Events Nova Scotia Presentation


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Presentation done at the 2011 Events Nova Scotia Conference.

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Events Nova Scotia Presentation

  1. 1. The changing face of EventMarketingSean WilliamsNovember 2, 2011
  2. 2. Flow for the hour• Introduction• The Canadian Digital Landscape• Some interesting examples• Going forward
  3. 3. Who is this guy?• I’ve been in marketing for almost 20 years• Done the ‘big’ agency thing (i.e. Leo Burnett, Dentsu, etc.) and worked for companies in marketing/sales roles (i.e. Nikon and Molson)• Set up ‘marketing consultancy’ business in 2007• Clients in retail, tourism, automotive, higher education, telecommunications, and of course, events• Offers strategic counsel, as well as a variety marketing and communication services• Holistic approach with endless resources
  4. 4. What I’m hoping to achieve this afternoon1. Put forward some relevant information regarding the ‘digital landscape’ in Canada2. Highlight some ‘industry’ references3. Offer some advice and suggestions moving forward
  5. 5. ClaimI’m happy to report that this is a compilation of‘Canadian’ specific data from a variety of sources.This compilation of data means the informationmay not always correlate.Also, additional sources of ‘proprietary’ or customdata should be sought to confirm numbers givenhere before using them for business planningpurposes.
  6. 6. The digital world om/user/Socialnomics 09#p/u/5/x0EnhXn5b oM
  7. 7. What’s happening in Canada
  8. 8. We’re a pretty active bunch... online
  9. 9. We are social beings
  10. 10. Usage just keeps going up
  11. 11. How things look based on age
  12. 12. Where we converse, share, and view
  13. 13. We LOVE facebook Over 16.5 million Canadians are on2011
  14. 14. It’s our top online destination
  15. 15. It’s not just for young people
  16. 16. Canadians like video too Every month, 71% of CanadianInternet users visit2011 comScore
  17. 17. We consume a lot
  18. 18. Monthly activity with video
  19. 19. We tweet...2010
  20. 20. ...but it’s not for everyone2011 Little Fish, Big Pond Blog
  21. 21. Social networks are key news sourcesApr. 2011 CMRC
  22. 22. It’s also where we engage and ‘like’ 48% of Canadians with social networking profiles ‘like’ or ‘follow’ at least one brand or company Of this group, they follow an avg. of 6.7 brands2011 Ipsos Reid
  23. 23. We also like our ‘smart’ phones Q4. Do you have a regular cellular phone or do you have a smartphone? Base: All respondents; n=2,0032011 Quorus Consulting
  24. 24. What do we use them for Q9. Which of the following activities do you do on your cell phone? (Prompted questions)2011 Quorus Consulting
  25. 25. We still enjoy ‘traditional’ media
  26. 26. ‘Locally’, we’re engaged by TV and the internet 61.3 11.4 6.8 7.1 8.3 1.7 Television Radio Newspaper Magazines Internet Out of home Q: Which ONE of the following media carries advertising that you believe to be the most engaging? Source: BBM Analytics OmniVU May 2011 – Atlantic Canadians 18+
  27. 27. What does this all mean• People are connected most of the time• Social networks are here to stay – They’re more than just ‘social’ networks – If you can get them to ‘like’ you, you’re in• It’s not just facebook• Video, video, video• Mobile devices are ‘smarter’ and aren’t just for talking• Traditional media is still relevant
  28. 28. Industry examples
  29. 29. Juno Awards
  30. 30. Juno Awards• One of Canada’s top events• In all key social media channels with an ongoing presence• Is for everyone and embraces everyone – Has a lot of facebook posts and retweets• Wasn’t too active on facebook or twitter during 2011 event• Site doesn’t feature social media buttons (under ‘Media’)
  31. 31. Bust a Move om/user/bustamovehf x#p/u/36/AQg98H- VwBs
  32. 32. Bust a Move• A relatively new event to the Halifax market• Arranged a unique ‘launch’ event that went viral – Over 28,000 views of one video• Used social media to generate PR and ‘word of mouth’• Event continues to evolve and uses a variety of social media tools• Halifax website could be more engaging
  33. 33. Halifax Pop Explosion
  34. 34. Halifax Pop Explosion• Looking to elevate their presence in the market• Active and integrated across all digital channels (i.e. social media)• Reported ‘real-time’ during event• Garnered a lot of ‘talk’ and saw a high level of interaction – Posted a follow-up survey• Achieved great results this year – best so far
  35. 35. Going forward
  36. 36. Why should you use social media• An effective tool to add to your marketing mix – it’s one of many pieces• Tools are free – the thinking and resources cost money• Get a read on people – pre, during and after event• Gage your success and/or reputation• Support stakeholder involvement and sponsorship activation• Connects to those that want or plan to attend
  37. 37. How to use social media• Chose the right channels (don’t tweet for the sake of tweeting)• Include some sort of promotional twist• Sign-up or register ‘socially’• Report ‘real-time’• Engage those not in attendance• Keep going... after the event• Ask for input
  38. 38. Now what?Talk to your ‘customers’ – find out how best to engage themMap out a plan – strategy, goals, content, tools, resources,tracking, KPIs, etc.Don’t disregard the past – there are tools you’ve used in thepast that have workedStart slow – don’t overwhelm yourself with social media ‘toysand tricks’Listen, engage and act – the worst thing you can do isnothingRevisit and adjust – if it’s not working, change it
  39. 39. Thank (Sean Williams)