill-advised, and possibly illegal to use a bias gained from a candidates social media presence to

    Candidates… Employers look. They will. Period. If your values don’t match with those of the hiring manager, it just can’t help. Clean up your vomiting pictures and obsession with Farmville.
  • John Marshall of Market Motive: "How To Build and Nurture a Rockstar Marketing Team"

    1. 1. CTO and Founder, Market Motive @johnmhome John Marshall, web analytics pioneer, inventor of the overlay view, and successful founder of ClickTracks, is now a Market Motive founder and the company CTO. In addition to setting the technical strategy for Market Motive, John is deeply involved in the design of the course delivery and learner tracking systems. He is passionate about ensuring marketing teams efficiently learn the latest skills and techniques. He also teaches the instructor-lead web analytics course each quarter.
    2. 2. Innovation & Thinking Work habits & Passion Hard Skills Soft Skills
    3. 3. Hard Skills “Must Have”
    4. 4. Online Marketing Skills: Market Direction
    5. 5. “I” Shaped Marketers
    6. 6. ProblemSolving |Innovation|Persuasion|Planning &Scheduling SEO |WebAnalytics |SocialMedia |PPC |ContentMarketing|MobileMarketing| DisplayAdvertising Thinking Habits Passion Soft Skills Level 3Hard Skills (Discipline Specific) Level 2 Hard Skills
    7. 7. Hard Skills: Proficiency Taxonomy
    8. 8. Assess. Then Map Targets.
    9. 9. Level Capabil ity Handle 1 entry Identify Works with a marketing team 2 conversant Articulate Manage or hire 3 practitioner Execute Discipline Specific “Billable Hours” Self sufficient 4 master Create SME Invents
    10. 10. Skill Boosts
    11. 11. Avg $922 Avg $761 Avg $375 Cost Of Training
    12. 12. Uncovering Hard Skills #1 (In advance)
    13. 13. • Books completed • Who do you follow? • Courses & Certificates -OMCP®, DMA, University - Check courses for authority, completeness
    14. 14. Uncovering Hard Skills #2 (In advance)
    15. 15. • Three Rules for Assessment Testing - generally undisputed answer - solvable in 1-10 min - no insider facts required
    16. 16. Assessment Examples: SEO
    17. 17. Build an initial keyword list … Name three KPIs… 40% of incoming links have anchor of “Learn more”..
    18. 18. Assessment Examples: Writing
    19. 19. Pick a topic you are passionate about and write 2-3 paragraphs Pick a paragraph from our website and rewrite it to be better… and shorter… … using NotePad No Spell Check!
    20. 20. Thinking Assessment: Problem Solving Tests
    21. 21. Pros • Insight into problem solving skills • Can predict the candidate approaches problem • Can indicate critical thinking skills under pressure Cons • Upset candidates - Social media posts - Confused about the job • Sign of the times? Google stopped June 2013
    22. 22. Problem Solving Tests
    23. 23. • Google: How many tennis balls fill a limo? Schools in Zimbabwe? • Market Motive: How many [widgets] can you sell in Santa Cruz? • Moz: Draw what our conversion funnel would be.
    24. 24. Measuring Thinking: Curiosity
    25. 25. • 4:1 Ratio - For every four I ask, do you have one? • What questions do you have for me? - About Company Job or Team… • Moz: What do you think will be hardest/easiest part of the job?
    26. 26. • Market Motive: Of topics we teach which are your most/least interested in? • Market Motive: Three things would make you leave/stay?
    27. 27. Work Habits & Passion: Scenario
    28. 28. Influenced another team for SEO Created new marketing process Planning & scheduling
    29. 29. • Tell me about a specific time when you (work habit) • Situation Actions Results • wander/generalize = interrupt
    30. 30. Hire Experienced or Grow our Own?
    31. 31. Hire Inexperienced • Less expensive • Shape to needs of company (Agile method) • New training methods shorten ramp time • You must pay on retention and culture • Youthful innovation and energy • Quick Think • High Potential Soft Skills • Level 3 Skills • Level 2 Hard Skills
    32. 32. Hire Experienced • More expensive • Good for teams with deep structure • Tougher to recruit • Experts can hire/guide entry-level resources • Maturity more likely representing company • Method Think • Soft Skills • Level 3 Skills • Level 2 Hard Skills
    33. 33. Interns
    34. 34. • Be generous - Ask 2x “What do you want out of this?” • Cannot be voice of company • Mix of tedious and creative • Create templates to guide new interns • If unpaid, specific process including credits + other requirements
    35. 35. Rent or Hire Talent
    36. 36. short term + hard skill RENT PPC, research, content writing, design long term + soft + hard skill HIRE social media, seo, web analytics,
    37. 37. I-Shaped Marketers
    38. 38. Contract Outsource Level 3Hard Skills Level 2 Hard Skills
    39. 39. Smaller Entrepreneurial Quick Think Soft Skills Level 3Hard Skills Level 2 Hard Skills
    40. 40. Larger Established Method Think Soft Skills Level 3Hard Skills Level 2 Hard Skills
    41. 41. Essential Skills for Your Team
    42. 42. Overlooked Sources for Talent
    43. 43. • Your own social media - LinkedIn Premium -> All Qualified - Facebook: Use your proponents to broadcast
    44. 44. • Invite a speaker, recruit • Call based on LinkedIn “Good to know each other…” • University - Economics = marketing - Genetics = web analytics • Conference speaker lists • Certification lists (OMCP®) • Association member lists
    45. 45. “Think of your job pages as landing pages” – Rand Fishkin, Moz
    46. 46. Assess & Reward Essential Skills
    47. 47. ProblemSolving |Innovation|Persuasion|Planning &Scheduling SEO |WebAnalytics |SocialMedia |PPC |ContentMarketing|MobileMarketing| DisplayAdvertising Thinking Habits Passion Soft Skills Level 3Hard Skills (Discipline Specific) Level 2 Hard Skills
    48. 48. Small Gift Manager’s Guide to Building, Motivating, and Managing Digital Marketing Teams
    49. 49. John Marshall CTO & Co Founder Market Motive
    50. 50. What’s done and what’s legal
    51. 51. No more one trick ponies
    52. 52. Image by Myk Martinez http://www.mykmartinez .com Copyright 2010 GoldFish-Ink Cartoon Studios Used with permission
    53. 53. See Rand Fishkin’s “T-Shaped Web Marketer”