Customer Experience Revolution
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Customer Experience Revolution






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Customer Experience Revolution Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 05/14/12 1
  • 2. The Customer Experience RevolutionHow Companies like Apple, Amazon and Starbucks have changedbusiness foreverBy Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van TynePublished by Brigantine Media New for 2012!05/14/12 2
  • 3. A select group of extraordinary companies have shown us thatgreat ideas, great products and services are not good enough.Not good enough for their customers, not good enough for theirbusiness or our future.These exceptional companies include Apple, Amazon andStarbucks and lesser known small smart businesses like andSkinit, EMN8 and Square. “Delivering extraordinary customerexperiences is becoming more and more important. We knowfrom the data that people will pay for it,” according to J.D. Power& Associates.05/14/12 3
  • 4. These companies and their people change lives, transformindustries and cause competitors to scramble to come up withmostly inadequate imitations.They do this purposely with positive and difficult to duplicateexperiences for their present and future customers. The peopleat these companies started The Customer ExperienceRevolution!Authors Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne answer manyquestions including: What do the leaders at these “ExperienceMakers” know that we should?05/14/12 4
  • 5. In this book, based on live interviews and research, authorsJeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne not only share their expertiseinto the discovery, creation and delivery of extraordinarycustomer experiences; the exceptional people of these companiestell you their insightful and inspiring customer experience successstories.Most importantly, you can take lessons from all theseextraordinary companies and people, no matter what size orindustry, and create great experiences for your customers andhard to duplicate advantages for your business. The CustomerExperience Revolution is an entertaining and inspiring read!
  • 6. Think about the best customer experience you have everhad or created. What was it like? Was it created purposely?05/14/12 6
  • 7. “The Customer Experience Revolution is a book that everyone whowants to succeed in business must read.” —Todd Robinson, Founder and Former Chairman, LPL Financial“Companies that delight their customers outperform their peers.This guidebook tells us why and how they do it in industries asdiverse as retailing, Smartphone, food service and driver education.I highly recommended it to anyone building a customer-focusedbusiness or refocusing an existing business on the experience of thecustomer.” —Larry Tesler, Larry Tesler Consulting, Former Vice President and Chief Scientist, Apple Computer and Vice President of Shopping Experience at Amazon 05/14/12 7
  • 8. “Where does your brand begin and end? Where does yourmarketing stop and delivering online start? With cloudcomputing, online purchases, SAAS use, and live support in socialforums, can you even define where your product experiencebegins and ends?These days you cannot and should not even try. Successfulcompanies have prospered in response to these mega trends bytaking the holistic approach described in The CustomerExperience Revolution by Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne. Thisbook is a must-read for anyone in the product delivery valuechain. I fully recommend it.” — Daniel Rosenberg, SVP Product UX, SAP05/14/12 8
  • 9. “This is the best business book in years! Bean and Van Tyne do abrilliant job of analyzing what winners do to create a world-classcustomer experience. They spell out the winning steps so you canimplement them in your business. If you want to increase salesand customer satisfaction and, at the same time, cut your costs,follow the advice in this book.” — Joely Gardner, Ph.D., Instructor, User Experience and Usability Certificate program California State University Fullerton and Founder, Human Factors Research05/14/12 9
  • 10. “Van Tyne and Bean explore case studies of some of today’s mostsuccessful companies. As they look at their business, marketingand product design, it becomes clear that the secret to success itto put the entire organization behind creating an excellentcustomer experience at every point. The book is full of bothcautionary tales and inspirational stories.” — Whitney Quesenbery, author of Storytelling for User Experience and Global UX“The Customer Experience Revolution is a timely addition to anybusiness reading list. This book provides insights to understandthese changes and what companies of all sizes can due toembrace a successful customer experience strategy.” — Sharon Carmichael, Manager, User Experience, Sony05/14/12 Direct, Sony Electronics 10
  • 11. “The Customer Experience Revolution is a current and relevant bookhighlighting the key role customer experience should play in yourcompany’s business strategy. Extremely well-written in everydaylanguage that we can all understand, Sean Van Tyne and Jeofrey Beanhave thoughtfully made a case for the changing field of customerexperience. Interspersed with high-profile case studies, along withpractical advice, this book takes the reader from the beginnings ofseveral start-up companies to their incredible success, and some totheir very recent and untimely demise.This book is a must read for the strategists in your company. If you don’tthink that your customer’s experience with your company’s processes,people, organization, and your brand are overwhelmingly crucial, thinkagain. If you want to make your mark as a leader, engage yourcustomers and act on the advice provided in this book.” — Carol Buehrens, Chief User Experience Architect / Customer Experience Principal, ICW Group05/14/12 11
  • 12. “Across industries we’re approaching the ‘Vortex,’ a featurehorizon whereby winning customers and growing business is nolonger a function of new features but something else entirely.Filled with accessible and thought-provoking examples, TheCustomer Experience Revolution demonstrates how organizationsboth large and small must engage with their customers to preventcommoditization and sustain a healthy bottom line.” — Darryl Kuhn, Chief Technology Officer, Skinit05/14/12 12
  • 13. “Creating an exceptional customer experience is critical to thelong term success of business today. The Customer ExperienceRevolution contains a treasure trove of vignettes highlightingcompanies that really understand what it takes to improvecustomer relationships via a stellar experience. Gems and nuggetsabound for the savvy business that wants to focus on theircustomers.” — Becky Carroll, Author of The Hidden Power of Your Customers, and President and Founder, Petra Consulting Group05/14/12 13
  • 14. “Every executive in most corporations will tell you how importantis to deliver the best customer experience. However, there arevery few companies that do it in a repeatable way. Most struggletrying to make it part of their company’s culture. In The CustomerExperience Revolution, Bean and Van Tyne have woven togetherthe essential concepts with real-world examples of what it meansto deliver awesome user experiences. In a very approachableway, this work will prove invaluable to people who want to makeuser experience an integral part of their business and theirproducts.” — Ivan Crespo, R&D Software Engineering Manager, Kodak05/14/12 14
  • 15. Join the CX revolution now! Jeofrey Bean and Sean Van Tyne Available at05/14/12 15