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Danny Ashton - The Science Behind Sharable Content
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Danny Ashton - The Science Behind Sharable Content


Published on

Linkdex Think Tank 31st October 2013 …

Linkdex Think Tank 31st October 2013

‘Psychology Of Sharing – Uncovering The Secret Strategies That Make Us Click’

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Travel

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  • Mars bars and the planet mars are natural triggers.
  • Client can tell us what we need to know: the parameters.
  • You need to take the time to understand the needs of the client ...before you move to the next stage of ideation. Otherwise you get a linkworthy idea that doesn’t match the business objectives.
  • We can all research to contribute concepts and topics no matter what are where they are from.This also allows us to split the process. For example one person could just contribute ideas the client would never ever go with!
  • It’s important for us to meet as a team to discuss what we think will work – we can bounce off each other and get really creative.Whiteboards are necessary to write down anything and everything and for us to visualise ideas.
  • Scoring and voting on the ideas is important as it gives each a fair chance and is based on evidence of how sharable the idea will be.
  • High Practical Value and PublicPractical Value shows each step to fold the towel and Public because it makes it easy to imitate and makes something private: public. (folding towels in a hotel is always done secretly)
  • 410,000 views onimgur100 backlinks25 referring domains
  • High Social Currency and Emotion.Social currency because of the quiz type feel, showing you’re a geek. (share things that make you look good)Emotion because it sparked debate about what it is to be a geek and the pride this gives people.
  • Almost 100,000 views on gizmodo with 262 comments.600 backlinks and 125 referring domains.
  • High Triggers, Practical Value and Stories.Triggers because we all dream, it spurs memories of dreams and we sleep every night.Practical value because it actuallly gives tips on what to do and what to eat.Stories because it takes the reader on a journey through the infographic.
  • 633,000 views on stumbleupon (viral)3 front pages on Reddit, one with 2.5k upvotes and 339 comments.40+ Referring Domains
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Science Behind Sharable Content Danny Ashton @dannyashton @neomammalian
    • 2. Sharable content starts with an idea
    • 3. Contagious Jonah Berger The 6 STEPPS • • • • • • Social Currency Triggers Emotion Practical Value Public Stories
    • 4. Social Currency “We share things that make us look good”
    • 5. Triggers “Top of mind, tip of tongue”
    • 6. Emotion “When we care, we share”
    • 7. Public “Built to show, built to grow”
    • 8. Practical Value “News you can use”
    • 9. Stories “Info travels under the guise of idle chatter”
    • 10. How NeoMam Use Them
    • 11. The Idea Process We start with a brief
    • 12. Understand the needs Q&A Q: Can you explain your niche and what you want from this content? The aims? Q: Can you name 5 large audiences your site could benefit from? Ideal placements? Q: Any strict guidelines? What’s the tone? Q: What would be the absolute worst topic idea for you? No-go areas?
    • 13. The Idea Process Next, we contribute to an ideas dump
    • 14. The Idea Process We meet to discuss the ideas
    • 15. The Idea Process We score the ideas based on STEPPS
    • 16. Infographic Case Study Practical Value
    • 17. Infographic Case Study - Results Practical Value
    • 18. Infographic Case Study - Results Practical Value 100 Backlinks 25 Ref. Domains
    • 19. Infographic Case Study Social Currency
    • 20. Infographic Case Study - Results Social Currency
    • 21. Infographic Case Study - Results Social Currency 600 Backlinks 125 Ref. Domains
    • 22. Infographic Case Study Triggers
    • 23. Infographic Case Study - Results Triggers
    • 24. Infographic Case Study - Results Triggers 110 Backlinks 30 Ref. Domains
    • 25. Thank you