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Chevrolet sonic2



EdVenture Partners hosted the nationwide Chevy Sonic Marketing Challenge, in which my group and I placed third out of 60+ universities.

EdVenture Partners hosted the nationwide Chevy Sonic Marketing Challenge, in which my group and I placed third out of 60+ universities.



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Chevrolet sonic2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. However, after we’ve completed our campaign at UTA, the Sonic will be at the forefront of the minds of each student. Concordantly, Chevrolet will be ushered into acceptance alongside the Sonic. With constant exposure, the target market will realize that the ever-elusive perfect fit is the Sonic.Chevrolet is throwing another hat into the small We will highlight the features the consumers of ourcar ring. The upper-level advertising students of target group have grown to look for in thethe University of Texas at Arlington have been marketplace, emphasize the Sonic’s fuel efficiencychallenged to orchestrate a marketing strategy to and other practicalities.get Generation Y, specifically the UTA community,behind the wheel of this vehicle; to get ourselves What we have created is the Big MAV on Campus, abehind the wheel of the Chevrolet Sonic. school-year-long integrated marketingChallenge accepted. communications campaign that will take UTA’sTo execute this plan, we will implement a strategy Mavericks by the reins and steer them right intodesigned to market to the student body – from the driver’s seat of the all-new 2012 Chevroletwithin the student body. Sonic. The Sonic is fun. It is aggressive. It has theWe learned from our research that the problem attitude of its intended driver. We will transform awith our target market is perception. They perceive Chevrolet Sonic from the automobile it is into oneChevrolet as a brand that is lacking, inferior to its of us. It will become… the Big MAV on Campus.competitors. What’s more, the Chevrolet Sonic isalmost non-existent in the minds of the ones weexpect to buy the vehicle.
  • 2. Projections• 2012 projected small car sales: 665,000 vehicles• Chevrolet Sonic market share goal: 10% of small car market• Chevrolet small cars sales goal: approximately $964,000,000Consumer Expectations• Fuel economy because of high gas prices• Value because of economic downturn• Connectivity because they are millennial• Safety features because they are now standard in small cars and to challenge the unsafe perception of small cars
  • 3. Opportunities • Lowered competition from Honda and Toyota because of the March 2011 earthquake. This gives Chevrolet a solid chance at capturing a decent chunk of market share. • Chevrolet is not consideredStrengths environmentally friendly• Competitive fuel economy • Nissan Versa sales decreased by 15.9• Competitive price percent• Good connectivity features• Good safety features Threats• Best student discount program • Chevrolet is perceived to be inferior in quality.Weaknesses • Chevrolet is not considered environmentally friendly• Most features similar to whats already offered • Chevrolet engineering is not considered the best• Brand/product awareness • Honda sales increased by 11.3 percent
  • 4. Competitive AnalysisPositioning The Chevrolet Sonic needs to be positioned as the safe, fun and connected alternative, which provides high-gas mileage at a reasonable price. Tactics need to address the interactive aspect of advertising, which is essential for millennials. The Sonic has an advantage over the competition because of its high fuel efficiency and great student discount program. The main focus of the campaign should be to differentiate the Sonic from the competition by relating to the target audience and creating brand loyalty. Ways to do that will be addressed in the tactics section.
  • 5. PsychographicsDemographics • Growing immune to most sales pitches,• Ages 18-26 relying instead on peer evaluations and• Sons and daughters of the Baby Boomer positive word of mouth generation • Very high awareness level of advertising• 68-71 million in the United States • Do not want to drive cars they see their• Largest consumer group in the history of parents driving - unlike Baby Boomers U.S. and will be the most lucrative in the • Very tech savvy, family centric, future achievement oriented, team oriented and• Spend between $170 and $190 billion per attention craving year • Addicted to motion, change and constant• 3.5 million Gen Y drivers get their licenses activity each year • Excellent at multitasking, especially with• Very diverse, consisting of 1/3 minorities technology (predominantly African Americans and • Always seeking out new challenges and Hispanics) experiences
  • 6. Chevrolet Sonic Attributes Attractive to Gen Y• Great gas mileage (40 mpg highway)• Ability to customize and tune the car to preference (Wraps, sports packages, ground kits, etc.)• Inexpensive base price point ($14,495)• Tech connectivity (iPod connection, Bluetooth, XM Satellite Radio, MyChevrolet Remote Link)• OnStar service including GPS, hands free calling, roadside assistance, remote door unlock, Google Maps and MapQuest navigation
  • 7. UT Arlington Student Survey• 510 people surveyed• 79% of respondents were 18-26 years old• 61.7% female; 38.3% maleSurvey Results• 73.6% of the respondents didn’t know who made Sonic• Honda, Toyota and Nissan all ranked higher than Chevrolet in overall opinion, quality and engineering, value and cost of operation and environmental friendliness• 91.3% of respondents were unaware of Chevrolet’s college discount program• Among body styles, the four-door Econosize was ranked below Midsize Sedan, SUV/Crossover and two-door Sport Coupe.
  • 8. Chevrolet did not score very well in our sample market Communication Goalssurvey. This means we have a great opportunity that we • Achieve at least 5,000 Twitter followersneed to seize. What better way to sway the misinformedmasses who believe Chevrolet produces an inferior • Achieve at least 5,000 Facebook “likes”product than giving a population of more than 30,000the opportunity to interact with that product for an • Acquire at least 1,000 e-mail addresses for e-entire school year? newsletter and future direct marketingUtilizing the information gathered from our primaryresearch and SWOT analyses, we have arrived at a • Have at least 65% awareness of the campaignstrategy with great potential. We will create a campaign and the Chevrolet Sonic on campusin which students will continuously see, hear about andget to interact with the Chevrolet Sonic, thus putting it at • Have a total event attendance of at least 2,000the forefront of their minds and changing their opinions. people at the end-of-year Sonic eventWe will execute this campaign through interactive andinformational promo booths at large campus eventsthroughout the school year leading up to a large end-of-year Chevrolet event, interactive activities, poster andnewspaper advertising, heavy use of social media and tieit all together with the chance for a student to win aChevrolet Sonic. These tactics will lead to a campus-wideawareness of the Sonic and should highlight itsconnectivity features, design, fuel efficiency and its fun,aggressive personality, thus changing Chevrolet’s and theSonic’s image in the target market’s minds.
  • 9. Big MAV on Campus Campaign This campaign is an integrated marketing communications plan that will span the course of the fall and spring semesters at The University of Texas at Arlington campus to build a general awareness of the Chevrolet Sonic and improve the overall image of Chevrolet among the target market: ages 18-26.It will include:• Chevrolet Sonic “Big MAV” promo car, named after the university’s mascot, the mavericks.• Promo booths with fun, interactive games and activities at popular campus events throughout the school year• A large end-of-year bash, dubbed the Sonic Boom, which will include music, games, interactive activities and a Chevrolet Sonic giveaway• A strong social media presence on Facebook and Twitter• Campus newspaper advertising• Event poster advertising• Student Organizations’ shirt sponsorships• Campus event sponsorship• Free shirt giveaways at promo booths The goal of these tactics is to put the Chevrolet Sonic in the forefront of the target market’s minds and to articulate its attributes to them through the use of the Big MAV on Campus promo events all leading up to the Sonic Boom event.
  • 10. A large incentive, such as winning a car, will get the target market to attend and interact with us at our campaign events.Chevrolet Sonic “Big MAV” Car• Will have a UT Arlington-themed spirit wrap• Will be personified through social media• Will be used for campus-wide interactive activities• Will make appearances at numerous campus events• Will become a “campus celebrity” throughout the course of the school year• Will be given away at the Sonic Boom• Students will have the opportunity to interact with the car at every event that we are at
  • 11. Interactive/Non-Traditional Marketing• Will be used heavily in this campaign; target market responsiveness to this form of marketing is very high.• Twitter will be used to post clues as to the locations of the hidden keys in the scavenger hunts. This will attract students to Big MAV’s social media profiles.• Social Media profiles can also be used to post other Chevrolet-related news and facts and to interact with his fans and followers.• A photo booth inside of Big MAV at campus events will allow students to pile in for a picture that will be uploaded to the Big MAV on Campus Facebook profile. Students can then tag themselves in the picture at our computer on-site, thus displaying the picture, our fan page and the Chevrolet Sonic to that person’s entire friend base.• Event and campus organization shirt sponsorships will Our research shows that the target audience is get thousands of people wearing shirts with our logo, heavily involved with social media and responds helping to build awareness of the campaign and the positively to interactive activities. Chevrolet Sonic.
  • 12. • The incentive of finding a key at the campus events will create buzz around the campus about the campaign and the Chevrolet Sonic; it should also drastically increase event attendanceKey Scavenger Hunts• A Chevrolet Sonic key will be hidden at seven different events throughout the school year; three keys will be hidden at the Sonic Boom• Each of these scavenger hunts requires students to search for a key, which will be hidden somewhere on-site at each event• Hints as to the locations of the keys will be given out via @BigMavOnCampus twitter during the events• The first person to find the key wins it• All key winners (10 total) will then be able to try starting the ignition of the Chevrolet Sonic “Big MAV” car at the Sonic Boom event; the person with the key that starts it wins the Big The key scavenger hunts will be a fun interactive MAV car activity with a huge participation incentive that the target market should respond very well to.
  • 13. Traditional and Direct Marketing• Posters will be posted on campus announcing which events Big MAV and the Chevrolet Sonic Promo booth will be at, as well as posters advertising our campaign and the Sonic Boom event.• We will advertise our appearances and campaign in the campus newspaper, The Shorthorn. Estimated readership is 70% of the university’s 33,000+ students.• Handouts containing information about our campaign will be given out at our promo booth.• E-newsletter will be sent out to subscribers who sign up to receive it at our promo booth. These tactics are a low-cost way of reaching a large portion of the campus community, creating buzz around our campaign and being ever- present in the mind of our target market.
  • 14. • Free “Big MAV on Campus” shirt giveaways; shirts will be given to students who choose to provide their e- mail address for an e-newsletter and future direct marketing efforts or if they “like” or follow our social media profile • Event appearances will be advertised via social networking, posters on campus and campusCampus Events Promo Booth newspaper advertising• Promo booths will be set up at seven different campus • Other event-related games and activities will occur at events throughout the year the booth, involving event attendees• We will work closely with campus organizations • Marketing materials, such as hand-outs, describing hosting the events to obtain booth space at events our campaign and attributes of the Chevrolet Sonic• The booths and any other activities for the campaign will be distributed will be worked by Chevrolet interns to cut costs• Key scavenger hunts will occur at each event; hints will be given out via Big MAV’s Twitter account during the event• Chevrolet Sonic “Big Mav” car will always be present at events• The Chevrolet Sonic will be used as a photo booth by using a dash-mounted camera; photos will be The promo booth will provide campus event uploaded to Facebook on-site where participants can attendees with an opportunity to interact with the tag themselves Chevrolet Sonic and participate in fun activities.
  • 15. The Chevrolet Sonic promo booth and Key Scavenger Hunt activity will be at the following scheduled campus events. Fall Concert • This annual UT Arlington event consistently sells out every year with big name acts such as Rihanna, Maroon 5, B.O.B. and Lupe Fiasco; Approximate attendance is 2,700.Promo Booth Schedule – Fall • An air guitar contest for bragging rights will be held at the promo booth, creating some great photo opportunities for studentsActivities Fair Day• First large event of the school year Annual Sigma Chi Fight Night• Dozens of student organizations set up booths in • Fight Night is an annual amateur boxing the middle of the campus to pass out marketing tournament, featuring UT Arlington students, that materials to thousands of student attendees. benefits the local Boys and Girls Club hosted by the Alpha Chi fraternity.• Information about the campaign will be distributed. • Attendance is approximately 2,000.Oozeball • The Chevrolet Sonic promo booth will host a strength contest using an old school punching• A day-long mud volleyball tournament machine for bragging rights.• This campus tradition attracts approximately 350- 400 students• Oozeball t-shirts, given to all participants, will be sponsored by the Chevrolet Sonic Big MAV on Campus campaign; logo will be clearly visible on shirts
  • 16. Sponsorships• We will sponsor the University’s annual Fall Concert by paying for the venue and all production costs, in return it will be renamed the Chevrolet Fall Concert and our logo will be on all marketing materials as well as signage at the event; average attendance is approximately 2,700• We will also sponsor the annual Sigma Chi Fight Night event by paying for the event t-shirts and any other event costs in return our logo will be on the t-shirts and all marketing materials; average attendance is approximately 2,000 By sponsoring large events like these, the Sonic and Chevrolet’s image among the target market will improve and create buzz about our campaign.
  • 17. The Chevrolet Sonic promo booth and Key Scavenger Hunt activity will be at the following scheduled campus events.Promo Booth Schedule - SpringCollege Park Center Opening/Basketball Game Homecoming Game• This Spring will host the opening of the university’s • Because our school lacks a football team, we brand new $78 million College Park Center, which celebrate our homecoming games with our seats approximately 7,000 people, where the school’s basketball team. The homecoming game is typically basketball team will host its games. the game with the highest attendance of the season.• The Chevrolet Sonic promo booth will host a pre- • Big MAV will participate in the golf cart parade, a game tailgate party in the parking lot; free food will homecoming tradition, prior to the game. be given out • A DDR game will be set up at the booth connected to a large LCD TV that will be resting in the Sonic’sVolleyball Game spacious hatchback storage area, demonstrating its spaciousness and versatility.• Attendance at volleyball games can be anywhere from 500-1,000• We will host a game that is sure to amuse and provide a comedic opportunity; contestants will have to race to air up a volleyball for bragging rights.
  • 18. Sonic Boom• This event will be a large end-of-year bash for the students.• We will reserve the Library Mall on-campus for this event.• DJ/MC will provide music as well as host games and giveaways.• We will grill and serve hotdogs, veggie burgers and hand out water bottles to students.• Big MAV will be available for photo booth pictures.• Sonic Boom t-shirt giveaways• Final key scavenger hunt will occur for the final three keys; hints still given out on Twitter.• All key holders will then get to try starting Big MAV to see who gets to take him home. Free food and the Sonic giveaway as well as the music and cars set up in the middle of campus should attract a large number of students.
  • 19. Sonic Boom Event Logistics
  • 20. IMC / Media Schedule As you can see from this plan, we have strategically created a continuous integrated marketing communications plan to effectively engrain the Chevrolet Sonic into the forefront of the target market’s mind.
  • 21. By using low-cost, high impact methods of marketing that wouldcreate buzz around our campaign, we were able to focus ourbudget on creating a long-term continuous plan that would netthe highest number of impressions possible through interactionwith the target market.
  • 22. •Sales numbers for the Chevrolet Sonic in Arlington, TX and the surrounding area after the campaignEffectiveness of tactics can be measured by: •Number of website hits to the Chevrolet Sonic website from the Arlington, TX area after the•Attendance at events and participation in the campaigngames and activities at the promo booth•Number of page “likes” on Facebook•Number of followers on Twitter•The number of e-newsletter subscribers•A follow-up survey at the beginning of Fall, thenext school year, gauging the success of ourcampaign in instilling an awareness and thepositive attributes of the Chevrolet Sonic
  • 23. •http://ehis.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=12&hid=23&sid=7964bf9e-80e5-44d2-a141-1ddc48a49b97%40sessionmgr15&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=a9h&AN=7207792•http://ehis.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=13&hid=23&sid=7964bf9e-80e5-44d2-a141-1ddc48a49b97%40sessionmgr15&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=a9h&AN=10078768•http://blogs.hbr.org/hbr/nayar/2011/02/letting-gen-y-lead-a-managemen.html•http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/bymodel/2012_Chevrolet_Sonic.shtml•https://www.gmcollegediscount.com/ip-vpp/#tab_regional•http://www.surveymonkey.com/sr.aspx?sm=LPneT3QxPpWVwvPNSmapxmFobyUyNdEE3RQ4aOiTy%2bo%3d (password is A4300)