Resume 2.0


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An expanded version of my resume in slideshow format.

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Resume 2.0

  1. 1. My name is Sean Snodgrass and Im from Jeffersonville,IN. I am currently a senior at the Kelley School of Businessstudying Information and Process Management. Aftergraduating and before I begin the Master of Science inInformation Systems program, I would like to gain someexperience through an internship. In all of my educational andextracurricular endeavors I strive to be a strong leaderand a problem solver. Whether Im leading a group inclass or a Bible study to a group of middle-schoolers, Imalways searching for opportunities to grow as a person and asbusiness professional. This Resume 2.0 serves as a glimpseinto my past, present, and future.
  2. 2.  The Past  The Future  Lifelong Learner  Ultimate Goals  Lifelong Leader  Contact Information  Personal Assets  Work Experience The Present  Purpose  My Greatest Achievement  Other Work I Am Proud Of
  3. 3. 1989-2012
  4. 4.  Kelley School of Business, Indiana University May 2012  Bachelor of Science in Business  Major: Information and Process Management  Founder’s Scholar Kelley School of Business, Indiana University May 2013  Master of Science in Information Systems University of Louisville  Studied Computer Information Systems  Full-Tuition Scholarship  Dean’s List Jeffersonville High School  Academic Honors Diploma
  5. 5.  DJ, WIUX  Broadcast a live 1 hour weekly music show  Promote local artists by regularly playing local music during show  Review new and unreleased music every week to be played on the air  Promoted station over the air during Pledge Drive, leading to over $2000 in donations  Manage music library with thousands of CDs Bible Study Leader and Counselor, Indian Creek Baptist Camp  Oversaw 7 camper cabin during week long camp  Led 1 hour Bible study for 15+ students daily Server, Harrodsburg Heritage Days Committee  Served dinner and assisted 50+ elderly during free dinner  Monitored tables and guests for during annual Harrodsburg Heritage Days Festival Home Builder, Casas por Cristo  Constructed a home for and provided gifts to 3 needy families in Juarez, MX  Operated a community outreach event which fed 50+ Juarez residents
  6. 6.  Passions  Skills and Subjects  Technology  Multiple Operating Systems  Keeping current and making the  Experience with Windows, Mac most of modern tech OS, and even a little Linux  People  Microsoft Office  Connecting and communicating  Proficient in Excel, Access, with people Word, and PowerPoint  Strengths  Leadership  Consistently given high reviews by peers in group projects  Collaboration  Sorting through ideas and ensuring all voices are heard  Dependability  Keeping my word and doing what I should be doing
  7. 7. Best Buy, Clarksville, IN T.I.S. College Bookstore, Bloomington, IN Sold several thousand dollars in extended Processed transactions warranties Enrolled customers into free rewards program Prevented product loss by observing storewide activity Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH Promoted to Team Leader Ensured safe operation of Power Handled crowd control in a crisis Tower Monitored ride cycles
  8. 8. 2012
  9. 9.  To empower through the implementation of technology and knowledge of how to use it to make life more simple and fulfilling. Whether it’s a neighbor needing help saving and converting video files of her grandson to share with friends or a Fortune 500 company looking to streamline their processes, I will equip people with the tools they need to navigate a world that is increasingly reliant technology for every aspect of life. Additionally, I will provide the support those I help need and continually look for ways to cut out the hassle of using complicated systems.
  10. 10.  Being Valedictorian  I set the goal my freshman year of high school to be at the top of my class. I achieved that goal by .01 GPA points my final semester.
  11. 11. Computer Guide A manual I created for my elderly neighbor to help complete common tasks Adventures and Afterthoughts The blog I use to share my thoughts, observations, and ideas A New Direction A weekend of fellowship, worship, and fulfillment
  12. 12. 2012 and beyond
  13. 13.  Personal  To live a life full of family, faith, and success. Success in the workplace is crucial and the main vehicle through which I can provide for my family and make the world a better place. Professional  To work with businesses to use technology to their advantage. Implementing any technology has both benefits and problems. Though problems will never be completely eradicated (I wouldn’t have a job if so), I long to use technology as a vehicle to solutions that make business more manageable, not complicated.
  14. 14.  Phone:  LinkedIn  (502) 523-9732  Facebook Email:   ss Mail:  Twitter  Union Street Center, Pine  @SeanSnodgrass 309 445 North Union Street Bloomington, IN 47406