SWMG Inc Presentation to NSCC Students


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I conducted this presentation to a great group of NSCC students.

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SWMG Inc Presentation to NSCC Students

  1. 1. A time of “reset” You can’t go back to the old ways of Marketing February 15, 2009
  2. 2. What’s this “reset”? • Thank you Richard Florida (and others) • His/their position is that this recession is a “great reset” • A time of dramatic change and for people to press the “reset” button • Opportunity to start fresh and change the way you do business • Take advantage of it – don’t be afraid • Re-invent ‘marketing’, ‘branding’, ‘advertising’, ‘PR’ and other means of consumer engagement
  3. 3. “Resetting” Yogurt? “Danone’s Brand "Resets" Are Driving Sales Growth Around The World” New products have been important parts of what Danone calls brand “resets” that are kindling continued growth in many markets. The new items include Eco Yoghurt in Russia, Danonino Yoghurt for kids in Portugal and other markets, Activia breakfast mix-it- yourself kits of yogurt and cereal in Bulgaria, Argentina, and Brazil. *Brandchannel – Feb. 15
  4. 4. So who’s this guy?
  5. 5. Old School to New View • Currently own my own company • Worked at Bristol Group (3 years) • Prior to move east, ran Nikon Canada’s consumer and retail marketing • Several years working for domestic and international advertising agencies – Leo Burnett, Dentsu, Padulo and Media Buying Services (MBS) – Worked with brands such as Rogers, Kraft, CIBC, and Canon • Started career at Molson in sales department
  6. 6. A generalist that’s a specialist • Strategic and business planning • Brand development/management • Advertising and media planning – print, outdoor, broadcast, online, etc. • e-Marketing – web development, social media, mobile, etc. • “Other” Marketing – promotions, contests, partnerships, loyalty programs, sponsorships, etc. • Communications – marketing PR, media/community relations, etc. • Market and consumer research – quantitative and qualitative, online, etc.
  7. 7. My “reset” • Moved to a part of Canada I knew nothing about • Set up my own business • Looked beyond the ‘standard’ borders • Approach things from the consumer point of view • Loyal to my client, no one else
  8. 8. What I’ve done?
  9. 9. University of Regina Developed comprehensive recruitment package (designed publications, display material, and microsite) and direct ongoing social media efforts. Publications/Display Microsite Social Media
  10. 10. Bell Aliant Directed the development of a new student targeted initiative – contest driven microsite – and support ongoing efforts with online and social media advertising. Microsite Online Advertising
  11. 11. Propeller Brewery Developed the marketing plan and directed the new face for the Propeller brand – consumer and channel facing. Advertising Website
  12. 12. Atlantic Canada Cruise Association Developed a new brand strategy, along with an visual identity and creative platform for Atlantic Canada and the organization responsible for promoting cruising to this region. Brand Development Website Channel Marketing
  13. 13. Atlantic Canada Cruise Association http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz8NxjfG9FQ
  14. 14. Who out there has “reset” things?
  15. 15. Shawn White • He’s not just some punk that skateboards and snowboards • He’s a brand that has built an empire around him • His sponsors are Red Bull, HP, Oakley, Burton (since 7) and many other well recognized brands http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1Zoh2JC_XA
  16. 16. Ashton Kutcher (Katalyst) • Movie Star? Cultural icon? Content Creator? Marketer? • He has raised his position well beyond “actor” • Took on CNN (twitter) • Through his media company Katalyst, creates content for multiple platforms
  17. 17. Ashton Kutcher (Katalyst)
  18. 18. Gary Vaynerchuk • Wine got this guy where? • Creator of Wine Library TV – video podcasts on wine • Approaches the wine category in a very non ‘standard’ way • Released a book – “Crush it” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhqZ0RU95d4&featur
  19. 19. So what’s after this “reset”?
  20. 20. My suggestions • Be different – Think about things so differently it makes you uncomfortable • Make connections – Connect with anyone, anytime, through all vehicles • Keep learning – Immerse yourself category information (i.e. Mashable, IAB, Fast Company, Marketing Magazine, etc.) • Take chances – You won’t know if it works if you don’t try it
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Contact: Sean Williams (902)220-5945 williamsmarketing@ns.sympatico.ca @SWMGroup