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Socialbakers is a global social media and digital analytics company with customers in 75 countries. Socialbakers helps companies like Samsung, GE and Kraft to measure the effectiveness of their social marketing campaigns across all major social networks - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+.

Our mission is to help brands gain better insight into the impact and effectiveness of their social media strategies and help drive tangible ROI from optimization and improvement.

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  • This is our vision, the ultimate goal we want to achieve. Looking at our client’s structure, we are not far away!
  • Outside of Social media experts and Digital marketers, it is always worth mentioningthat Social media has become an important part of the marketing strategy for any organization out there. The number of users is constantly growing. Most large companies are using it and people are spending more and more significant time browsing their news feeds.
  • A look at the recent research shows the value of Social media for marketers. We can see that, for most of them, it is about having another channel that brings exposure to their brand. Right after this, they claim that bringing higher traffic to their home page is their second biggest goal. An important part of social media marketing, even though it is only in 3rd place in terms of priorities, is marketplace intelligence. By carefully listening to what customers are saying about your brand, you can significantly improve your future decisions.Developing loyal fans can also easily translate into having loyal customers!
  • The world of social media is developing fast and constantly changing, as are users and companies.If we saw (and still can see) companies just being on social, (because everybody is), in the second stage they are now using listening tools, are more focused on fan growth, and might be using some basic ads.While the so-called “Next generation” of social-matured brands are very well aware of ROI of social and keeping Social media in the center of their focus. They are running perfect social customer car, having dedicated teams, and using advanced technologies to be able to respond more promptly. Creating engaging content is the way to make sure their message creates high interactions and therefore is seen by more people. Advanced advertising formats such as “Custom audiences, or Log – out experience” are a common part of their daily lives.
  • As mentioned before, Social media, its users, as well as brands, are constantly changingIf we saw people liking only 5 pages on average in 2009, now the number has increased to 50 and more. Also, brands are posting more often, from once a week to once or twice a day.It become much harder to reach the fans as result of it. Taking in consideration that 90% of people never go back in to the page they likethe d, only way they see that page is through posts. Posts can organically reach only about 15% of a fan base. So it is necessary to think about boosting them by investing your advertising budget into them.
  • And there is more that a Social media manager has to deal with.What content works, what people are talking about––he (or she) needs the right data to make the right decisions – about their own performance as well as their competitors. Creating engaging content to get through the clutter is the key, as well as managing the conversation. That is a lot to do.
  • For every stage of Social Media workflow we have the right tool to go with.The center of the workflow is analyzing, so it is a center of Socialbakers suite as well. And Analytical features are used in all the others.Builder is a publishing system that gives you numbers on the performance of your and competitors post, and also tracks how your team is doing on posting and managing the conversation. But mainly, it makes collaboration around publishing very easy.Ad Analytics will help to automatically boost your best-performing posts and Listening will find any conversation happening in a number of seconds.
  • Thisiswhatourproductisabout. Wehelpmarketers to make informeddecisionsbased on comparativesocialanalysisoftheir performance accrosplatforms, geographies, competitors and industries.At this moment, we are able to offer full analyticsforthefollowingsocial media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and VK. Otherplatforms are on theway.
  • Thisiswhatwe do. Wehelpcompanies make data drivendecisions, by helpingthemwithmeasurement and analysis.
  • Oneofthekeybenefitsofourtoolslays in competitiveanalysis and business intelligence. By monitoring yourcompetitors and market leaders, youcangaineasilyvaluableinsights on theirstrategy and performance.
  • Hereis just a snapshotofthe basic environmentofourtool. Thedashboardshowsyoupagesofyourchoice and their performance on differentsetsofmetrics. Customlabels and filteringallowyou to group these pagesintodifferentgroups.
  • There are hundredsofready-made benchmarksthatweconstantly update. Benchmarkingagainstyourindustry and regionshelpsyouunderstandbetterhowyouoryourcompetitors are performing. Youcanunderstandbetterwhatthe market standards are, whichhelpsyouwhenyou are setting up owngoals.
  • Hereis a printscreenofthebenchmarkof a selectedmetric (in this case itisAverage Post EngagementRate). Itshowshow a selected car brand (Aston Martin) performsagainst Car Brands on the US Market.
  • On thisprintscreenthereis a KPI Checkoftwoairlinesagainsteachother, against a benchmarkoragainst a customcreated label. Youcanalso use thelabelscreatedfrompagesyou are monitoring to create more custombenchmarks, forexample a specific sub-segment ofanindustryor a set groupofyourcompetitors.
  • Hereis a snapshotofwhatourExecutiveReportslooklike. Youcanprintout a report and takeit to a meeting, sendit to yourcommunitymanager, or to your boss.
  • WebelieveSocialCustomer Care is more and more important,not only just forbrandsfrom Airlines, Telco, Finance or Retail. Webelieve a clientfriendlysocialcustomer care canbetheseriousbackboneofanybrandwishing to becometrulysocial. ThatiswhywefoundedtheSociallyDevotedinitiative to awardcompanieswho are integratingcustomer care in theirsocial media strategy.
  • Hre, youcanseethenamesofthepeoplewho are a brand‘s most activeFans. Youcanseehow and whentheyinteractwiththepage, and more importantly, youcanbrowsethroughtheiractualposts and comments.
  • So whatisthedifferencebetweenoursolution and, forexample, nativetools? With Socialbakers Analytics, not onlycanyoumeasureyourownpages on more than 40 differentmetrics, but youcanalsomeasurethepagesofyourcompetitors and market leaders. Thisissomethingnativetoolswon‘tofferyou and more importantly, somethingwebelieve to beanintegral part ofanyseriousmeasurement.
  • Here you can see the key differences in what Analytics and Facebook Page Insights, respectively, can and can't offer. When talking to clients, especially emphasize the competitive advantages, benchmarking, exports, and reporting.
  • Nowhereis aslideabouthowour systém works. Wecollect data from public APIs as well as Admin‘s API Data. Westorethe data in a data cloud, wherewethenprocessthem. As a result, thereis a set of basic data publishedfor free on ourwebsite, and much deeper data in our PRO suite.Forbetterunderstandingofthesizeofthe data thatwe monitor, here are somenumbers:Social profiles tracked every day (valid for November 2013)SBKS:- FB = 3.500.000 (pages+places) , 208.000 (apps)- TW = 450.000- YT = 2.500.000G+ = 1.541.287Total = 8.199.287Analytics:- FB = 82.000- TW = 23.500- YT = 9.500- VK = 735- IG = 170LI =~ 100Total = 116.005
  • Here are just somekeythingsBuilderallowsyou to do. Overall, themain benefit indeedisincreasingyoursocial media performance, sinceyourcontentworkflow and customerretention and support canonlyimprove.
  • Not being on the top ofthepublishingprocess, canbe a realdisasterforyour Brand / Agencysocialcommunication. Builderenablesyou to haveabsolutecontroloverwhocanperformwhatactions on yourpages, takeadvantageofthat!
  • The Builder Dashboard is fully customizable, so each team member can define how he needs to view the content and social communication. Flexibility is a key principle in Builder design.
  • The Ad Analytics section of our platform really lets us show off the power of our insight driven approach to social media optimization.This section of the product is developed so that marketers are able to get a quick high-level overview of how your campaigns are performing. Or you can deep-dive into campaigns or individual advertisements for more detailed analysis.The result: You can take action on the data driven analysis, which highlights the campaigns and ads that are working and those that are not. Leaving you with actionable insight to adjust and optimize current and future social advertising campaigns.
  • You can see in the overlapping section, the percentage of Fans that are also Fans of a competitor.The size of the bubble also gives a visual representation of the size of the page.
  • This slide says it all. We are an international company with offices all around the world, 50% of fortune 500 companies are our clients. All together we serve 2000 different brands and agencies. Our website is visited by 800,000 marketers every month, that come to check the free data that we provide, log into our products, and read our blog!
  • We were recognized as highly potential technology start-up by Index Ventures and Earlbird – two famous venture capital investment firms.By joining their portfolios, we became part of a family of brands, such as Facebook and Skype who were VC-backed by them as well.
  • Sample of our client portfolio.
  • Socialbakers - Improve your Social Media Strategies with Competitive Analysis

    1. 1. Our goal is to become the worldwide standard for the way social media marketing is measured and optimized.
    2. 2. Businesses are going social 1,7 billion people use Social Media and this number will keep growing More than 77 percent of Fortune 500 companies keep maintain active Twitter accounts and 70 percent have a Facebook page Every day, more time is spent on Facebook than anywhere else online Every day, more time Source: eMarketer, April 2013 Source: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Source: comScore Key Measure, US Desktop, April 2013
    3. 3. More marketplace intelligence Marketers claim that using Social Media brings them the following benefits: Develop loyal fans More exposure Increasing traffic Source: eMarketer, June 2013
    4. 4. The approach of companies has changed from social presence to social business First Generation The Checkbox Treatment Next Generation Social Business Set-up Listening Fan Growth Basic Ads Predictable ROI Perfect Social Customer Care Engaging Content Advanced Advertising
    5. 5. The ability to reach and engage with your audience has changed
    6. 6. HAVING THE RIGHT DATA Getting through the clutter Creating content MANAGING CONVERSATION What companies need to deal with ...on a TACTICAL level
    7. 7. “Make informed decisions based on comparative social analysis of your performance across platforms, geographies, competitors and industries.”
    8. 8. Make data-driven decisions measuring and analyzing
    9. 9. Gain Valuable Insights & Business Intelligence by Monitoring Your Competitors and Market Leaders
    10. 10. Your Pages and Competitors in one Dashboard 1 2 3 1 Set of Different Metrics 2 Pages of Your Choice 3 Custom Labels & Filtering
    11. 11. Understand your region and industry ...with dozens of ready-made benchmarks
    12. 12. Hundreds of Ready-made Benchmarks 1 2 3 3 Benchmark of Choice2 Brand Performance1 Selected Metric
    13. 13. Compare Yourself with Others 1 2 3 1 Selected Key Performance Indicators 2 Comparision Against Benchmarks and Custom Labels 3 Displaying multivariate data on Spider chart
    14. 14. Discover Best Performing Content 1 2 3 1 2 3Selected Metric Response Rates and Times Engagement Metrics with Benchmarks
    15. 15. Improve your Social Customer Care integrating it in your social strategy
    16. 16. Identify the Most Active Fans 1 2 3 1 2 3The Most Active Fans Type of Interaction Details incl. Actual Comments & Posts
    17. 17. With Socialbakers, you can measure and benchmark... FB Metrics Engagement Rate Response Rate Page Score Key Influencers Top Posts Fans People Talking about ...and many more And also: Twitter, YouTube, VKontakte ...your pages and those of your competitors OWNED PAGE 1 OWNED PAGE 2 OWNED PAGE 3 COMP PAGE 1 COMP PAGE 1 COMP PAGE 1
    18. 18. Key Differences between Analytics PRO and Facebook Page Insights Understand the performance of your page compared with competition No ability to compare with competition Benchmark Page to the overall industry Compare all monitored pages directly on the Dashboard Understand how Socially Devoted the Brand is in social media General information about Brand‟s audience Export Data to Excel or text format Only for your Pages Measure Engagement of different post types (pictures, video, links...) Can‟t measure for competition or industry‟s best Identify Page‟s Key Influencers Monitor and analyze competitor‟s activities Receive comparative analysis with new Charts section Features
    19. 19. How It Works Public API Data Admin„s API Data Socialbakers Data Cloud Free at PRO Suite - Analytics LinkedIn and Instagram
    20. 20. With Builder You Can Manage Content Across Multiple Platforms Fully Control the Publishing Process Improve Social Media Performance
    21. 21. Control who publishes what & where ...with advanced user rights and post approval
    22. 22. Manage all from one dashboard 1 2 1 Monitor your competitors 2 Search and filter content 3 Respond to direct messages 3 4 5 4 Plan your future posting 5 Manage your unpublished posts
    23. 23. Drive the Success of All Social Campaigns ... by Knowing When, Where and What Ads are most effective Spend your budget more effectively
    24. 24. 1 2 Is your Fan also a Fan of your competitor? StaropramenPilsner Urquell Staropramen Budweiser Budvar Competitor: Country: Overlap: Pilsner Urquell Czech Republic 19 % Competitor: Country: Overlap: Budweiser Budwar Czech Republic 16 % 1 2 Page SizeFan Overlap
    25. 25. Socialbakers is a Social measurement and marketing suite with client bases in more than 100 countries and 11 offices worldwide. New York San Francisco Mexico City São Paulo London Paris Prague/Pilsen München Istanbul Dubai Singapore 50% Of Global FORTUNE 500 2,000 customers 800,000 visits per month
    26. 26. and many others... Joining a family of brands such as: We are VC-backed by: EARLYBIRD
    27. 27. Our Clients
    28. 28. Seantrell Smith Senior Social Media Analyst Follow me @seantrells