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Glad tidings newsletter_8_part_4

  1. 1. GLAD TIDINGS Issue: 08NEWS FROM THEWEST COASTBy Colin BrownNational Co-ordinatorNORM STEVENS& BILL ROSSRECEIVE AWARDSAlbany’s Norm Stevens and Geraldton’s Bill Ross have bothreceived much deserved honours in recent times.Norm, Albany’s popular ship visitor was on Australia Dayawarded the Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizen Award.Norm’s long and selfless ministry to seafarers visiting day andnight the port of Albany was appropriately acknowledged. Norm StevensNorm’s wife Jane and greatest fan and supporter, was quickto spread the news of Norm’s accolade. Jane herself has beena great friend of the seafarer and backbone of the Albanycommittee for many years.On the same day, on the same coastline but one thousandkilometres north Geraldton’s chaplain Bill Ross received anotherremarkable honour, namely the Order of Australia. The WestAustralian newspaper said of the award…”Revd Ross washonoured for his service to the Anglican church and to thecommunity of Port Hedland, while his wife Jocelyn was awardedfor her service to the community, and for her teaching of childrenwith impaired hearing. Both are perhaps even better known fortheir work with the Mission to Seafarers.”We raise our glasses to Norm, Bill and Jocelyn for their dedicationto the needs of others, and so spectacularly typifying the Australianspirit and the Christian life. Revd Bill Ross OAM
  2. 2. GLAD TIDINGS Issue: 08DAMPIER’S CHAPLAINRUNS ANOTHER SHIPVISITING COURSE INPORT HEDLANDIan McGilvray has kindly run another ship visiting course in PortHedland. Participating in the course were Alan and Maria Mowerwho have recently moved from Sydney to Hedland to manage theseafarers’ centre. Alan also acts as chaplain at the centre. We hopethat they found Ian’s course of great value and wish them well in thenew venture.Port Hedland’s environment, isolation and rapidly expanding port Dampier’s Ian McGilvrayinfrastructure presents a number of challenges that we that pray Alanand Maria will enjoy tackling. In Dampier’s latest monthly report it was observed that the strength ofOver the past two years Ian has conducted four ship visiting courses the Australian dollar is affecting the seafarers’ salaries and spendingand the MtS family is so much richer for Ian’s willingness to share his capacity when on Aussie soil. Kiwi Jim Pether has suggested that wevast seafaring and ministry knowledge. should redirect them to NZ but we do not think that it is allowed.ESPERANCE’S Fred at Esperance PortWARM WELCOMEIn April it was necessary for the National Coordinator to visit ourBunbury and Fremantle centres so it was inevitable that an invitationto “come down to Esperance” was made by centre manager FredLochowicz. After all Esperance is only a 700 kilometre drive fromFremantle just down the road!Unfortunately Revd Frank was visiting family in Canada but Fred wasthere welcoming with open arms. It was a great chance to catch upwith Fred on the local news- how busy the centre had been this year,the search for more volunteers and meeting the changing needs of thecrews visiting Esperance.It was touching to meet a local beekeeper who dropped into the However, perhaps the most challenging aspect of the visit wascentre with several dozen jars of delicious honey during the visit. Fred listening to Fred’s Bob Dylan-like harmonica playing late at nightgives the honey to particular crew who swear by its nutritional and after we had shared a warm calorie-packed pizza and cool beer.healing powers. That’s one caring MtS manager. Mercifully not a seafarer or bee was in sight (or hearing range).
  3. 3. GLAD TIDINGS Issue: 08BUNBURY COMMISSIONSA NEW CHAPLAINAt the invitation of Bishop Allan Ewing the National Coordinatorvisited Bunbury in April. The visit was short but productive. BishopAllan has a very good knowledge of the joys and challenges of aministry to seafarers, and is a great supporter of our work at BunburyPort. Both Tim and Rose Hopwood were in fine form and arrangedan information night for volunteers to meet Col and listen to hispresentation on the need to be ready for the MLC, and share somegood news stories from around our Australian centres.Present was Archdeacon Joe Hocking- another great supporter ofthe mission, and the Revd Graeme Weaver who has recently beencommissioned as chaplain to the centre and port of Bunbury. Tim, Brig & visiting crew to BunburyGraeme is thoroughly enjoying his work, particularly the ship visitingside of things and should be a big hit with visiting crews. He wasformerly with the Australian Defence Forces. Graeme looks forward tomeeting everyone at the national conference.FREMANTLE MTS -A TRUE FLYING ANGELWe all know that life at sea can be crueland dangerous, and none more than thestaff at our Fremantle Flying Angel club.Recently on one single day Dennis, Annand Michael were attempting to cope witha series of incidents involving seafarersincluding, one who had been rushed tohospital with acute appendicitis, anotherwho had just had 100 stitches sewn in hisscalp following an onboard accident witha jigsaw and another in a coma in Perthhospital after being medically evacuated,suffering a stroke, from a general cargovessel motoring for the northern hemisphere.The first two mentioned have thankfullyrecovered but the stroke victim did not.Dennis and Michael (with the crucial support
  4. 4. GLAD TIDINGS Issue: 08of the ITF) moved heaven and earth to get the dying seafarers’ wife We pray for Ricardo and his family and that a planned investigationCynthia and eldest son Ricardo from the Philippines to his bedside into Ricardo’s death will bring about justice and some peace for hisbefore he died. It was only due to Dennis’ midnight pick up of the at Perth airport and his car dash into Perth hospital’s intensivecare unit that the wife and son had a few precious hours at his And to finish on a happier note we have included a photo of thebedside to say ‘good bye’ to Ricardo before he passed away just seafarer almost scalped by a jigsaw recovery from his ordeal withbefore daybreak. some R & R at a nearby nature park in Perth.The grieving wife and son (also a seafarer) stayed at the Club for Better to grapple with a koala than an electric saw so say the goodsome days and were comforted and assisted in a number of ways, people at MtSby Dennis, Ann, Michael and the staff.