Glad Tidings Newsletter no. 10 part 3


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Glad Tidings Newsletter no. 10 part 3

  1. 1. 21 GLAD TIDINGS No. 10 PART C In this edition: • Maritime Labour Convention Update • Geelong’s plan to visit Manila / SeaChurch Dennis Claughton at the ILO • Brisbane and Captain Dave Maritime Labour Convention Update • Geraldton’s Bill Ross Australia became the twenty will be one of the remaining reflects second nation to ratify the three nations to ratify on behalf Maritime Labour Convention at of the one quarter of a million • Sydney is on the move a ceremony at the International Filipino seafarers that work the Labour Organisation last world’s oceans. Once thirty December. Since then another nations actually ratify, all nations five nations have ratified with of the world will be bound by Poland being the latest. Only the Convention whether they another three are needed ratified or not. which is expected to happen We are planning more before Christmas, so it is almost workshop/information sessions certain that the long awaited for MTS personnel to attend Convention will come into force once the Convention achieves in 2013. It is hoped that from a full ratification and we will keep moral perspective the all updated on this. government of the Philippines Geelong’s plans to visit Manila / SeaChurch abour Convention Update Noah Park plans to return to from seafarers to loved ones in Manila later this year with some faraway countries. Volunteer of his dedicated volunteers to Harry Webb gives an added renew acquaintances with joyful dimension to the videos as seafarers they have befriended he enters wholeheartedly into during visits to Geelong. Noah is making the seafarers welcome delighted with the popularity of to Geelong and joins them in his Sea Church ministry and song and good cheer. The continues to upload to YouTube camera loves you Harry but you many wonderful and poignant need to do a bit more work on messages and cheerio calls those Russian ballads! GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part C
  2. 2. 21 Brisbane and Captain Dave Capt Dave Ellis who is chair of threat of piracy to the world’s the MTS Brisbane and appointed seafarers and shipping industry. at our last national conference Dave’s wife Marilyn volunteers to the Australian Council is a at the Brisbane centre and is an busy man. Dave’s real job is integral part of operations Manager of Operations & there. Marilyn well knows what Research - Office of the it is like to have a loved one at Inspector of Transport Security sea for long periods of time. So reportable to the Minister for most appropriately when Infrastructure & Transport, and Marilyn issues directions under with it comes an extremely the MTS Brisbane flag, Dave heavy responsibility (as you heads straight in that direction would expect with a title that without question! long). The role of the Office is to We are very fortunate to have inquire into, when directed by such a dedicated team giving the Minister, a major transport or so much of their time and talent offshore security incident or a to our ministry in Brisbane port. pattern of incidents that point to a systemic failure or possible weakness of aviation or maritime transport security systems in order to strengthen the nation’s transport security. Those at our Tasmanian conference will recall Dave’s excellent presentations on the Geraldton’s Bill Ross Reflects Bill Ross reports that he is still working hard at opportunities for conversation with trying to raise funding for the much needed seafarers while they are in the Centre.” renovations to Geraldton’s seafarers Bill’s words are so true, and challenges us to centre. Bill has moved mountains over the be more creative in the ways we try and last year or so but is finding the going slow communicate with our visitors so that we do and hard at present. not lose the all important pastoral It was interesting to read in Bill’s last report dimension to our work. (who is a very experienced and popular seafarers chaplain) that, “ The seafarers are always appreciative of the service we provide, pleasant to talk with and complimentary about our city. Their primary interest is to contact home, more and more on the internet rather than the phone, and check emails and websites. This is a wonderful facility for them, and considerably eases the pain of their separation from home. The other side of the coin is that their concentration on a computer screen has reduced the Page 2 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part C
  3. 3. Sydney is on the Move The Revd Ian Porter tells us that Sydney MTS ministry will go from the last few months have been strength to strength in the new busier than usual for the good premises. As always the caring folk at the Flying Angel Sydney. Trustees of the Sydney Bethel The chaplains and staff our Union have been a tower of preparing to relocate the centre strength and support in guiding from the historic Sussex Street us through this historic building to their new and well transformation. A big thank you appointed Union Street Pyrmont goes out to them. building on Sydney Harbour. As Ian hopes that they should be Ian points out the smaller new settled in to the Pyrmont building premises will require some hard by mid to late August. decisions on which items, We look forward to him sending memorabilia and archival some photos of the brand new records go and which stay, but facility (full of smiling seafarers). the one thing we know for certain is that the dedicatedPage 3 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part C