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  • Who is this band? - Creedence Clearwater Revival Frankston Intranet and Social Media Concept, Thinking The Project What We Came Up With Day to Day Operation Lessons Learnt Future Plans
  • So, an new intranet Collect requirements - interviewed 10 cross section staff - look at report – main outcomes wanted To find stuff easily Better lay out Keep simple, uncluttered Phone list – info & photos up to date, maintain by staff Policies / forms etc Rebrand Social Networking tools Traditional forms, policies, people – wanted something more innovative Why not Yammer Yammer mainly social tool Don’t want Intranet and Yammer - try and combine into one tool Wanted ways to help do work & be social Break down silos – sense of community – less corporate Reduce dreaded All Staff emails Replace monthly internal newsletter to staff – more everyday, up to date Original concept was to be like Facebook – Social Media – Seen as too radical so came to happy medium – part corporate, part social, part fun At same time, introduce SM access for all
  • This was not our project team thinking about the new intranet - Anyone know who this is – you’ll really be showing your age - Gladys Knight and the Pips
  • Work with Seamless - initially Alex and then Narelle Project team – IT / Media Comms (main stakeholder, will own site), HR (culture change, assist with policy changes) / Secondary – savvy stakeholders to review milestones HR dept at the time were worried about SM and interactive intranet staff changing photos / interactive message board Threatened by SM and interactive intranet - no different to emails Legal advice Be clear about guidelines / policies So we reviewed SM policy, IT policy and Code of Conduct before go live – which we did Ensure employees know where they stand – what they can / can’t do Approach – went to managers etc – most OK – if people use SM or misuse interactive intranet – likely they poor performing employees, so will find another way etc Communications plan – very important (change management)
  • Our old intranet
  • Picture of Marvin Gaye – some of you must have heard of him So what did Gladys Knight, Creedence and Marvin Gaye have in common – they all heard it through the …………….. Grapevine………….
  • What we came up with – The Grapevine Had competition for name – came up with Grapevine (heard it or read it) New IA – grapes Worked out by experience – no card sorting Based on grapes - mention concept of winery for top IA – cellar door sales, wine tasting - considered too CRYPTIC for Council Workers - although it was tempting – alcohol inappropriate Features include… Home Page Describe home page (go over on a slide) and bits of others (other slides) – split up stuff Rotating feature Quick links / portal Internal jobs Weather DISCLAIMER AT FOOTER – very important Other features such as…..
  • Your Profile Your profile your photo in / out status & message go to page to change your details, upload your own photo
  • Message Board / Latest News Latest news – corporate (W/F) , Message board – social / work (no W/F) Both allow comments and comments on comments
  • My Contacts
  • Links to official FCC Facebook and Twitter pages Access to Social Media for all staff (Facebook, Twitter) – YouTube to selected only because of streaming media internal bandwdith restrictions
  • DAY TO DAY OPERATION….. Popular Pages Most popular hits besides home page – staff phone list, - THEN message board (which is 5 times more than traditional of still forms, HR info, policies/guidelines, how to, internal jobs ) Message Board Self moderated – no w/f – media comms keep any eye on it Number of daily entries consistent - but can vary from 2 to 12, depending on day, what is happening, who is in office etc – lots of entries get over 100 hits Popular items - Separated at Birth, Congratulations (Luke – AFL Grand Final umpire), What’s Your Favourite Restaurant, Update org chart / major staff announcements Special offers (including free), Dog / Goat needing new homes etc Comments popular – for Separated at Birth, congratulations (Luke), What’s Your Favourite Restaurant Couple of Issues – Separated at Birth – lots of fun – issue of staff giving permission to have their current or other photo – blown out of proportion – all staff members to be consulted beforehand Recipes – spate of them, so person spoken to In / Out office Not widely used All staff emails Original purpose Some still do it – lazy, seen as above the law Quite word to them You’ll never totally eliminate them
  • Separated At Birth
  • Luke
  • Phone list photos Start with corporate, people can change About 20% changed photo (out of 770) About 35% have no photo (so silhouette) - our Privacy co-ordinator ruled that you cannot force people to do this Several entries not of staff, so removed – examples included cartoon characters, Hollywood horror characters, footy club logos, pictures of pets (without person), hammock on tropical beach – HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES Some inappropriate – too revealing attire, people in party mode with bottles of alcohol Phone list One box to search on all fields did not work – had to have just first / last, with advanced search that did not work – mark, marketing / ian, compliance etc Integrate with AD / Payroll (explain what that is) – did not work for all fields because no timely update of fields – too hard to change processes, getting managers, coord and HR to be timely is no good, payroll only concerned with people pay not staff dir - up to 2 weeks delay
  • Rick Rolled
  • Provide clear & concise guidelines for Social Media and interactive Intranet – WE HAD DISCLAIMER AND CHEATSHEET – interactive intranet & Social Media access went well – people know where they stood, HR fears allayed Good Change management practices - better awareness particularly phone list search changes Monitor activity of Message Board, Phone List photos, other interactive stuff, take corrective action Trying to change organisational processes for integration – check current processes in advance - allow plenty of time, ensure that you thoroughly do research Don’t try please everyone – always someone who complains especially in org of over 50 diff types of business / people
  • Integrate phone list with VOIP Staff survey to scope further changes Integrate with EDMS – not likely with the EDMS we use – not forthcoming Upload videos from SmartPhones to Grapevine – include teams doing things instead of home pages CEO Podcasts Complete long term SM Strategy, Staff SM Toolkit – we have done policy based on MAV guidelines Complete internal communications plan – may affect Grapevine
  • Seamless conference Frankston intranet and social media

    1. 1. Concept, Thinking Collected Requirements More than Forms, Policies People Yammer considered Break Down Silos, Community Eliminate All Staff emails Replace Internal Staff Newsletter Introduce Facebook concept Give Social Media Access To All
    2. 2. The Project Researched Requirements Seamless were involved Project Team set up HR – Not like Change, Social Media features. Managers were consulted Communications Plan formulated
    3. 3. Your Profile
    4. 4. Message Board Latest News
    5. 5. My Contacts
    6. 6. Staff Movements
    7. 7. Social Media
    8. 8. Day to Day Operation Popular – Phone List, Message Board In / Out not widely used All Staff Emails reduced, could be more
    9. 9. Day to Day Operation Interesting Phone List Photos
    10. 10. Don’t Forget To Provide clear & concise guidelines Change Management important Need to Monitor Activity Check Organisational Processes early and thoroughly Can’t Please Everyone
    11. 11. Future Plans Integrate Phone List with VoIP? Conduct Staff Survey Integrate EDMS – unlikely Videos of teams from Smart Phones CEO Podcasts Complete SM Strategy, Toolkit, Internal Comms Plan
    12. 12. • Thank You• Any Questions?