The Da Vinci Mindset


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Considered by many leading thinkers to be the most diversely talented person ever to have lived, Leonardo da Vinci reflects the unlimited creative potential that resides inside all of us. The da Vinci Mindset Think-A-Torium® is designed to inspire and engage participants to think and act different, offering a powerful opportunity to align their passions with their purpose in life. This highly interactive program is for anyone interested in increasing their creative thinking, improving problem solving, thinking visually, generating creative endeavors, and tapping their limitless creativity. Get ready for a journey that leads participants to become Renaissance men and women.

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The Da Vinci Mindset

  1. 1. Th e D aV in c iM in d s e tThink-A-Torium®“Knowing How to See”bySean Griffin@seankgriffin
  2. 2. A long time ago in a world far,far away. . .
  3. 3. A ChildWas Born 1452 Leonardo Da Vinci
  4. 4. Who Would Foresee Helicopter, Tank, Parachute, Solar Power,Cardiovascular Disease, Airplanes, Modern Bridges
  5. 5. A Self-Willed Man • Apprenticed Artist • Self-Taught Engineer, Scientist, Architect • Unscholarly “Lack of Book Learning”
  6. 6. Generating 13,000 Pages of NotesChanging Our Perceptions of Life
  7. 7. But, I get ahead of myself.To understand Da Vinci we have to understand the build up to the Renaissance.
  8. 8. Let’s Go Back to the Seat ofKnowledge, 600 BC Ancient Greece
  9. 9. School of Athens
  10. 10. Politics EthicsMetaphysics Ontology Logic Biology AestheticsAstronomy
  11. 11. The Roman Empire
  12. 12. Re-Packaging of Original Thinking
  13. 13. Rise of Christianity & Advent of Islam
  14. 14. The Dark Ages 200 AD – 1200 AD No Original ThoughtsSuppression of Thought
  15. 15. Building up to the Renaissance
  16. 16. The Growth ofEntrepreneurialism
  17. 17. Increased WealthThirst for Knowledge
  18. 18. The Gutenberg Printing PressUshering in the Period of Modernity
  19. 19. This is Leonardo’s Cultural Setting Setting the Stage for Genius
  20. 20. Painter Sculptor Architect Scientist EngineerEntertainer
  21. 21. Very few minds in history were so completely receptive, so observant, so curious and interested in all things going on around him.
  22. 22. Yet he lived a life of little positivesuccess in the day-to-day meaning of the term.
  23. 23. He WasKnown for Not Being Able toComplete a Job
  24. 24. He Worked in Relative Isolation
  25. 25. His Sketchbooks Were Almost Lost
  26. 26. We Almost Never Knew of the One of the Worlds Greatest Personalities
  27. 27. You Can Learn and ApplyThe DaVinci Mindset in Your Life
  28. 28. Visual Thinking • Utilize the Mind Mapping Style • Journal Based Upon Inspiration • Visualize Daily Observations • Connect to Brain’s Natural Way of Thinking • Boosting the Creative IQ
  29. 29. Experiential Learning • Never Satisfied with Accepted or Acceptable • Repetitive Experimentation • Learn from Mistakes and Adapt • Testing Assumptions • Advancing Lessons Learned
  30. 30. Observing Nature • Focus on the Process of Nature • Inspired by the Beauty and Movement • Looking for the Interconnectedness of all Things • Nature as the Great Inspiration • Listening to and Seeing the Unseen
  31. 31. Pre-Imagining • Imagining Things in the Future • A Willingness to Think the Impossible • Allowing Your Mind to Free Flow • Embracing the Unknown • Never Settling for What is (Original Thinking)
  32. 32. Dreaming Big Dreams • Believing Anything is Possible • Never Settling for What is • Pushing Limits • Opening Doors of Perception • Showcasing What is Possible
  33. 33. Let’s Dream Big Together!
  34. 34. So what does it mean?
  35. 35. Unlimited Potential
  36. 36. Look InwardLook Forward
  37. 37. Nurture your
  38. 38. Leverage
  39. 39. You know morethan you know you know
  40. 40. The more you know the less you know
  41. 41. EmbraceAmbiguity
  42. 42. Exercise Your
  43. 43. Life is what YOU make it
  44. 44. Now more than ever
  45. 45. Get MADMake a Difference!
  46. 46. The only ‘s that exist are the ones you create yourself
  47. 47. Thank You Twitter: seankgriffinLinkedIn: Sean Griffin