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Social TV #NewhouseSM4

  1. 1. Social TV #SocialTVSM4 in Today’s World
  2. 2. Meet The Team Justin Dorsen @JustinDorsen Dana Jaskier @DJaskier Sona Kim @SonaLisa_ Brittany Fowler @BNFowler Sean Martinelli @SeanMartinelli #SocialTVSM4
  3. 3. Follow Our Experts Maya Watson @MayaWatson #SocialTVSM4 Geoffrey Colo @GeoffreyColo ABC’s Nashville Gus Rosendale @Gus4NY Breaking News Reporter News Channel 4, NY Harpo Studios Walter Levitt @MediaMtkgGuy Comedy Central CMO
  4. 4. What is Social TV? “Social TV refers to technologies surrounding television that promote communication and social interaction related to program content” (Mashable). #SocialTVSM4
  5. 5. Tweet us! How did you watch TV before social media? #SocialTVSM4
  6. 6. The Beginnings of Social TV 1970s: “The Qube” #SocialTVSM4
  7. 7. The Beginnings of Social TV 1980s: Zenith’s Spacephone #SocialTVSM4
  8. 8. The Beginnings of Social TV 2000s: AOL launches AOLTV #SocialTVSM4
  9. 9. 2006: ABC becomes the first network to offer full episodes online for free 2009: The U.S. Open launches live videos of tournament for the first time 2009: Mad Men character tweets 2009: launches live chatting service 2012: London becomes first social Olympics The Beginnings of Social TV
  10. 10. How to do Social TV •There isn’t one “correct” way to engage viewers in social TV. •All about interaction and conversation •Genre makes a difference. •Reality competition television shows were the first to experiment with social TV. #SocialTVSM4
  11. 11. Reality Shows First created social interaction through voting techniques (texting, phone calls) Voting options progressed over time -People can now tweet votes #SocialTVSM4
  12. 12. Scripted TV -Engage viewers through trivia prompts -Actors live-tweet during shows #SocialTVSM4
  13. 13. Best Social TV Practices ABC’s Nashville @GeoffreyColo - Transmedia Producer #SocialTVSM4
  14. 14. ABC’s Nashville - Twitter bus - Cast live tweets during episode - Organized group tweeting on different sets of shows - “Behind the scenes” photos - Contest: Rayna’s album cover - Encouraging cast to tweet/post photos on own accounts during week #SocialTVSM4
  15. 15. “Fans love the idea that when they’re watching a show, they know all the cast are sitting together, just like they are, watching at the same time. For fans, that’s one of the more exciting things.” - Geoffrey Colo
  16. 16. Cast Photos! #SocialTVSM4
  17. 17. ^ Connie Britton joined Twitter on March 31st - already has 57K followers! #SocialTVSM4
  18. 18. News, talk shows and general programming •Reporters and hosts tweet live updates of stories and breaking news. •Viewers interact directly with reporters and hosts. • Shows poll viewers using specific hashtags and utilize Instagram #SocialTVSM4
  19. 19. News, talk shows and general programming “Since I started using Twitter for my reporting job, I have more of a connection with my viewers. Now we can have a conversation via social. Many times, viewers will tweet me leads that we’Il pickup. I also tweet stories and behind-the- scenes images to my followers.” -Gus Rosendale, News Channel 4, NY #SocialTVSM4
  20. 20. “Gone are the days of spending entire launch budgets plastering cities with outdoor ads and radio commercials. We do still use traditional media where it’s appropriate, but as you would expect, much of our marketing effort is now focused in the digital space.” -Walter Levitt Best Social TV Practices Comedy Central #SocialTVSM4
  21. 21. Specific Content and Fan Integration ● “Social TV is 80% planned and 20% organic” ● @midnight uses #hashtagwars ● Becomes a trending topic every night ● Every brand in 2014 should be having conversations with the fans Best Social TV Practices Comedy Central #SocialTVSM4
  22. 22. Best Social TV Practices Harpo Studios #SocialTVSM4
  23. 23. Best Social TV Practices Harpo Studios 2013: Oprah’s Lifeclass wins Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media Utilized Key Social Media Tools Including:
  24. 24. What’s Next? -Single platform approach -More Social TV Apps
  25. 25. Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings ● Launched October 2013 ● Measure TV-related conversation on Twitter - authors and audience #SocialTVSM4
  26. 26. Twitter Expands Social TV Efforts
  27. 27. Conclusions and Questions - What does all of this mean to YOU?!