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What is MyChannl?
- MyChannl is the only market intelligence app that shows you in near-real time all that’s published about your topics of interest (keywords or combination of keywords), within the ecosystem of your choice, selected by level of influence, level of relevance as well as language and geographical location of the sources.

- You can use MyChannl to monitor you brand, detect reputation risk early, identify and engage influencers, track competitors, manage crises and more.

- The app listens for you 24/7 to vast amounts of sources: hundreds of thousands of blogs, twitter feeds, discussion groups, forums, Linkedin, Facebook and more.

- For each client, we manually calibrate the algorithms and smart filters so that the app distills the endless stream of conversations online and shows you, on your smart phone, iPad or computer just what you want to see, with very little duplicate or irrelevant content.

- All you have to do is login, select a feed and scroll to read. No learning curve.

How does it work?
- You tell us what feeds you would like to receive: your combination of topics, keywords, level of influence and relevance of sources for each feed, as well as their language and geographical location of the sources.For example:
“I’d like a custom channel with 3 feeds streaming in near-real time all articles published by sources with high and medium-level influence in the US, about medical malpractice, professional liability, and e-Discovery, and containing the name of at least one of our 10 top competitors.”

- We calibrate the algorithms of the platform according to your request, work with you to optimize the feed, and send you the login information.

- All you do is login, select a feed and scroll to read. No learning curve.

- Each feed delivers to you a customized stream of content, according to your specifications, updated 24/7.

For more information, visit:

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MyChannl presentation JM Bonthous

  1. 1. MyChannl TM Your custom, instant,marketing intelligence appPowered bySeamless Social JM Bonthous
  2. 2. MyChannl TMBenefits• Follow only the most relevant conversations within your community.
• Monitor your brand.
• Detect
  3. 3. MyChannl TMClient request“I’d like a custom channel streaming in near-realtime:• All articles published within the US legalprofession ecosystem• By sources with high and medium-level influence• About medical malpractice, professional liability,ande-Discovery• Containing the name of at least one of our 10 top
  4. 4. MyChannl TMAdvantages (1)• Near-real time stream of all that’s published about:- You- Your brand- Your competitors- Your key topics.
• Your select:- The sources- The media-The level of level or relevance of the content- The level of influence of the sources- The location of the sources
  5. 5. MyChannl TMAdvantages (2)
• Hundreds of thousands of sources:- Blogs- Mainstream media- Twitter- Forums- LinkedIn comments-Facebook comments- Videos- Any source with an RSS feed-Sources without RSS feeds also are possible

  6. 6. MyChannl TMAdvantages (3)• Very low “noise”
• No learning curve: we program it for you,you just login and scroll.
• Available in 12 languages
• Updates automatically, 24/7
• Flexible, affordable pricing
  7. 7. MyChannl TMCompatibility• iPhone• iPad• Blackberry• Android• All desktops• Almost all tablets and smart phones
  8. 8. MyChannl TMNo learning curveWe program the app for you, you just login and scroll
  9. 9. MyChannl TM Your custom, instant, marketing intelligence app Powered bySeamless SocialJean-Marie Bonthous (“JM”) 310 457 0444 ˙© Seamless Social, 2012