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COnstruction Solutions International Company Brochure

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Csi Presentation

  1. 1. Construction olutions International A Bailey Enterprises Company Industrial Marine Demolition and Earthwork/Concrete Marine Construction and Aggregates Diving Underground Pipelines Shorebase Services Concrete and Steel Demolition Hazardous Materials Offshore Vessel Support Concrete Recycling Handling Civil/Structural Geotechnical Sampling Aggregate Sales and Engineering Hauling
  2. 2. Construction Solutions International Our Facility In Business Since 1984 Licensed in: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana Our Equipment Industrial Demolition and Aggregates Marine
  3. 3. Construction Solutions Intl. Safety Related Training All Employees Specific Employees Pre-Employment, Annual and Random Drug and Alcohol Screening 40 Hour Hazardous Material Handling 10 Hour OSHA Course on Construction Confined Space Entry Attendant and Safety and Health Standby Rescue Fire Safety Means of Egress Certified Divers and Dive Master Personal Protective Equipment Respiratory Protection / H2S and Fit Testing Hazard Communication Lockout/Tagout and Electrical Safety Confined Space Entry Excavation Safety CPR and First Aid Fall Protection and Scaffolding Fork Truck Safety Hearing Conservation / Working in Cold Conditions Facility / Plant Specific Orientations
  4. 4. Construction Solutions Intl. Earthwork/Concrete
  5. 5. Construction Solutions Intl. Underground Pipelines
  6. 6. Construction Solutions Intl. Marine Services Marine Construction Commercial Diving and Salvage Shore Base Services Offshore Support Services
  7. 7. Construction Solutions Intl. Shorebase Services A One Stop Location for Shore Base Services Dispatching Shipping and Receiving Indoor and Outdoor Storage Materials Transportation Offshore Vessel Support On-Site Parking and Taxi On-Site Steel Fab and Repairs
  8. 8. Construction Solutions Intl. Marine Construction Equipment 120’ Deck Barge w/ 50T Crane and 50’ Work Boat Spud Barges from 120’ to 20’ 3D View of Inspection Area. Two Plan View of Anomalies were Sighted. Diver Inspection Area with Inspection Verified the Objects 53’ Crew Boat/Survey Vessel Buoy Placement as Crab Traps with Submerged Indicated in Yellow Buoys. Both were Removed from Site.
  9. 9. Construction Solutions Intl. Recent Marine Salvage Salvage Recovery of the Tug Boat “Marla K” in the Mobile Bay Salvage Recovery of 354 Recreational Vessels following Hurricane Ivan
  10. 10. Construction Solutions Intl. Recent Marine Salvage Drilling Mud Tank Recovery for Halliburton in the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Canal
  11. 11. Construction Solutions Intl. Recent Marine Construction Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline Install Piling and Turbidity Curtain at the Pascagoula Exit Point, Design and Install 2,300 linear foot coffer wall system at Coden Exit Point, Provide full time maintenance crew for turbidity curtain and coffer wall, Rake pipeline route prior to line installation, Provide diving services on 24 hour schedule for five months.
  12. 12. Construction Solutions Intl. Recent Marine Construction Installation of a New 82 Ton Diffuser in the Mobile River for Dupont Caisson Extraction in Mobile Bay for ExxonMobil
  13. 13. Construction Solutions Intl. Recent Marine Construction Gaillard Island Outfall Weir Replacement
  14. 14. Construction Solutions Intl. Recent Marine Construction Offshore Platform Surveys and Repairs Following Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina
  15. 15. Construction Solutions Intl. Recent Marine Construction Sailboat Bay Engineering, Permitting and Construction Services to Repair the Center Island and Mitigate Future Erosion
  16. 16. Construction Solutions Intl. Recent Marine Construction Sailboat Bay Over 3,500 linear feet of new boardwalk New Tie-Back System Installed with Manta Ray Earth Anchors
  17. 17. Construction Solutions Intl. Recent Marine Construction Palafox Pier and Yacht Harbor Marina
  18. 18. Gaillard Island Recycled Concrete Revetment Protection Alabama State Port Authority S Construction olutions Intl. A Bailey Enterprises Company
  19. 19. Construction Solutions Intl. Recent Marine Demolition Demolition and Removal of the Hathaway Bridge Truss Section across the Intracoastal Waterway in Panama City, FL.
  20. 20. Construction Solutions Intl. Diving Services Diffuser Modifications and Salvage Recovery Work in Navigable Waterways Celanese Chemicals Alabama State Docks Turkey Point Nuclear Environmental Treatment Coal Storage Settling Plant Digester Basin Reactor Vessel
  21. 21. Construction Solutions Intl. Certified Inspections, Repairs and Reporting
  22. 22. Construction Solutions Intl. Vibro-core Geotechnical Sampling Port of Pascagoula for EA Engineering Gulf of Mexico for Pope Engineering
  23. 23. Construction Solutions Intl. Concrete and Steel Demolition
  24. 24. Construction Solutions Intl. Crushed Concrete Aggregates Small or Large Your Sizes Made to Order