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Service To Sales

  1. 1. White Paper TeleTech’s Service to Sales Solution: Transforming Call Flow into Cash Flow Because the most significant customer interactions occur in a service environment, rather than during a traditional sales call, it’s essential to capture those crucial one-on-one contacts with your customers in real-time. That’s why TeleTech has developed its Service to Sales Solution – To transform your mostA SERVICE TO SALES SOLUTION common customer contacts into your most profitable.INCREASES REVENUE BY: TeleTech’s Service to Sales Solution, A Formula for Measurable Results:• Highlighting new products People• Promoting available offerings Selecting the right human capital is critical to turning service contacts into sales opportunities.• Recommending additional services TeleTech’s Service to Sales Solution employs an innovative recruitment process designed to recognize candidates who possess the psychological profile most likely to produce successful salespeople – a model that can be applied when drawing from an existing pool of employees or when screening future job applicants. TeleTech recruiters apply this paradigm when interviewing potential candidates - listening for core competencies and previous upselling experience in those who are also skilled in selling themselves. Key attributes of those best suited to sell: • Optimism • Enthusiasm • Conscientiousness • The desire to please • Previous experience in “up-selling” Process In order to thrive, associates need to be placed within systems designed to focus on sales. TeleTech’s Service to Sales Solutions draws upon 29 years of company experience to identify three key principles to create an ideal sales environment. Mindset Promoting the proper approach to transforming service associates into salespeople is first done by overcoming any negative perceptions that may surround the concept of sales. Stereotypes must be directly addressed and diffused by introducing the concept of sales as a team, character, and profit- building exercise that when executed properly benefits all involved. COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER AND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS ©2011 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. - All rights reserved. 1
  2. 2. White Paper TeleTech’s Service to Sales Solution: Transforming Call Flow into Cash Flow TeleTech’s Service Visibility A productive sales environment is exciting and alive. Identifiable goals are closely tracked and clearly to Sales Solution communicated, encouraging both competition and collaboration. With TeleTech Service to Sales Solution, utilizes Coaching, associates can compare personal achievement to targeted objective at any time of the day, week, or month. Management Customer Care Accountability, and Strong sales results are achieved by taking a consultative, customer-oriented approach intended toIncentive Programs to reduce the customer’s effort. This is accomplished by setting clear expectations, asking strategic questions, and highlighting effective features and real-life benefits that will enhance the customer’s quality motivate associates of life. By reducing customer effort, any immediate reluctance to buy is overcome and receptivity is over the long term. increased. Training After positioning the most qualified people in a strategically-conceived environment, TeleTech’s Service to Sales Solution next applies the training crucial to attain and sustain superb sales results. TeleTech training modules are designed not only to teach new-hires necessary skills, but can also be applied to transform an existing workforce from technicians to salespeople. First, associates learn how to better relate with their customers, applying a solutions-based approach to standard customer support calls. In this way, associates learn to analyze problems and identify cross-sell/up-sell/additional revenue opportunities that satisfy the customers’ needs and build your bottom line. Second, associate performance is carefully monitored and managed through the use of daily tracking sheets that measure contact volume, offers extended, and actual sales. A whiteboard posted in a visible location with up-to-date metrics creates a sense of urgency and accountability while allowing both individuals and teams to be immediately recognized for their relative achievements. Third, a “nesting” period is employed immediately following training to further enhance freshly learned skills and cement a long lasting culture focused on teamwork and salesmanship. During this critical incubation period, new service techniques are practiced in dedicated groups under the careful supervision of trainers who are there to shadow each associate’s performance, providing feedback and encouragement. Attaining and Sustaining After undergoing a thorough training period, associates have acquired a strong sales skill set and are entrenched within a sales-based philosophy. The question now becomes how to hone this newly minted enthusiasm in order to produce long-lasting results. Coaching In order to ensure that associates remain dedicated to salesmanship after their original enthusiasm begins to wane, continuous coaching is provided over time, offering each associate the opportunity to benefit from side-by-side, one-on-one instruction as well as a group huddle twice a day. Associates are taught to perceive coaching as a tool for improvement, rather than a punishment, where goals are specific and clearly communicated and top performers praised and rewarded. In this way, constructive criticism and COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER AND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS ©2011 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. - All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. White Paper TeleTech’s Service to Sales Solution: Transforming Call Flow into Cash Flow best practices can be conveyed in a manner productive to both individuals and the team as a whole.TELETECH SERVICE TO SALES Management AccountabilityKEY TRAINING DIFFERENTIATORS Manager buy-in is essential to secure lasting results that continue to improve long after the training• Strong focus on successful sales mindset period ends. For this reason, team leaders and supervisors are extensively coached for an additional five consecutive days after training on effective management and coaching methods. Managers are then• Based on adult learning theory asked to answer not only for the accomplishments of their associates but for their own management skill. Daily, weekly, and monthly, each manager’s performance is reviewed and a specific set of goals and• Interactive, engaging, and fun metrics are analyzed and discussed.• Class examples aligned with specific Incentive Programs scenarios applicable to daily work Constant inspiration is essential to motivate even the most ambitious associates over the long term. Properly incentivizing employees means understanding what motivates them, reinforcing good sales• Teamwork fosters sharing best practices / habits, and rewarding achievement on the spot. Associates and managers are thus both challenged to past experiences among associates achieve results through the implementation of commission plans and creative motivational programs used to drive energy and excitement on the sales floor. Top performers are then rewarded with appreciation• Customer-orientation emphasizes features (Employee of the Month plaques, a simple Thank You) or incentives (compensation packages and and benefits to improve quality of life bonuses, or other non-monetary rewards such as movie tickets, electronics, celebration lunches, and gift cards). Sales contests based on sporting events, popular trends, and reality shows invite associates• Extensive role play enables practice prior to participate in a healthy level of competition based both on personal and group performance, further to live contact integrating the entire team in a spirit of camaraderie while encouraging individuals to aim even higher. Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly games, tournaments, and contests motivate associates to strive over time towards goals that are both immediate and long-term. Technology Additionally, TeleTech’s Service to Sales Solution provides clients with the necessary technology to ensure a seamless end-to-end solution, including the sales tracking tools needed to properly gauge associate performance. Call Clicker – allows associates to track daily sales with fully configurable metrics managed through a simple administrative interface Campaign Synopsis Knowledge Management Site – displays multiple service offers in one convenient place that associates can reference regarding customer service, customer life cycle, and television offers, as well as an “Intuition” newsletter Results TeleTech’s Service to Sales Solution has produced unprecedented results for clients while delivering a top notch service experience to their customers. A recent TeleTech case study reveals the following results: • Increased revenue: 71% onshore and 26% offshore • RPC: $4.65 to $12.50 • Total program revenue increase: 29% • CTS scores improvement: 19% • Conversion Rate: 8% COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER AND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS ©2011 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. - All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. White Paper TeleTech’s Service to Sales Solution: Transforming Call Flow into Cash Flow OFFERS EXTENDED/REP/WEEK Wave 1 Wave 2CONTACT Pre-Training 78.26 27.821.800.TELETECH or Post-Training 128.96 124.2+1.303.397.8100 (outside the U.S.) Improvement 50.7 Improvement % 65% 346% OFFERS ACCEPTED/REP/WEEK Pre-Training 21.12 7.81 Post-Training 84.53 101.74 Improvement 63.41 93.93 Improvement % 300% 1203% PERCENT OFFERS ACCEPTED % Pre-Training 27% 28% Post-Training 66% 82% TeleTech can transform customer care from a cost center to a profit center. Contact TeleTech today. COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER AND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS ©2011 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. - All rights reserved. 4