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Glad tidings newsletter_12_part_c

  1. 1. 21 GLAD TIDINGS No. 12 PART C In this edition: • Bunbury commissioning • Port Giles – from blue to green • Sydney move complete • Fremantle’s visitor from the Solomons • Christmas in Geraldton • Townsville conference update BUNBURY COMMISSIONING A hearty congratulations to the image below including- from • Worrying trend in Bunbury MTS manager John left to right- Katherine Weaver, Fr Piracy Smyth and chaplain Graeme Graeme Weaver, Sara Weaver, Weaver on being officially Bp Allan, John Smyth, Bianca • BBC focus on MTS’ appointed to their respective Rogers & Kate Smyth. John Work ministries late last year. brings to the role his many skills Bunbury’s bishop Allan Ewing, a and experience in • Bishops’ conference in strong supporter of the management, welfare service WA seafarers’ centre led the service and pastoral outreach, and will that welcomed both John and prove a great blessing to MTS Graeme into the MTS family. A Bunbury. number of those present are in PORT GILES - FROM BLUE TO GREEN It is easy to forget that seafarers some fruit was met with great with a bit of shore leave on land joy - a radical change from crave to experience the very endless weeks at sea simple things that most of us do surrounded by blue and grey and take for granted. For water and the smell of salt. A example, a recent excursion, simple kindness and an organized by Jeff and June interesting local experience can Harrison, for some seafarers often rejuvenate the spirits of a visiting Port Giles to visit local fatigued and homesick crew. gardens and the chance to smell some flowers and pick GLAD TIDINGS February, 2013 No. 12 Part C
  2. 2. 21 SYDNEY MOVE COMPLETE G After almost six months of not the Revd Ian Porter with the having a centre from which ministry are Revd Tae Kim, to operate, Sydney MTS has Revd George Gayagay, finally moved into its new Revd Un Hui Tay, Mr Jong premises on Sydney Harbour Nam Jo, Mrs Gabrielle located at 24 Hickson Road, Burcher and Capt Jack Millers Point. The new Starmans (CA). Please telephone number is +61 2 update your records 924 13009 and email is accordingly. Assisting . FREMANTLE’S VISITOR FROM THE SOLOMONS Our Fremantle and Albany Cross - he has a strong heart centres were delighted to for those who work at sea. In have Deacon Luke Foai Luke’s words, “I have a vision spend time with them prior to to build a centre in the Christmas. Luke as part of the Solomons in order to care for Anglican Board of Mission’s the welfare and lives of Encounter programme seafarers…seeing that we do travelled from Honiara to not now have a centre for gain exposure and them”. experience in the work of the Our people at the Fremantle Mission to Seafarers in Flying Angel have assured Australia. Luke’s dedication, Luke of their prayers and willingness to help and strong practical support in the years pastoral priorities were very to come, to ensure Luke’s welcomed by our ministry vision becomes reality- for teams. Luke has completed the benefit of the many hard the certified ships captain working seafarers on the course from the Maritime Pacific Ocean. Thanks Luke College in the Solomons. As a for sharing with us your former captain of the inspirational passion & Church’s vessel, the Southern commitment. Good fortune. Page 2 GLAD TIDINGS February 2013 No. 12 Part C
  3. 3. CHRISTMAS IN GERALDTON Bill Ross has kindly sent some God’s love in a practical photographs of Geraldton way. The seafarers expressed centre’s exciting Christmas their appreciation of being day celebrations with crews thought of in this way, to the visiting Geraldton port. Some extent that one captain 168 gift bags were distributed making a special visit to to the crews of eight ships in present us with a photo of his port over the Christmas crew.” period. Bill reports that, “For Bill is nearly ready to intrepidly us at the centre, it was a climb the gangways again delight to see the faces of following his recent the seafarers receiving their successful operation. gifts, and be able to share TOWNSVILLE CONFERENCE UPDATE Please note that our the world’s 1.2 million Townsville biennial seafarers will begin to conference will be held from improve. the 19-22 August. The timing Graham Miller recently sent of the conference has been out to all centres attractive chosen so that the MTS family and detailed brochures will all be together the day concerning the conference. the Maritime Labour Included in the package was Convention 2006 (called the the conference registration ‘Seafarers’ Bill of Rights’) form. This needs returning to finally becomes international Graham by 7 June 2013. law; a cause for spirited Please mark the date in your celebration and gratitude, in diaries. It should be a most the hope that the working enjoyable and memorable2 conditions and well being of gathering in the tropics. Page 3 GLAD TIDINGS February 2013 No. 12 Part C
  4. 4. WORRYING TREND IN PIRACY For a number of years the largest oil producer has seen majority of pirate attacks on 62 attacks in the last 12 hapless seafarers crewing the months. The attacked vessels world’s biggest ships have were all carrying oil or gas. been in the waters off Somali. Alarmingly, pirates in West At this time as many as 191 Africa have been more crew from 14 merchant willing to use greater vessels and fishing boats are violence than their Somali still being hostage. In the last counterparts, as their income 6 months incidents of piracy is made by selling the cargo in the Gulf of Aden and the on the black market rather Somali basin have than from ransoming crew decreased due to the members. increased use of armed The Seamen’s Church guards on ships, international Institute of New York has naval patrols, and seasonal produced some excellent bad weather. However, the materials on assisting new hot spot for attacks is chaplains deal with crews West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea. suffering post piracy/hostage The Gulf which includes trauma. Visit waters off Nigeria, Africa’s http://www.seamenschurch. orgPage 4 GLAD TIDINGS February 2013 No. 12 Part C
  5. 5. BBC FOCUS IN ON MTS’ WORK MTS Australia has been February and March, when invited to assist in the under the gaze of the production of a popular camera, Bishop Chris Jones prime time BBC television will meet with Colin to programme called “A Parish welcome him to Australia, at Sea” which follows the life then transport the chaplain and work of chaplains in with crew from the unique settings. The MTS (UK) “Balmoral” to an MTS centre has appointed Revd Colin Still for some hospitality and who has considerable refreshment. Just how much experience of chaplaincy on of our participation ends up cruise ships to minister to the in the final programme to be passengers and crew of the aired in the UK is anyone’s “Balmoral” currently sailing guess. But fingers crossed; the high seas. The BBC is and at last we might be able onboard filming Colin’s to shake off the rather interaction with passengers deflating tag that “we are and crew on the journey. The the invisible ministry to “Balmoral” will visit Hobart, invisible people”. Sydney and Brisbane over BISHOPS’ CONFERENCE IN WA In March, the Australian over 8-12 March, at bishops will be meeting in Shoalwater (Rockingham) on WA. MTS chairperson Chris the shores of the Indian Jones will be attending, and Ocean- a vast expanse of presenting to the conference water but to us, seen as a report on the work of our simply one of MTS’ “parishes” organisation in recent times. as we pray and care for, Fremantle’s Flying Angel “Those that go down to the vehicles will also be providing sea in ships, who work in the a free shuttle service to help great waters” (Psalm 107:23). the conference participants move around, including collections and returns to the EDITOR airport. We pray for Chris in Colin Brown his role as chairperson of MTS Executive Officer and for the success of the Australian Council of the Mission to Seafarers Incorporated conference itself to be held 5 GLAD TIDINGS February 2013 No. 12 Part C