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The 3 Cs of Bootstrap Marketing: How to Build Credibility on the Web through Native Content and Social Connections
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The 3 Cs of Bootstrap Marketing: How to Build Credibility on the Web through Native Content and Social Connections


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Are you capturing the vast opportunities that social media platforms have to offer? It's not that social media is not working for you or your business, it's the other way around. You haven't made …

Are you capturing the vast opportunities that social media platforms have to offer? It's not that social media is not working for you or your business, it's the other way around. You haven't made social networks work for you. Old social media tactics are rendered obsolete. You can no longer outsource tweeting. Your content needs to be native, authentic, and human. Both users and algorithms will smell a phony. In this session you will learn how to tell a captivating story, pick the right social channels to spread it, write magnetic headlines, and built tribes of collaborators around your brand.

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  • 1. @SearchDecoder The 3Cs of Bootstrap Marketing How to Develop Credibility on the Internet through Native Content and Social Connections Matthew Capala
  • 2. Presented at Search Marketing Day in Warsaw @SMDwarsaw / #SMDwarsaw
  • 3. I lived in Lodz, Poland, until the age of 23. I moved to NY 10 years ago, where I have led multiple lives: construction, scaffolding, bus boy, waiter, Internet marketer, executive, NYU professor, and entrepreneur. In that order. @SearchDecoder Nazywam sie Maciek Capala
  • 4. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Bootstrap marketing and SEO enabled me to create opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise @SearchDecoder
  • 5. 5 Ideal TimeMoney Talent Bootstrapping@SearchDecoder
  • 6. The 3Cs of Bootstrap Marketing Audience Community Leads Transactions ! ! ! ! ! ! Credibility Content Connections Blogging, SEO, Content Marketing Guest Blogging, Events, Public Speaking Social Media, Influencer Outreach, Blogger Relationships @SearchDecoder Traffic
  • 7. Becoming interesting isn’t just about learning how to become a good conversationalist. You need stories to tell. @SearchDecoder
  • 8. Content marketing is not about you. It’s about your content @SearchDecoder
  • 9. Every blog post, video or image need to fit into your content strategy… …not the other way around Every piece of content needs to tell a cohesive story. @SearchDecoder
  • 10. Useful Deck: Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy @SearchDecoder
  • 11. Content marketing is like a healthy heartbeat @SearchDecoder
  • 12. Learn more: You need to set your knock-out punch with a series of jabs Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook = Give, Give, Give, Ask@SearchDecoder
  • 13. @DiditMarketing
  • 14. The objective of content strategy is to design a repeatable and scalable process Taking a long-view approach and seeing ahead is critical User Profiling Persona Validation Qual./Quant. Research Keyword & UX Mapping Personas Goals & KPIs Analytics Data Insights Off+On Site Inventory Content Audit Success Metrics & KPIs Competitive Insights Lead Generation ROI Planning & Delivery Editorial Calendar Influencer Profiling Blogger Prospecting Outreach Learn, Test, Improve ! Optimization SEO Distribution Social Meta
  • 15. 15 Intensity beats extensity Focus your efforts playing to your strengths Tier 1! Native Blog! Twitter! SlideShare! Reddit! Quora! Medium! YouTube Tier 2! Sharing Facebook! StumbleUpon! Digg! Delicious! Pinterest! Tumblr! Linkedin Considerations Open or closed?! Waterfall or curated feed?! Does it have a homepage?! Can I hack it?! Supports SEO?! !
  • 16. 16 5 Rapid-Fire Hacks & Tools to Get you Started @SearchDecoder
  • 17. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! #1 Crowdsourcing Content on Fiberr @SearchDecoder
  • 18. TimeMoney Talent You are here Fiverr is your best friend when you have time for content ideas, no talent to execute, and only couple bucks in your wallet First rule for Fiverr: It’s for execution, not for creative ideas
  • 19. Review each content creator, check their work/reviews, and have the right expectations Do your homework and provide clear creative direction
  • 20. Example @SearchDecoder
  • 21. Launching on Amazon in July. FREE* for everyone who signed up for my mailing list before June 2013 Make no mistake, this is no “SEO for dummies.” ! ! Rather, SEO Like I’m 5 is for forward-thinking small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs who struggle to get on the front page of Google. Sign up for my newsletter by June 30th to get it FREE*! !! ! *minus Amazon fees (est. 30%) and shipping. Sorry, I’m a bootstrapper! ! @SearchDecoder
  • 22. Are you an introvert? Use Fiverr to create your About Video ! On YouTube:!@SearchDecoder
  • 23. Use SpringLeap for high-end creative crowdsourcing and social creative campaigns @SearchDecoder
  • 24. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! #2 Visual Storytelling on SlideShare @SearchDecoder
  • 25. 25 Slideshare is the world’s largest network for presentations Similarly to YouTube it has a homepage, which offers a huge potential for traffic Your deck here TimeMoney Talent You are here
  • 26. Frequency is key to maintain traffic Frequent uploads Frequency drops @SearchDecoder
  • 27. @SearchDecoder Do things, tell people.
  • 28. Good content gets shared @SearchDecoder
  • 29. Include calls to action to drive leads E-book downloads —> Qualified Leads @SearchDecoder
  • 30. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! #3 Long-Form Storytelling on Medium @SearchDecoder
  • 31. 31 Medium is a great social platform for long-form storytelling. Anybody can write on Medium. Social, algorithm-driven content distribution on Medium offers an upside for good writers to get more eyeballs and engagement
  • 32. 32 Contribute great content, curate, build relationships, submit to relevant collections. Act like a user. Start and curate a collection Connect your profile with Twitter and Facebook friends who will get notifications when you post
  • 33. Medium’s algo emphasizes recommendations and read ratio
  • 34. 34 Read this post if you are new to blogging
  • 35. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! #4 Build a Tribe on Triberr @SearchDecoder
  • 36. 36 Triberr is a social community for content creators to collaborate to grow each other’s blog readership. @SearchDecoder
  • 37. 37 Join Triberr and set-up your RSS feed Connect your blog & RSS feeds Join relevant Tribes Set-up your feed @SearchDecoder
  • 38. 38
  • 39. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! #5 Compound by cross-promoting @SearchDecoder
  • 40. 40 Embed widgets to cross-optimize your content @SearchDecoder
  • 41. 41 Place your email marketing widgets across your media properties Offer something for Free you could charge for Include newsletter sign-up above the fold @SearchDecoder
  • 42. 42 The newsletter is the cornerstone of building your brand equity, start building your list early on - it’s a marathon! Include clickable links, CTAs, images, and social plugins @SearchDecoder
  • 43. Connect Authorship to Your Blog Posts Read how: @SearchDecoder
  • 44. 44 What tools should I use? Toolbox: @SearchDecoder
  • 45. Whoever you are and whatever you do, your number one job is to build your credibility on the Internet through native content and social connections. ! In a world where 80% of consumers Google a product or service before purchasing it, invisibility is a fate much worse than failure. @SearchDecoder
  • 46. *Average for top four global clients for 2012! !! ! @SearchDecoder! ! Facebook! @SearchDecoder