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121108 president obama-m

  1. 1. www.BreakingNewsEnglish.com - The Mini LessonAmerica re-elects President True / FalseBarack Obama a) The election was one of the closest in U.S. x T/ history. T / F8th November, 2012 b) Mitt Romney asked Americans to pray Obama x T/ Americans voted re-ignites. T / F to re-elect c) Most opinion polls predicted Obama would x T/ incumbent win. T / F president Barack Obama on d) The winner needed 270 electoral votes to x T/ Tuesday in one secure victory. T / F of the closest e) Americans ensured dozens of advertisements x T/ contests in U.S. every night. T / F history.President Obama saw off the challenge of f) None of the parties spent a long time on their x T/Republican opponent Mitt Romney, who asked the policies in their ads. T / Fnation to pray for Mr Obama in his goal to re- g) A New York journalist said Obama’s emotional x T/ignite the American economy. It was a nail-biting chemistry helped him. T / Ffinish to what was a long, exhausting, bitter andexpensive election campaign. Pre-election polls h) The journalist said more people believed x T/and TV stations said either man could have won Obama could fix America. T / Fthe presidency. It all depended on several swingstates, the winner of which would secure the 270 Synonym Matchelectoral votes needed to guarantee victory. Oncethe state of Ohio went to the Democrats, Obama 1. incumbent a. rivalknew he had another four years in the White 2 opponent b. guaranteeHouse. 3. nail-biting c. complicatedMany Americans felt relief that the election has 4. depended on d. put up withnow been decided. They had to endure dozens ofnightly advertisements in what was the most 5. secure e. sittingexpensive campaign in history. Most voters 6. endure f. excessivelycomplained that the ads were overly negative and 7. overly g. bulksimply attacked the other side rather thanoutlining policy promises. Despite the poor state 8. faith h. tenseof the American economy, voters once again put 9. complex i. belieftheir faith in Mr Obama. Many believe Obama won 10. majority j. hinged onagainst all the odds. Thomas L Friedman of theNew York Times wrote: "No one can know for surewhat complex emotional chemistry tipped this Discussion – Student Aelection Obamas way…It came down to a majorityof Americans believing that…Obama was trying his a) What springs to mind when you hear thehardest to fix what ails the country." name ‘Barack Obama’?Sources: BBC b) What do you think of Barack Obama? c) Are you happy with the U.S. election result?Writing d) Who did you like better – Obama or Romney? Why?It is the duty of everyone to vote in elections. e) What do you think of America’s democraticThose who don’t should be heavily fined. Discuss. process? f) What do you think of two billion dollars beingChat spent on the election?Talk about these words from the article. g) Do you think trust Obama? h) Where were you and what were you doing Americans / voted / contests / challenge / when you heard Obama had won the opponent / nail-biting / campaign / victory / election? election / complained / negative ads / policy promises / against the odds / majority LOTS MORE at http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/1211/121108-president_obama.html Copyright Sean Banville 2012
  2. 2. www.BreakingNewsEnglish.com - The Mini LessonPhrase Match1. one of the closest a. against all the odds2 Obama saw b. on several swing states3. It was a nail- c. Obamas way4. It all depended d. victory5. guarantee e. of Americans6. the ads were overly f. ails the country7. Many believe Obama won g. contests8. tipped this election h. negative9. It came down to a majority i. off the challenge10. fix what j. biting finishDiscussion – Student B Role Playa) What do you know about Barack Obama? Barack Obama - You are so happy you won theb) Is it right for campaign ads to attack the other election. You know you can make all Americans opponent? richer and make America strong. Think of three things you will do. Remember that all of America’sc) What do you know about Obama’s plans for problems came about because of former president the next four years? George W. Bush. You will help all Americans.d) Why do you think Obama won “against all the An unemployed American - You are fed up with odds”? Obama. Before he came to power you had a job. Youe) Do you think the rest of the world’s view of lost it in the financial collapse. Think of three reasons Obama is different to the average American’s? why you do not want Obama as president. Youf) Is America’s two-party system real believe nothing he says. You think he is nothing but a dreamer. He doesn’t help the working American. democracy?g) What questions would you like to ask Barack A recently arrived Mexican - You are Obama’s Obama? biggest fan. The American dream has come true for you because of Obama. Think of three reasons why.h) What do you think his answers might be? You love Obama because he campaigns for all people – black, white, rich, poor, straight, gay, Christian,Spelling Muslim… You think unemployed people should try harder to find a job.1. cnniubmte president Barack Obama An angry Mitt Romney voter - You hate Barack2. one of the closest ntostesc in U.S. history Obama. He has made America weak in the world. Think of three examples why. His policies have not3. It was a lina-ibignt finish helped America – unemployment is high, prices are4. a long, nsheaxuitg, bitter and expensive election high, government gets in the way of business, etc. You think America will lose its superpower status5. It all dneeedpd on several swing states with four more years under Obama.6. votes needed to gnutereaa victory7. Many Americans felt fleire Speaking after=6 1-pt before=0 What’s most important to you? Rank these and share8. They had to ndeure dozens of nightly your rankings with your partner. Put the best at the top. advertisements Change partners often and share your rankings.9. the ads were yevolr negative • crime • low taxes10. unliongti policy promises • education • environment11. complex emotional icsmerhyt • health care • strong foreign policy • jobs • human rights12. It came down to a oiajymtr after=0 Answers – True FalseAnswers – Synonym Match a T b F c F d T e F f T g F h T 1. e 2. a 3. h 4. j 5. b 6. d 7. f 8. i 9. c 10. g Answers to Phrase Match and Spelling are in the text. LOTS MORE at http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/1211/121108-president_obama.html Copyright Sean Banville 2012