JM Bonthous & Seamless Social: Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing


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This presentation by JM Bonthous of Seamless Social outlines the fundamentals of inbound marketing, what it requires and what its weaknesses are in comparison to outbound marketing. Visit
Seamless Social created and distributes the market intelligence MyChannl. Visit

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JM Bonthous & Seamless Social: Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing or The 7 Rules Outbound of Facebook Marketing Marketing?Innovation in Marketing EffectivenessJM Bonthous © Seamless Social
  2. 2. Prospect & customeropportunity identificationKeywords Content marketing Lead generation Inbound marketing Jean-Marie (“JM”) Marketing automation Bonthous, PhD CEOSocial marketing for Innovation in Marketing @seamlessocial Effectiveness MyChannl Your Custom, instant, Market Intelligence App
  3. 3. Outbound Inbound marketing marketing 1• Marketer actively searches • Marketer makes it easy forfor new leads Facebookbrand leads to find• Marketers disrupts • Marketer builds optimization theiraudience to attract their audience, nurturesattention interest.• Marketer uses display • Marketer createsads, emails, tradeshow, etc.. compelling, contagious content to attract and convert leads into sales via search and social channels. © Seamless Social
  4. 4. Why• Little financial risk inbound• 93% of buying cycles start with marketingsearch online 1• If you show up high in search results, ? you get high brand awareness Facebook• By informing and educating prospects before optimization they think about making a purchase, you buildtrust and increase likelihood they will chooseyou later. © Seamless Social
  5. 5. Why inbound• Inbound marketing creates marketingcontent assets.• You can repurpose these assets 1 ? Facebook• Their value cumulates over time optimization © Seamless Social
  6. 6. Inbound marketing processFormulate Create Manage 1 social media strategy content presence Facebook optimization Manageonline SEO Engage Build and influencers Blogconversion assets © Seamless Social
  7. 7. Discipline Inbound• Pick one theme each month. marketing• Create each month 1 major pieceand 3 minor pieces around this 1theme. Facebook• Publish 3 thought leadership blog optimizationposts each week.• Post daily social media updates.• Spend time analyzing the results. © Seamless Social
  8. 8. Weaknesses Inbound• Difficult to target specific marketing’saudiences. weaknesses• Inbound does not compel people 1to action, it waits for them. Facebook• No capitalization on inertia. optimization• No push for people to becomecustomers.• Automation required for editorialcalendars and analytic reports © Seamless Social
  9. 9. Prospect & customer opportunity identification Contactus Contact us Keywords Content marketing for a free for a free Lead generation consultation consultation Inbound marketing Marketing automation Social marketing for events connect@seamlesssocial.comInnovation in Marketing Effectiveness @seamlessocialMyChannlYour Custom, instant, Market www.seamlesssocial.comIntelligence App © Seamless Social