Glad Tidings Newsletter 9 Part 4


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Glad Tidings Newsletter 9 Part 4

  1. 1. GLAD TIDINGS No. 9 PART D Featured in Part D: • Chaplain Jed with royalty on Jed in background far Melbourne’s waters right. • Newcastle’s ship visiting course enjoyed by all • Pilbara MTS centres cop Cyclone Heidi • Bunbury blesses pilot’sChaplain Jed with royalty on Melbourne’s waters boatDuring the visit of Princess Mary and stories with Princess Mary who also • MTS Esperance’sPrince Frederick of Denmark to grew up in a region there that Jed was intriguing link withAustralia they were asked to launch a very familiar with. StonehengeSvitzer tug the “Marysville” atDocklands, Melbourne. MTS chaplainJed Crispin accompanied the royal • Jack Tomes is honoredvisitors on board the vessel to lead by HRH the Princessthose gathered in a blessing of the Royalvessel.Jed who spent many years in Tasmaniawas able to share a number of happyNewcastle’s ship visiting course enjoyed by allNewcastle chaplain Garry Doddrecently hosted a ship visiting welfarecourse for his volunteers at Newcastle.John Kewa travelled from Port Kemblato run the two day course that wasenthusiastically received by all.John also ran I similar course for thepeople supporting our new mission atPort Giles, SA, late last year. Sometwenty locals attended the coursehosted by Thomas Karama at StBenedict’s, Minlaton. All passed thecourse although they still await arrivalof their certificates from London.Further ship visiting welfare courses areplanned for Gladstone, Bunbury andEden later this year. For details of theBunbury course contact Ian McGilvray Newcastle’s ship visitors course participants(Dampier) and the editor for the others.
  2. 2. Pilbara MTS centres cop Cyclone Heidi As this newsletter is being written berthed ships and another 21 at news has broken that cyclone Heidi anchorage into safer waters further has just hit Port Hedland with a out to sea. vengeance. It is anticipated that We pray that no lives will be lost and the predicted 150 km/h gale force that the Pilbara towns at risk will winds, torrential rains and emerge unscathed. Our thoughts dangerous storm tides will also are especially with our MTS impact on the ports of Dampier and seafarers’ centres in Port Hedland Cape Lambert. and Dampier. May you all be safe Hedland Port Authority has closed and sound. the Port and moved some 8 Bunbury blesses pilot’s boat Tim Hopwood reports a healthy in the background (in blue) assisting increase in the number of ships Father Graeme Weaver in a visiting Bunbury and would like more blessing ceremony of the new Pilot volunteers to help share the load. vessel to work the Bunbury waters The image left shows Tim standing MTS Esperance’s intriguing link with Stonehenge Not far from the MTS centre in Esperance is a most unusual tourist site. An Esperance family has meticulously constructed, on their acreage, an exact replica of the famed Stonehenge- the 3000 BC prehistoric monument in the UK. Fred Lockowicz, the centre’s manager and ship visitor often takes visiting crews out to the site for a jaw dropping experience. Fred says that the centre is plenty busy with an increased number of seafarers, and is very grateful for Frank’s support and the long voluntary hours he is putting in at the centre. Fred added that he had a marvelous time at the Tasmanian conference catching up with so many others. As we all we know beautiful Esperance is a very long way from any other of our centres. Jack Tomes is honoured by HRH The Princess Royal It was during the conference dinner congratulations and appreciation in Launceston that Hobart’s Jack from the President of MTS, HRH Tomes received a special surprise. In Princess Royal. Only those serving recognition of Jack’s world record for over 60 years are afforded this 75 years of voluntary service to the honour. It was Tom’s supreme Hobart mission, our Secretary pleasure to play the messenger on General presented Jack and Kath this grand occasion for Jack and with a personal letter of Kath.Page 2 GLAD TIDINGS No. 9 part D 2012