Online Brand & Reputation Management


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Sean McGinnis walks through a variety of strategies and tactics for defining and managing a brands online reputation.

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Online Brand & Reputation Management

  1. 1. Online Brand Management Sean McGinnis Marketing General Manager, Director Sears PartsDirect #FVIMS
  2. 2. Agenda Clearly define your brand Track your brand online Manage reviews proactively Control search results #FVIMS
  3. 3. Clearly define your brand #FVIMS
  4. 4. Brand Promise • A sentence - the shorter and more succinct the better. Brand Personality How you would want a customer to describe you company. • A series of words. As few as possible. 3-5? Brand Tone How you communicate with customers. • A series of words. As few as possible. 3-5? How a customer would describe an interaction or conversation with you. Brand Goals How you want customers to think about you. • A series of phrases. As few as possible. 3-5? What is unique about your offering. Brand Core Values What you want customers to say you stand for. • A series of words. As few as possible. 3-5? #FVIMS
  5. 5. Track your brand online #FVIMS
  6. 6. Setup Series of Google Alerts #FVIMS
  7. 7. Ideas for what to track in via alerts • • • • • Brand name Product names Trade names Competitors Competitor product names • Industry keywords & buzzwords • Misspellings & urls • Executive names #FVIMS
  8. 8. Social listening outpost Free #FVIMS
  9. 9. Social listening outpost Free Paid #FVIMS
  10. 10. Additional tools for brands • • • • • • Meltwater Buzz Brandwatch Trendrr ViralHeat SocialMention Argyle Social • • • • • • • spredfast sprinklr postling Sprout Social Salesforce Vocus Sysomos #FVIMS
  11. 11. Manage reviews proactively #FVIMS
  12. 12. Brand reputation goes beyond social #FVIMS
  13. 13. Can You Solicit Reviews? • Conflict of interest: Reviews are only valuable when they are honest and unbiased. For instance, as a business owner or employee you should not review your own business or current place of work. Don’t offer money or product to others to write reviews for your business or write negative reviews about a competitor. We also discourage specialized review stations or kiosks set up at your place of business for the sole purpose of soliciting reviews. As a reviewer, you should not accept money or product from a business to write a review about them. Additionally, don’t feel compelled to review a certain way just because an employee of that business asked you to do so. Finally, don’t post reviews on behalf of others or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with the place you are reviewing. =en&topic=1656880&answer=187622 #FVIMS
  14. 14. Does this cross the line? #FVIMS
  15. 15. The Web Site #FVIMS
  16. 16. The Reviews #FVIMS
  17. 17. The Local Search Results #FVIMS
  18. 18. The Search Results #FVIMS
  19. 19. Control search results #FVIMS
  20. 20. Assess & inventory search results #FVIMS
  21. 21. Mark search results to target Get a clear picture of the current landscape • Identify negative search results you wish to remove from first page. • Identify positive search results on page 2-5 you wish to drive higher. • Identify neutral search results (those not negative but not positive – maybe not even about you). #FVIMS
  22. 22. Complete profiles on well regarded #FVIMS
  23. 23. Build Sites on Branded Domains #FVIMS
  24. 24. Guest posts #FVIMS
  25. 25. Link & Promote Wisely • Link to results you want improved to move from other positive and powerful assets. • Promote posts and guest posts from social media and other locations. • Link back to your hub locations from all guest post bios. • Create content (posts, articles, videos, pictures, graphics) that is viral in nature and will be shared by others. #FVIMS
  26. 26. Create Link Hubs #FVIMS
  27. 27. #FVIMS
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