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Tele Tech Corporate Overview
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Tele Tech Corporate Overview


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Corporate OverviewCOMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER For Global 1000 leaders with complex ambitions, TeleTech is the go-toAND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS partner for unmatched total value in transforming customer and enterprise goals into new realities.
  • 3. TeleTech Solutions • Customer Innovation • Revenue Generation • Hosted Technology • Learning Innovation • Enterprise Innovation • Professional Services
  • 4. 1 COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER AND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONSBeyond LeadershipSince 1982, TeleTech has thought and acted outside the traditional boundaries of business. This stems from ourbelief that every challenge brings new opportunities, and we’re driven to identify these possibilities at every turn.Our ability to quickly adapt to global change has helped companies scale their business, better serve customers,reduce risk, and increase profits along the way.Today, we’re still on the forefront of what’s next in sales, marketing, and customer relationship management pluswe have the technology innovations to successfully support these organizations. Throughout our history, we’veserved as the go-to partner for the world’s most ambitious companies, helping them get to market first withnew ideas, new technologies, and new ways of conducting business.TeleTech’s ability to equip our clients with the transformative tools that enable their success has led to aproven track record of stability and reliability regardless of what’s going on in the rest of the world or within aparticular industry.A Track Record of Expertise TeleTech has continued to evolve to meet our clients’ scalability andTeleTech has focused on making geographical requirements. We buildambitious goals reality for our clients long-term relationships and createand their customers. From our earliest technology advances in customerdays, we’ve supported the large and experience delivery that allow our clientsrapidly growing customer management to seamlessly serve their customersmarket. We enable companies to around the world. As customerleverage our emerging technologies demands rise, enterprises turn to usand global footprint to meet the rapidly in greater numbers to learn how to getchanging needs of their customers. more from their existing resources. “Today’s products and services commoditize quickly. Successful companies know that the service experience defines their brand, and that brand perception drives customer affinity.” - Ken Tuchman, Chairman and CEO, TeleTech
  • 5. Corporate overview 2TeleTech TodayFor global leaders with complex challenges, TeleTech serves as the go-to partner for unmatched total value.We’ve earned an enviable reputation for transforming the goals of our clients and their customers into newways of thinking, performing, and buying. Our deep operational heritage and unrivaled innovation make itpossible for us to solve our clients’ biggest challenges, deliver revenue growth, and tie our business successdirectly to their outcomes. $5 BILLIONWe base everything we do on aphilosophy that ultimately transformsour clients’ business with extraordinarypeople, solutions, and technology.Our philosophy ensures continuous is the amount of client revenue driven annuallyprogram improvements and engagingbrand experiences. This means thatclients experience a decrease in costs totarget, acquire, grow, serve, and retaincustomers. Revenue and customersatisfaction increase. And, our focus onperformance-based outcomes helpsguarantee results by aligning objectives.
  • 6. 1980’s 2000’soutSourcinGJapanese automakers introduce premium Virtualizationbrands to the U.S. market, TeleTech isselected to establish a U.S. customer Technology advances create thesupport infrastructure. opportunity to create borderless global operations. TeleTech expands globallyIncreasing deregulation in to serve its clients’ customers in over 85telecommunications paves the way for countries.TeleTech to partner with industry leaders Globalization and SaleSto improve the customer experience in an As the complexity of managing globalunstable marketplace. Technology choices explode for premise-based technology accelerates, consumers creating more complex TeleTech leads the industry by creating support challenges. TeleTech expands to a centralized global infrastructure and manage unprecedented customer care private network. The TeleTech GigaPOP® and technical support volumes. provides virtual access from four consolidated data centers. The direct sales model for computer manufacturers revolutionizes the tech landscape. TeleTech delivers a direct sales channel that allows manufacturers to adapt and thrive. 1990’s
  • 7. HighlightsSince 1982, TeleTech has focused its business on progressively developing strategic business solutions for everystage of the customer life cycle. TeleTech’s innovative experience with integrating customer and enterprisemanagement solutions —coupled with world-class employees, partners, and clients—has resulted in manysuccesses over the last three decades, and will continue to position TeleTech as the go-to partner for Global1000 companies. community collaboration redefininG the cuStomer experience Consumers migrate to new social media to interact with companies. TeleTech As companies increasingly realize that the integrates traditional and emerging customer experience defines the brand, channels to provide seamless multichannel the acquisition of Peppers & Rogers Group support, offering clients innovative ways to enables TeleTech to combine strategy engage with their customers. with execution. Peppers & Rogers brings 20 years of consulting expertise focused entirely on customer-centric strategies to reVenue Generation increase revenue, satisfaction, and brand loyalty. The combination of Peppers & An increasingly competitive marketplace Rogers’ thought leadership with TeleTech’s demands new strategies to generate ability to turn strategy into execution is a revenue. TeleTech drives revenue growth key differentiator in today’s marketplace. for clients with specialized marketing and sales tools to enhance public sector, small and medium business (SMB), and education channel sales.2010’s
  • 8. 5 COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER AND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONSRight Solutions. Right Time.TeleTech offers the best overall value in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry by focusing ondeveloping long-standing, mutually successful partnerships. This approach enables us to commit financiallyto leading companies that engage us to help solve their most daunting customer management or enterprisechallenges with speed and innovation. Our solutions include:revenue Generation – TeleTech’s customer innovation – TeleTech’s hosted technology – TeleTech’sRevenue Generation solutions deliver Customer Innovation solutions are technology solutions offer software andmore than $5 billion in annual revenue specifically tailored to improve each infrastructure on a hosted or on-premisefor clients via a comprehensive suite customer’s end-to-end experience, basis to enable companies to implementof integrated offerings designed to helping to build brand loyalty and drive an end-to-end, best-in-class customergrow existing revenue, retain valuable the highest levels of satisfaction across management capability that facilitatescustomers, and target new markets all customer interaction channels in interaction with customers across allfor additional growth. TeleTech designs traditional and emerging media. The touchpoints on a global scale with lowerand manages thousands of client- end result? Lengthier, more profitable costs and reduced risk. Our technologybranded e-commerce websites which customer relationships for your delivery method supports on-premisehelp implement sophisticated customer business. hardware and software or cloud-basedtargeting and segmentation strategies to solutions to move customer serviceoptimize the revenue potential in every operations to anywhere in the world, atcustomer interaction. any time.We base everything we do ona philosophy that ultimatelytransforms our clients’ businesswith extraordinary people,solutions, and technology.
  • 9. Corporate overview 6enterprise innovation – TeleTech’s Professional services – TeleTech’sEnterprise Innovation solutions involve consultants deliver innovative andthe redesign of front- and back-office high-quality customer-centric solutionsprocesses to significantly advance that drive enhanced market share,your abilitiy to obtain a customer- increased revenue, improved customercentric view of your relationships and segmentation strategies, actionableto capitalize on greater up-sell and/ data analytics and optimized businessor cross-sell opportunities while processes and operations.optimizing the customer experience. Wedrastically improve efficiency by applyingproven expertise, global staffing, andmanagement resources to a company’sbusiness processes.Learning innovation – TeleTech’sLearning Innovation solutions increasespeed to proficiency as well as reducelearning curves and training expenses.In addition, TeleTech utilizes a blendedmethodology which includes virtualjob-simulation environments, eLearning Customer Enterprise Revenuecourses, interactive social media Innovation Innovation Generationnetworking and collaboration, as well asintuitive 3D and game-based learningcourses. Learning Learning Hosted Professional Innovation Innovation Technology Services Fast Facts • TeleTech has over 250,000 users on client- branded e-commerce websites for simplified customer transactions • 3.5 million customer interactions per day across the globe • Our Learning Innovation team averages 8.5 million learning hours per year
  • 10. 7 COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER AND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONSCultivating Industry StandardsTeleTech continues to demonstrate success across more than a dozen industries. We offer integrated vertical-specific global solutions that respond to the needs of hundreds of clients and millions of their customers.By fostering a collaborative environment in all aspects of the business, TeleTech designs, implements, andmanages critical business processes for innovative companies to help improve their customers’ experiences,expand their strategic capabilities, increase their operating efficiencies, and ultimately generate more revenue.By delivering a high-quality customer experience through the effective integration of customer-facing front-office processes with internal back-office processes, we enable our clients to better serve, grow, and retain theircustomer base for various industries including:communications and media – healthcare – Delivering the people, Government – Providing governmentProviding robust integrated systems and processes, and technology for the agencies with the most advancedworld-class processes to dramatically highest performance in order to respond hosted cloud-based technology;grow revenue and increase the to an evolving regulatory environment seasoned professionals familiar withdepth of customer relationships in a and ensure care for members when the needs and issues facing publiccommunications driven world. For our they need it. For TeleTech clients, this agencies; and superior, cost-effectiveclients, this means increased market means the highest levels of efficiency to customer service methodologies.share through high-margin services generate reliable profits while enhancing Automotive – TeleTech has extensiveand expanded networks while offering the member experience and serving the experience providing customizedcustomers in-demand products and the healthcare industry’s individual needs. customer management and revenuelatest industry technology. technology – Leveraging a new era generation solutions for the autoFinancial services – Offering systems, of technology capabilities, developing industry. Our expertise includes directtools, and capabilities in order to rebuild sustainable operating models, and marketing and customer retention,our clients’ asset base, develop new, creating a different view of value. For distributor and retailer support, andsustainable operating models, and Global 1000 high-tech, high-demand customer acquisition and loyaltycreate a trust-leadership position with companies, the ability to deliver programs.customers and businesses. TeleTech relevant messages through multiple retail – TeleTech’s retail capabilitiesoffers clients solutions that deliver communication channels is what helps range from closing the sale through allmeasurable results quickly, while customers better understand, and adapt channels to providing high-quality onlinereducing risk, increasing profits, and to, ever-evolving technologies. customer support to sustaining seasonalboosting client satisfaction along the way. peaks in customer interaction volume.
  • 11. Corporate overview 8Ready to Get Started?There’s no question that companies tap every resource to ensure that they attract and retain customers, increase revenues, andminimize costs. That’s why now, more than ever, TeleTech has become the go-to thought leader to which global companies us today investor relations media relationsSales Contact: Investor Contact: Media Contact:Phone: 800.TELETECH or Phone: 800.TELETECH or Phone: 800.TELETECH or303.397.8100 (outside the U.S.) 303.397.8100 (outside the U.S.) 303.397.8100 (outside the U.S.)E-mail: E-mail: Or on the web at:
  • 12. North AmericA AsiA-PAciFic ANd southeAst AsiA9197 South Peoria Street Australia and New ZealandEnglewood, Colorado 80112-5833 154 Pacific HighwayPhone: 1.800.TELETECH or St. Leonards NSW 2065 +1.303.397.8100 (outside the U.S.) AustraliaFax: +1.303.397.8199 Phone: + 61 2 9844 1100e-mail: Fax: + 61 2 9930 1630 e-mail: solutions@teletech.comLAtiN AmericA Philippines Building F, SM Corporate OfficesArgentina 1000 Bay Boulevard, SM Central Business ParkChacabuco 175 Pasay City, 1300C1069AAC - Buenos Aires PhilippinesArgentina Phone: + 63 2 5529730Phone: + 54 11 4121 7800 Fax: + 63 2 5529789Fax: + 54 11 4131 7007 e-mail: solutions@teletech.come-mail: solutions@teletech.comBrazil euroPe, middLe eAst, ANd AFricAAv. Maria Coelho Aguiar, 215  Bloco A – 7º andar 81-85 Duncairn GardensSao Paulo, SP, 05805-000 Belfast BT15 2GQBrazil United KingdomPhone: + 55 11 3747 7967 M4 3AQFax: + 55 11 3747 7764 Phone: + 44 28 9057 5000e-mail: e-mail: EMEA@teletech.comcosta ricaZona Franca del Este www.teletech.comSan Gabriel de Calle BlancosSan JoseCosta RicaPhone: + 506 2507 5829Fax: + 506 2223 0081e-mail: solutions@teletech.commexicoPlaza de la Republica num. 43Col. TabacaleraMexico City, Mexico D.F., C.P. 06600MexicoPhone: + 52 55 9140 5337Fax: + 52 55 5566 5300e-mail:©2011 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved.