How to Promote Your Events and Specials Online


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Simple tools on how to manage and promote your business's upcoming events, specials, sales and promotions across the web, on Facebook and Twitter, and on your website to increase attendance and gain new customers

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How to Promote Your Events and Specials Online

  1. 1. Tips & Tools to Promote Your Events, Specials and Sales Online Sean Barkulis – Co-Founder of UPlanMe
  2. 2. Introduction to Online Event PromotionAre you a restaurant, bar, club, clothing store or other small business lookingto promote your events, specials, sales and promotions to drive customers?Presentation Will Address the Following to Drive Customers to Your Event1. Promotion through Social Media a. Facebook Pages b. Twitter Account2. Customer E-mail Lists3. Adding Events to Your Website4. Utilizing Location Based Services5. Inclusion / Promotion on 3rd Party Websites6. Tools to Manage the Above 2 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Social MediaFacebook - a Facebook page for your business is an invaluable tool incommunicating and engaging with customers on events, specials and salesFacebook Pages1. Allows you to create and publish events and share with existing customers2. Post quick status updates that will be seen directly into your customers‟ newsfeedsPros1. Over 1.0 billion people use Facebook on a monthly basis2. Communicate with your customers wherever they areCons1. Facebook limits how many followers will see your updates w/out paid advertising2. You cannot invite followers to eventsPro Tip: Increase Facebook Page fans by including links to your FacebookPage on your website and with in-store signage 3 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Social MediaTwitter - http://www.twitter.comHaving a Twitter account allows you to send short, simple updates to yourcustomers regarding events, specials, sales and promotionsTwitter Accounts1. Twitter is used by social media savvy consumers who will follow you to learn about short 140 character updates from your business2. Your twitter followers can amplify your message by „re-tweeting‟ it to their followersPros1. Great way to communicate simple updates2. Ability to spread your message to potential customersCons1. If your followers are not actively on twitter when you post, they will most likely miss your message2. 140 characters limits the length of your message and what you can conveyPro Tip: Increase Twitter followers by including links to your Twitter on yourwebsite and with in-store signage 4 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Customer E-mail ListsE-mail lists are a great way to convey daily, weekly, or monthly specials andupdates directly into your customers’ inboxesCustomer E-mail Lists1. Acquiring your customers‟ e-mails gives you a direct line of communication to convey your upcoming events and specials2. There are a host of web services like MailChimp which allow you to design effective communications and track your newsletter / e-mail campaigns‟ success ratesPros1. E-mails stay in the customers‟ inbox until they read or delete the message2. E-mails allow you to convey as much content and information as you likeCons1. Open rates and click through rates tend to be low for e-mail campaigns2. It can be difficult to convince customers to share their e-mailPro Tip: Limit the number of e-mails you to send to customers so as to notbecome redundant or ignored 5 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Updating Your WebsiteInclude your events, specials and sales on your website so that existing andpotential customers can find out what you have going onEvents on Your Website1. Potential customers find your website when they are specifically looking for more information about your business (Through Yelp or Google Search)2. Use this chance to notify these potential customers of your upcoming events, specials and salesPros1. Events and specials could convert a potential customer into an actual customer2. Tools, like UPlanMe allow you to embed your upcoming calendar of events directly on your websiteCons1. If your web experience is limited, it can be difficult to continually update your website with your events and specials without the help of an embeddable calendarPro Tip: Make sure your upcoming events and specials are in a noticeableplace on your website. Don’t make it difficult for potential customers to find 6 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Location Based Services (“LBS”)“LBS” applications are mobile services that connect with potential customerswhenever they may be near your storeLocation Based Services1. Location Based Services are mobile applications that provide their users with geo- targeted content, to a highly captive audience2. Applications include: travel info, city guides, networking apps, dating apps, check-in services that are all specific to a person‟s location. Most notably Foursquare and YelpPros1. These services give you the ability to tap into 1,000s of potential customers whenever they may be near your store‟s location2. Users of these applications are near your store and ripe to hear about your events and specialsCons1. There are 1,000s of location based service applications available to potential customers, all focused on a different category; this makes it difficult for you as a business to provide your events, specials and sales to each onePro Tip: LBS applications utilize UPlanMe for their extensive database ofevents and sales. Be sure to add your events to UPlanMe for maximum reach 7 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. Promoting via 3rd Party WebsitesMany local newspapers and city event guides have websites that allow you toinclude your events (some free and some for a fee)3rd Party Websites1. Placing your upcoming events, specials and sales on third-party websites can help spread the word to many potential customersPros1. If you can find websites that allow you to upload your event to their visitors, it is essentially free advertisingCons1. Identifying the right websites and spending the time to promote your events and specials to each website can be extremely tedious and time consuming2. If you have to make a change to your event or special at the last minute, it can be cumbersome to go back and change the details on all of these websitesPro Tip: Reach out to your local newspaper or city guides well in advance ofthe event or promotion date to give ample time for approval and posting 8 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. Tools to Manage Event Promotion Across the WebManaging and promoting your events via social media, customer e-mails, LBSapplications, and websites is simply too much work for the local businessDifficulties with promoting across these various platforms:1. Social Media tends to only focus on existing customers, not potential customers2. The amount of time to manage upcoming events and specials is just too difficult for the small-business owner3. The cost to promote via advertising or to hire a firm to do this for you is too unreasonable for local businesses4. A last minute change or update to the event can be lost across all of these various channelsSolutionUPlanMe has created the first online platform for local businesses to manage and promotetheir upcoming events, daily/weekly specials, happy hours, in-store sales, live music,promotions, etc. across the web through one simple to use interfacePro Tip: With UPlanMe, when you make a change to an event, it automaticallyupdates on your website, Social Media channel and third party websites 9 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. Manage Your EventsSpend your time more efficiently with UPlanMe UPlanMe is your end-to-end events and schedule management solution.  Mass-upload all of your events and specials at one time  View detailed analytics and demographics of attendees  Print RSVP lists  Create and sell tickets 10 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. Promote Your EventsEvents on UPlanMe reach potential customers far and wide Once events, schedules and promotions are uploaded to our system, they reach consumers wherever they might be, whenever they’re ready to engage! They appear as events on They appear to UPlanMe They get picked up They appear on your own your Facebook pages and users in their custom by media sites, websites via our as Tweets to your Twitter calendar and on our blogs, 3rd party embeddable calendar. page. “Discover page” of publishers, LBS upcoming national events. applications to reach 1000‟s of new customers 11 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. The Online Ecosystem for Event PromotionIt all happens here, all in one place!UPlanMe enables brands and businesses to push specials, promotions and eventsacross the web and into customers’ calendars to seamlessly keep them up-to-date. CREATOR CONSUMER INFLUENCER / PUBLISHER 12 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  13. 13. UPlanMe Premium BenefitsIncrease your reach across the web with our Premium PackageGain additional management tools and promotional reach by becoming a PremiumMember for only $15 a month! Gain one new customer and it pays for itself! Embeddable Publish events Events appear Track Events View detailed Mass upload Distribution to calendar for your to Facebook & directly in RSVPs & Included in customer all of your 1000,s of website Twitter customers‟ print guest- weekly emails analytics events all at customers calendars lists to potential once through customers UPlanMe‟s Publisher Network FREE    PREMIUM         13 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. Don’t get left behind!What brands have already hopped on the bandwagon?Many national brands and local businesses are already leveraging their UPlanMecalendars to drive engagement. …And more and more each day! 14 Copyright © UPlanMe, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.