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Seabee eCourier Dec. 20, 2012

  1. 1. 52 No. 30 Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport, Mississippi December 20, 2012CS1 McClendon NCBC Culinary Specialists earn 65announced Master Food, Beverage CertificationsNCBC Sailor of By CECN Lucina L. Moise NCBC Public Affairsthe YearBy MCC (SCW/SW/AW) Twenty Culinary Specialists (CSs) earned a total of 65 FoodRyan G. Wilber and Beverage Certifications duringNCBC Public Affairs the first Master Certified Food and Naval Construction Battalion Beverage Director SymposiumCenter (NCBC) Gulfport recently (MCFBDS) held at the Colmerannounced Culinary Specialist 1st Dining Facility on board NavalClass (SW/AW) Kenneth McClen- CS1 (SW/AW) Kenneth Construction Battalion Centerdon, Jr., Colmer Dining Facility, McClendon (NCBC) Gulfport, Dec. 3 - 12.Leading Culinary Specialist (CS), Chief Petty Officer billet, and he MCFBDS is a classroom basedas their 2012 Sailor of the Year. was performing at a high level. He training that covers culinary The Sailor of the Year program was also able to keep the galley terminology and math. It is ac-was established in 1972, by then- maintained at a 5-star level over credited by organizations such asChief of Naval Operations Adm. the last couple years. Those types the Global Food Service InstituteElmo Zumwalt and then-Master of things are qualities you find in and National Restaurant Associa-Chief Petty Officer of the Navy a Chief Petty Officer,” said Dukes. tion. Ed Manley, instructor for E.H. Manley and Associates,John Whittet, to recognize an indi- Having someone from your divi- Retired Lt. Cmdr. Edward Manley, teaches a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Pointsvidual Sailor who best represented sion often will encourage and mo- director of EHS Manley and Asso- (HACCP) class to Culinary Specialists (CS) assigned to NCBCthe ever-growing group of dedi- tivate junior Sailors to perform to ciates, has been facilitating MSF- Gulfport, Colmer Dining Facility, on board NCBC Gulfport,cated professional Sailors at each the best of their ability, being en- BDS since 2003. Manley has Dec. 4. HAACP is one of the nine professional certificationscommand and ultimately the couraged by seeing one of their presented MCFBDS to more than offered during the first Master Certified Food and BeverageNavy. When the program began, leaders recognized. Dukes said 4,000 students worldwide, of Director Symposium (MCFBDS) held at the Colmer Diningonly the Atlantic and Pacific Fleet that is especially true for the CSs which approximately 90 percent Facility. The CSs earned a total of 65 food and beverage cer-Sailors were recognized. Within 10 stationed on a Seabee base. were military members, and tifications. (U.S. Navy photo by Construction Mechanic 3rd Classyears, the Sailor of the Year pro- “With his selection, for them awarded 9,000 certifications. Katchen Tofil/Released)gram was expanded to include the [coworkers] they were very happy According to Manley, MCFBDS canshore establishment and Navy Re- that a culinary specialist got se- be very beneficial during a CSs each of the eight classes offered, The eight-day class was offeredserve Sailors. lected for the CBC Sailor of the Navy career and in their personal and is the first person in Missis- to 20 first and second class petty Master Chief Culinary Specialist Year. That says a lot. That says lives. sippi to become a Master Certified officer Culinary Specialists.Calvin Dukes, Colmer Dining Facil- the CS’s are a big part of what’s “MCFBDS provides Sailors with Food and Beverage Director Amongst those who attended wasity leading chief petty officer and going on at this command, and information they can use on the (MCFBD). Mckeown said he really Culinary Specialist 1st Classacting NCBC command master they were very happy about that job. It prepares them for promo- enjoyed the class and believes Michael Luzunaris, assigned tochief, said it was McClendon’s when they heard about it.” tions outside the Navy and ad- earning the title of MCFBD will be NCBC. Luzunarius believes the fivelevel of responsibility, along with Shortly after his selection, Mc- vancement in the Navy. Some extremely beneficial to his career. accreditations he earned will im-his command and community in- Clendon finished his tour of duty material covered in the MCFBDS is “The training was very informa- prove his job capabilities.volvement that made him the with NCBC Gulfport and trans- on the advancement exams up to tive and interesting. The knowl- “It’s a good accomplishment toright choice for SOY. ferred to Naval Mobile Construc- E-6,” said Manley edge I gained from MCFBD will make. It means you are well- “When I checked in back in July tion Battalion (NMCB) 11, where Culinary Specialist 1st Class help me when I go up for chief rounded in food service andI realized he’s filling a billet as a he will join the CSs in S-4 Depart- David Mckeown, assigned to and in the civilian sector when I makes you more marketable in allLeading CS, which is definitely a ment. NCBC, received certifications in retire,” said Mckeown. divisions,” said Luzunarius.
  2. 2. of fleet-wide interest. The sec- Navy launches Skipper’s Log new Navy POD ond is a list of upcoming dates and deadlines from the Navy Leader Planning Guide. The Happy Holidays announcements From Defense Media final section is devoted to "This Date in Navy History" notes. "We realize Sailors at sea are By Capt. Rick Burgess doing other volunteer proj- Activity - Navy ects while deployed. That is incredibly busy carrying out CO NCBC/Cmdr 20th SRG Navy leaders launched Navy their daily responsibilities and the real spirit of giving. When “Oh, the weather outside is Plan of the Day announce- may not have time to actively people truly give of them- frightful…” ments, a new resource on the seek out this critical informa- selves – their time and their Though we are enjoying Navys flagship web page, tion for their Navy career," ex- hard work – for the benefit of sunny and mild days here in, Dec. 19. plained Kirby. "This initiative others, they themselves reap Gulfport lately – not exactly The initiative is intended to will help put that critical infor- the benefits tenfold in their frightful -- a glance at the get current, relevant informa- mation in the hands of Chiefs hearts. calendar and the decorations tion to deckplate Sailors so to present to their Sailors at Right here at home, our festooning local stores do in- they can be proactive in man- morning quarters throughout folks are taking the time to deed tell us that the year is aging their careers. the fleet." volunteer and help where drawing to a close. The holi- "We have to keep finding Coordinators will update the they can. Volunteer opportu- days are here! The holiday new and better ways to make online version as they receive nities abound this time of season carries great meaning sure our people are fully aware input. In addition to maintain- Capt. Rick Burgess year. Whether it is building a for many of us. It’s a time to of Navy policies and programs ing the Web page, people can wheelchair ramp, helping gather with family and that affect their careers and sign up for a weekly e-mail construct a homeless shelter friends, a time to celebrate families. This initiative that includes POD information As we and most of our fel- or gathering and donating holy days, and a time to launches a new page on for the coming week at low Americans celebrate the toys, our base personnel are count our blessings. It may called Navy Plan of This will holidays here, our service doing remarkable things to also be a poignant time for the Day (POD) announce- make the information available members stand watch around help others. The Seabee some, especially for those ments, dedicated to giving Ex- for Sailors at sea who may the world so our fellow citi- “Can Do” spirit is especially who are far from their loved ecutive Officers good material have difficulty accessing the zens have the freedom to cel- appreciated at this time of ones. Celebrating the holi- to choose from when putting internet. The weekly e-mail ebrate. I consider it a great year! days with your Seabee de- together their POD," said Rear will also include the full text of blessing that we have so I wish you all a very happy ployed is no fun – phone Adm. John Kirby, Navy Chief of stories associated with POD many men and women who holiday season. Thank you calls, Skype and Facetime Information. notes in order to ensure local are willing to serve our na- for your service to our coun- just aren’t the same as hav- The POD announcements commands are synchronizing tion. In choosing to defend try and for your work in mak- ing your loved one there in page is divided into three sec- their communication efforts our country and its way of ing NCBC Gulfport a great the living room, laughing and tions. The first includes specific with the same messages used life, they and their families place to live and to work. opening presents. Nonethe- POD notes on issues that are in local PODs. make great sacrifices. Know Enjoy your time off – safely, less, I hope that our de- December 20, 2012 that those sacrifices are rec- please! – and look out for ployed Seabees and their Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline Information ognized and appreciated. each other over the break. families can find a way to feel Due to limited IG resources throughout the Southeast Region, A few of our folks are even We need each of you back close even though the geo- all Fraud, Waste and Abuse hotline work will now be handled going above and beyond by next year. Merry Christmas graphic distance may be by the Region. To report Fraud, Waste and Abuse, contact the helping orphanages and and Happy New Year to all! great. Region at: Toll Free 1-877-657-9851 Comm: 904-542-4979 DSN 942-4979 FAX: 904- 542-5587, E-mail: CNRSE_HOT- Follow NCBC on Facebook and Twitter NCBC/20SRG 25 NCR NMCB SEVENTY FOUR Commanding Officer Commander Commanding Officer Capt. Rick Burgess Capt. Darius Banaji Cmdr. David McAlister Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer MCC (SW/AW) Scott Boyle The Seabee Courier is a weekly author- chaser, user or patron. If a violation or Rob Mims Lt.j.g. John ParizekSeabee Courier ized on-line publication for members of rejection of this equal opportunity pol- Editor Mass Comm. Specialist the military services and their families. icy by an advertiser is confirmed, the NMCB ONE Bonnie L. McGerr MC2 Ryan Williams Content does not necessarily reflect the publisher shall refuse to print advertis- Commanding Officer Mass Comm. Specialist Cmdr. Chad M. Brooks official views of the U.S. Government, ing from that source until the violation MCC (SCW/SW/AW) NMCB ONE THIRTY THREE the DoD or the U.S. Navy and does not is corrected. The Seabee Courier solic- Public Affairs Officer imply endorsement thereof. The ap- its news contributions from military and Ryan G. Wilber Lt. Brian Gates Commanding Officer pearance of advertising in this newspa- civilian sources, but the Public Affairs Special Contributors Mass Comm. Specialist Cmdr. Nicolas D. Yamodis per, including inserts or supplements, staff reserves the right to edit and/or CM3 (SCW) Katchen Tofil MC1 (AW/NAC) Aron Taylor Public Affairs Officer does not constitute endorsement by rewrite material selected for publication CECN Lucinda Moise Special Contributor MC1(SW/AW) Steven Myers the U. S. Government, DoD, the Navy to conform with journalism standards. CE1(SCW) Joshua Thonnissen or NCBC Gulfport of the products and The deadline for material is close of 22 NCR NCTC GULFPORT services advertised. All content in this business every Friday. Your comments NMCB ELEVEN newspaper shall be made available for are always welcome. The Seabee Commander Commanding Officer Commanding Officer purchase, use or patronage without re- Courier office is in Building 1, Room Capt. Darius Banaji Cmdr. Maria Aguayo Cmdr. Scott Anderson gard to race, color, religion, gender, na- 205. The mailing address is 4902 Mar- Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer Lt.j.g. Brian Myers Public Affairs Officer tional origin, age, marital status, vin Shields Blvd., Code 15, Gulfport, MS Vacant Mass Comm. Specialist Lt. J. Johnson physical handicap, political affiliation or 39501. Phone: 228-871-3662., E-mail: 2 MC1(AW) Jonathan Carmichael any other non-merit factor of the pur-
  3. 3. Buzz on Around the Street By CECN Lucinda Moise NCBC Public Affairs the “What is your favorite holiday tradition?” Center Volunteers for Inspector-Instructor (I&I), 3rd Platoon, A com- pany, 4th Assault Amphibian Battalion (AABN) sort through more than 10,000 toys collected for the Marine “Toys for Tots” campaign at Naval Operation Support Center (NOSC) on board NCBC Gulfport Dec. 17. Toys for Tots is receiving donations until Dec. 22. Drop off boxes are located throughout Harrison, Han- cock and Stone Counties, at the Keesler Air Force Base Ex- change, and on NCBC Gulfport at the Navy Exchange and Navy Federal Credit Union. (U.S. Navy photo by Construction Electrician “Playing football with my Constructionman Lucinda L. Moise/Released) cousins on Christmas Eve.” Kirk Kelly Liberty Center Hometown: Tchula, Miss. Capt. Rick Burgess, left, commanding officer, NCBC Gulfport and com- mander, 20th SRG, presents Cmdr. Brian Nottingham, NCBC Gulfport public works officer, a Department of the Navy (DoN) 2012 Energy and Water Management Gold Level of Achievement award. The award is given for excellent achievement in energy and water man-December 20, 2012 agement, successful use of energy and water efficient equipment and significant energy awareness. Gold level is the second tier of three in the DoN Energy Program. Also, pictured from the right are: Phillip “Going home and spending Soria and Lester Hagerdon, both NCBC Gulfport building energy time with my family and hav- managers, and Gene Baker, NCBC Gulfport utilities and energy man- ing time to relax.” agement (UEM) commodity manager. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ryan G. Wilber/Released) BUCN Cassandra Null NCBC Hometown: Deer Park, OhioSeabee Courier Subcontractors from Air Masters working with DCD Construction out of Ocean Springs, excavate drainage lines using an excavator and dump truck on board NCBC Gulfport, Dec. 11. Excavating the drainage ditch will allow for better water flow during heavy weather, and help prevent flooding. (U.S. Navy photo by Builder Constructionman Whitney J. Snider/Released) “Preparing the holiday feast.” CM3 Eric Williams NCBC Hometown: Louisville, Ky. 3
  4. 4. Sailors give back to the community through reserve police service By MCC (SCW/SW/AW) Ryan G. Wilber NCBC Public Affairs Sailors attached to Naval Con- struction Battalion (NMCB) Gulf- port and 20th Seabee Readiness Staff Sgt. Marvin Perez-Diaz, of I&I, 3rd Platoon, A company, 4th AABN Group (SRG) have found a way and volunteers Desirae (left) Abby (center), and Van Syckel (right) to give back to the community sort out toys donated to the Toys for Tots campaigns at the Naval Op- through volunteer service in the erations Support Center (NOSC) on board Naval Construction Battalion Gulfport Police Department Re- Center (NCBC), Dec. 17. Drop off boxes are located throughout the serves. coast, as well as Keesler Air Force Base BX and at the NCBC Gulfport Reserve police officers attend a Navy Exchange and the Navy Federal Credit Union. (U.S. Navy photo by 4-month Reserve Academy, Construction Electrician Constructionman Lucinda L. Moise/Released) training for four hours on week- day evenings and eight hours on NCBC Marines continue legacy Saturdays, and work alongside full-time police officers and at of service with Toys for Tots community events. They receive Lt. Phillip Kincaid (center), reserve officer-in-charge for the Gulf- By CECN Lucinda L. Moise stationed near Reserve Centers no pay for their service. port Police Department, pauses for a photo with members of the NCBC Public Affairs have gotten involved in Toys for Each person has their own rea- reserve police force attached to NCBC Gulfport and 20th SRG, and Tots as well. Gunnery Sgt. sons for volunteering. Some retired military full-time officers at the Pass Road Gate Seabee To bring joy into the lives of less Christopher Clee has been a part may be following in the foot- Dec. 14. Reserve police officers attend a 4-month Reserve Acad- fortunate children, Marines as- of Toys for Tots for the last five steps of family and friends, such emy and work alongside full-time police officers and at commu- signed to Inspector-Instructor years. as Electronics Technician 3rd nity events, but receive no pay for their volunteer service. (U.S. (I&I), 3rd Platoon, A company, “I volunteer to give back to the Class Brenden Sharp, 20th SRG, Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ryan G. Wilber/Re- 4th Assault Amphibian Battalion community, especially to the chil- and Master-at-Arms 1st Class leased) (AABN) on board Naval Construc- dren,” said Clee. Rodolfo Gallardo III, NCBC Se- tion Battalion Center (NCBC) Gulf- For some Marines, Toys for Tots curity Department, while some table, especially coming from force is also beneficial for the port are partnering with the has been a family tradition. LanceDecember 20, 2012 are working toward a profes- the Navy. They have so much military members command. Salvation Army Toys for Tots cam- Cpl. Jonhtan Kirkman has been sional goal. One thing they all experience . . . Vieques, Gallardo said he feels that the paign. Donations are being ac- participating in Toys for Tots since have in common, however, is Afghanistan, Iraq, detention fa- experience has helped him build cepted through Dec. 22. he was a child. the desire to serve the commu- cilities in Cuba. We learn as more leadership, character and Toys for Tots was created by Re- “My dad was a Marine and I re- nity through law enforcement. much from them as they learn professionalism that he can use tired Marine Col. William Hen- member as far back as five, going from us. They are a very valu- on active duty. Sharp agreed. dricks in 1947. Since then, Marine with my dad to collect toys for “I’ve always had an interest in Corps Reserve units across the Toys for Tots,” said Kirkman. criminal justice, and when I get able asset,” said Chaix. “They “You learn how to have more nation have conducted Toys for This year’s goal of collecting out of the military I want to do don’t leave that “Can Do” atti- confidence in yourself, you learn Tots campaigns in their communi- 8,000 toys from the area has something in forensics, so I fig- tude on base. They take it with how to become a better leader, ties. Marines collect new, un- been exceeded with more than ured this was a good way to them out there. They don’t and I am able to pass that on to wrapped toys during October, 10,000 toys collected to date. give back to the community and leave their core values on base. a lot of the younger guys in my November and December each Time is running out though - to do something that is in my in- When they come out these shop,” said Sharp. year and distribute those toys as there are only two days remaining terest,” said Martin. “I feel as if I gates, they take their core val- Martin said she has fun serving Christmas gifts. To date, Marines for this year’s drive. Monetary do- still have a lot to give back,” ues with them, and that really as a reserve officer and feels like have distributed more than 452 nations are also appreciated.Seabee Courier added Retired Equipment Opera- helps us out a lot.” there is a good camaraderie in million toys to more than 209 mil- To make a monetary donation, tor 1st Class Karsteen Kris- According to Lt. Phillip Kincaid, the department. She said that lion needy children for Toys for or for more information on Toys tensen. Gulfport Police Department, re- she encourages anyone who Tots since its inception. for Tots, visit http://gulfport- George Chaix, Gulfport Police serve officer-in-charge, there wants to serve the community Recently, active duty Marines Department, Support Bureau are currently eight military and have fun doing it to join. deputy commander, said he feels that the military members serv- members of 25 reserve officers serving in the Gulfport Police For more information about the Gulfport Reserve contact Kincaid Toys for Tots deadline Saturday ing as reserve officers really add Department. He said he likes at 228-868-5900 extension Donations of new, unwrapped toys for needy value to the police force, and military members as reserve of- 6189, or visit http://www.gulf- children are being accepted through Dec. 22 at the Navy core values of honor, ficers for their dependability, re- drop off boxes located throughout Harrison, courage and commitment easily liability and commitment to the ment.html to fill out an Hancock and Stones Counties, as well as Keesler translate to policing. job. application. Air Force Base Exchange, and Naval Construction Battalion 4 “The reserves bring a lot to the Being a part of the reserve Center (NCBC) Navy Exchange and Navy Federal Credit Union.
  5. 5. 20th SRG R-75 instructors propose new crew-served weapons training By MCC (SCW/SW/AW) ing tool, because we will be Ryan G. Wilber able to run less classes and NCBC Public Affairs train more people in the end. I Instructors assigned to 20th think it’s going to be a good Seabee Readiness Group course when it comes online,” (SRG), R-75, went out to said Doan. Camp Shelby, Miss. for a crew- “It would give the battalion served weapons qualification the ability to leverage their course Dec. 12-15 as part of a personnel, and versatility in proposed Seabee Machine the organization itself,” added Gunner course they are devel- Chief Builder Troy Ratliff, 20th oping. SRG, R-75 crew-served Crew-served weapons are an weapons course manager. important part of a battalion’s While developing the course, plan of defense, but histori- the instructors are including cally a Seabee only receives optics and scopes in the train- training on one weapon at a ing, which are currently avail- time through separate 5-day able for use in the battalion, courses. Seabees also may but some Seabees may not be not receive training on all familiar with the equipment three weapons systems in the that could make their duties as table of allowances - the M-2 a machine gunner easier and and M-240B automatic ma- more efficient. chine guns and the MK-19 au- “Anytime you have equip- tomatic grenade launcher, ment that is there for your during a homeport training availability and utilization, why cycle. Marine Capt. Learlin Instructors assigned to 20th Seabee Readiness Group (SRG), R-75, qualify on M-2 .50 not use it if it makes the job Lejeune, 20th SRG military caliber automatic machine guns during a Crew-Served Weapons Qualification Course easier? If you have the tech- training officer, and his team of at Camp Shelby, Miss., Dec. 13 as part of a proposed Seabee Machine Gunner course nology and resources available instructors are working on they are developing. The course is designed to streamline crew-served weapons train- to you, why not use them? changing that through the de- ing that would graduate a Seabee Machine Gunner trained on all three weapons sys- But, in order to use them you velopment of a new course de- tems in the battalion table of allowances, the M-2 and M-240B automatic machine have to know what the capa-December 20, 2012 signed to streamline the guns and the MK-19 automatic grenade launcher. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Commu- bilities and functions of the training and create a more nication Specialist/Released) thing are,” said Ratliff. versatile Seabee machine gun- After becoming fully qualified ner. chine gunner,” said Lejeune. Currently the R-75 instructors Class Earl Doan, 20th SRG, R- to teach the Seabee Machine “In a way to make more flexi- “What we are proposing in this are qualifying on all three 75 .50 caliber block leader, Gunner course and finalizing bility for the NMCB (Naval Mo- course is a two week time pe- weapon systems themselves in said he believes there are sell- course details, the instructors bile Construction Battalion) we riod, and we will give back to a train the trainer-type course ing points for both the 20th will present a formal proposal had an idea of just combining the battalion a Seabee who is of instruction, while also final- SRG and the NMCB, namely through the proper channels all three weapons systems and qualified and competent on all izing the course details for time and cost savings. and teach the course to a pilot turning around a Seabee ma- three crew-served weapons.” their proposal. Builder 1st “I think it will be a cost sav- group of battalion Seabees. Underwater Construction Team (UCT) ONE is GULF COAST USO searching for highly motivated Seabees and CECSeabee Courier Officers looking for a career and lifestyle change. 901 CBC 3rd St., Building 114 228-575-5224 Join an ELITE force and travel as a small, pro- FREE Services: United Through Reading fessional team. Execute specialized construc- Fax - Send/Receive: Program tion, diving and demolition skills with the latest 228-575-5225 Computers with web cams and greatest technology and equipment. Copies Internet and Email Access Snacks/Drinks X-Box Contact UCT CCC/Diver recruiting team @ (757) 462-3988/4313 or Email Office hours: YNC Aberle at; SW1 Dohse at Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. or visit for more information. Saturday, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. (Closed Sunday) 5
  6. 6. NMCB 74 works to finish Utilitiesman Constructionman Angelean Floyd, a native of Philadelphia, and Utilitiesman projects on Diego Garcia 3rd Class Daniel Martin, a na- tive of Suffolk, Va., members of Naval Mobile Construction Bat- talion (NMCB) 133, Task Force Anchor, prepare to raise a his- toric battalion flag above the camp in remembrance of Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7. NMCB 133 is currently deployed to Afghanistan provide engineer- ing support under the 411th En- gineer Brigade, Joint Task Force Empire, to coalition forces, the Afghanistan National Army, and the local population. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Spe- cialist 1st Class Steven Myers/Re- leased) Historic battalion flag flown in tribute to Pearl Harbor By MC1 Steven Meyers before Utilitiesman 3rd Class above Camp Morrell in Kuwait NMCB 133 Public Affairs Daniel Martin, Hospital Corps- during Operation Iraqi Free- Five Seabees from Naval Mo- man 3rd Class Andrew De- dom; Davisville and Saddam bile Construction Battalion camp, Builder Construction- Canal in Iraq during Operation (NMCB) 133, Task Force An- man Wesley Howard and Utili- Enduring Freedom; and above Builder Constructionman Robert Cox, assigned to Naval chor, raised and lowered a his- tiesman Constructionman An- Camp Krutke on the Navys Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74, installs toric battalion flag above gelean Floyd raised it. 237th birthday, Oct. 13. wooden fascia around the edge of the recently com-December 20, 2012 Camp Krutke, Dec. 7, in re- "Its an honor to fly this flag NMCB 133 is currently de- pleted metal roof of a contractor living unit for per- membrance of the 71st an- to represent NMCB 133 and ployed to Afghanistan to sup- sonnel supporting operations on Naval Support Facility niversary of Pearl Harbor. the Seabee battalions here in port engineering operations Diego Garcia. NMCB 74 is operating forward deployed Chief Hospital Corpsman Afghanistan," said Noviello. under the 411th Engineer throughout the U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) sup- Nicholas Noviello, the current The flag, previously on dis- Brigade, Joint Task Force Em- porting National Security Strategy by building lasting custodian of the relic, gave a play at the Seabee museum in pire, for coalition forces, the relationships with host nations, paving the way for brief explanation of the his- the battalions homeport of Afghan National Army, and the future partnerships. (U.S. Navy photo by Construction Elec- toric significance of the flag Gulfport, Miss., had flown local population. trician Robert Lee/Released) LADD . . . NCBC Security Reminder: To prevent both Leaders Against Drunk DrivingSeabee Courier personal and governmental property theft, LADD is a program sponsored by the ~ LADD will take individual home only, no NCBC/20th First Class Association. The mis- stops. sion of LADD is to prevent drunk driving on ~ Volunteers who stand the watch are on NCBC Security would like to remind you to board NCBC Gulfport by providing rides for call 24/7. any service member who needs assistance It is always important to have a plan in place remember to secure vehicles, personal getting home after an outing that involves when going out in town, but if your plans fall alcohol. through, please call LADD and we will pick ~ LADD is strictly confidential. NO you up! compartments, work spaces, compounds, REPRISAL! 100 percent confidential, zero reprisal! and buildings. Don’t be a target! Call 228-239-9007 6
  7. 7. Left: Builder 3rd Class Brian Whelan, of Naval Mobile Construc- tion Battalion (NMCB) 74, Detail Sasebo, shares Seabee con- struction concepts with members of The Far East Council of Boy Scouts, Troop 76, as part of a job site tour enabling the Boy Scouts to earn their Engineering Merit badges. Above: Builder 2nd Class David Drean, of NMCB 74, Detail Sasebo, presents de- sign drawings to members of The Far East Council of Boy Scouts, Troop 76 at Fleet Activities Sasebo Japan. (U.S. Navy photos by Equipment Operator 3rd Class Craig Enjian/Released)NMCB 74 Seabees show the Boy Scoutshow they ‘Can Do’ ConstructionBy BU3 Brian Whelan shop drawings, and construction activ- things like writing and history, but Fire Control Chief Eric Holewinski,NMCB 74 Public Affairs ity schedules, and then moving out on math and sciences are the foundation troop leader and father, said the Scouts The Seabees of Naval Mobile Con- the job-site to see the formwork that to engineering.” “get to do a lot of hands on learningstruction Battalion (NMCB) 74, Detail was being set in place and the various Once on the job site, Builder 3rd here in Sasebo. We’ve done overnightsSasebo, Japan, enjoyed an opportunity tools the Seabees have at their dis- Class Brian Whelan explained the ne- on some of the ships out here andto meet with local Boy Scout Troop 76 posal. The Seabees stressed the im- cessity of building strong formwork to now, actually getting onto a construc- December 20, 2012of the Far East Council of Boy Scouts portance of working as a team as support pressure while placing wet tion site, they see first-hand the workwho came to visit the construction site Builder 2nd Class David Drean spoke concrete and described how important that goes on.”of a future Navy ship repair storage fa- about how each person’s construction terms such as level, plum, flush and When asked what they learned oncility where the Seabees are currently specialty contributes to a step in the square are to the work the Seabees do. their visit, a young Boy Scout re-constructing the building foundation. process. Whelan also discussed how important sponded that “a ‘wacky packer’ makesThe Boy Scouts enjoyed learning about All Seabees receive basic training in the use of proper protective equipment the ground hard so buildings won’tthe U.S. Navy Seabees and had the op- project planning, estimating of materi- is on the job, as even the expertly tilt or sink.” In the eyes of theportunity to tour the site and ask ques- als and how to read project plans. trained Seabees can get hurt on the Seabees of NMCB 74, these scoutstions about what they learned. The When questioned by a young Scout job. The suspecting Boy Scouts have earned their engineering meritday’s activities provided the Boy Scouts about what classes were most impor- doubted the presence of steel in the opportunity to earn their engineer- tant to become an engineer, Ensign boots worn by the Seabees, so Whelan Seabees of NMCB 74 are forward de-ing merit badge. Nick Sweet, the Detail Sasebo Officer provided proof with the tap of his ham- ployed throughout the United States The Scouts, ranging in age from eight In Charge stated that, “you need to be mer on his toe, to the surprise of the Pacific Command Area of Operationsto 15, took turns looking at blueprints, well rounded in all areas including Scouts. supporting Navy and Joint Forces. Seabee Courier Think you’re tough . . . enough to play RUGBY? “Rugby is a game for BARBARIANS that is played by GENTLEMEN” blue-collar workers and doctors, 18 year-olds to 40 year-old men.The newly formed Mississippi Gulf Coast Rugby Club is recruiting We are diverse and strong. If you think you have what it takes,players, coaches and fans for the 2013 season right now. We aren’t come out and see for yourself. Practice is held at Popps Ferry Fieldslooking for wanna-be tough guys, people who are out of shape or on Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. Bring a friend, if you think theypeople who don’t have time to dedicate three days a week. Once can hang. For more information, visit Mississippi Gulf Coast Men’syou learn how to play, this sport will supersede your love of any Rugby Football Club at,other. Our games last 80 minutes, split into 40 minute halves, and or call Joey atdemand a high level of endurance, strength and teamwork. The 228-243-2673, Billy at 440-251-4411, Doug at 228-493-6191team is comprised of military and civilians, officers and enlisted, or email, 7
  8. 8. December 20, 2012 Colmer Dining Facility Christmas Dinner Menu Salads Entrees Sides Desserts Boiled Shrimp Oven Roasted Turkey Mashed Potatoes Assorted Pies Corn Bread Dressing Assorted Cakes Seabee Salad Bar Baked Ham Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes Seabee Courier Potato Salad Cheese Cake Prime Rib Peas and Carrots Ice Cream Bar Green Bean Casserole Soup Giblet/Turkey Gravy Egg Nog Broccoli and Cheese Soup Au Jus, Cranberry Sauce Hot RollsColmer Dining Facility will be serving Brunch and Dinner Dec. 25. Brunch will be served from 8 - 10 a.m. Prices: E-1 to E-4and dependents, $4.50; E5 and above and dependents, $5.20. Dinner will be served from 1 - 3:30 p.m. Prices: E-1 to E-4 anddependents, $6.40; E5 and above and dependents, $7.50. Both meals are open to all DOD, Retirees and Civilians 8
  9. 9. Fo c u s o n E d u c a t i o n Healthy resolutionLINN Practicum: Helping children ideas for childrenthrive in good and challenging times From StatePoint Media, Inc. If eating healthier and getting empty calories or artificial sweet- eners. Milk and water are the best more exercise tops your New drink choices for your child. Offer Year’s resolution list, consider ex- whole milk or 2 percent milk to tending these worthwhile goals to children ages 12 months to 2 the whole family. years old, unless your pediatrician According to the Centers for Dis- recommends low-fat milk. After ease Control and Prevention, age 2, offer low-fat milk. Limit childhood obesity in this country juice to four to six ounces a day. has more than tripled over the • Kids can be picky at first, but past 30 years. But you can help don’t let a refusal of a new food your family get the right nutrition stop you from trying again. Offer and exercise to stay healthy. new foods multiple times in multi- “Not only is it extremely impor- ple ways. For infants, you may tant for kids to get all the vita- need to even try 10 to 15 times mins, nutrients and physical over several months. Parents are activity they need to stay healthy, extremely influential and can but habits formed early in life -- serve as a child’s best role model. both good and bad -- can last a Eat a variety of foods of different lifetime,” says Dr. Thomas McIn- flavors, colors and textures. erny, president of the American Encourage Active Play Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). • Don’t let a full day go by with-Living in the New Normal: Helping Children Thrive in Good and Challenging Times The AAP is offering some healthy out active play. Take trips to thePracticum was held December 5th at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum. Support living tips for parents to help kids park, play in the yard, go forstaff from FFSC, MWR-CYP, Airman Family Readiness, KAFB Medical, FOCUS, MFLC, get on the right track for the up- walks and make physical activity aGuard and Reserve, School Counselors and others were on hand to strengthen coming year. part of your family’s daily routine.their knowledge and skill to help our military children become more resilient. Ap- Improving Eating Habits Reduce the amount of time spentproximately 36 participants completed this training presented by the Military Child • You may have bad childhood in devices that restrain movement,Education Coalition. (Photo courtesy of MWR/Released) memories of being forced to sit at such as strollers and bouncy December 20, 2012 the table until you cleaned your seats. plate. Don’t perpetuate this • Limit screen time, including TV, method of mealtime management! video games and computers, to It sends the wrong message by less than two hours a day. Avoid emphasizing quantity over quality placing computers or television Christmas and can lead to significant sets in children’s bedrooms so they can get the best sleep possi- overeating. Foster a healthier atti- Word Search tude toward food by focusing on what you serve in the first place. ble. • Encourage your kids to take • Establish a routine with regular part in sports teams, gymnastic h u e b c k s b t c q w and dance classes, and other ac- meal and snack times. Always eat h d c h e a b r a r k u meals at the table. Children who tivities that will get them moving. carol holly eat meals with their family con- More ideas about healthy living o r h l s l e i g h e c for families can be found at sume more fruits, vegetables, l o r w z s a n t a p e presents reindeer fiber, calcium-rich foods and vita- Seabee Courier mins. inghealthy. l i i r o k w u f r z m “No matter how old your child is, sleigh tree • Once kids are old enough, en- y b s e r e i n d e e r courage self-feeding as much as it’s never too early to establish christmas merry possible. household routines that foster s m t a i y z w f i f m healthy habits.” says McInerny. • Avoid soda, which is full of m t m t y p a f z t c e pudding santa r r a h n t s k l j a r NCBC School Liaison Officer star wreath n h s r q c a r o l a r Kevin Byrd is located at MWR Building 352 v p r e s e n t s i y y 1706 Bainbridge Ave. NCBC, 228-871-2117 b o p u d d i n g y m d or email: 9
  10. 10. Join the Liberty Center for t r the Holidays! y For event information or to provide a o at o dessert for Ch istmas, hr call 228-871-4684. A Taste of Home e: Christm Dess mas serts Fitness Center today! On Christ s Day, 5 p.m. tmaWanted: Taste ofHome Christmas RecreationDesserts Movie Theater: FREE every week-Help MWR provide a taste of end. Grab some popcorn and sit At the Lib rty Cente be erhome cooking for active duty mili- back and enjoy the movie!tary that are unable to go home Friday, “Premium Rush,” PG13,for the holidays by providing a 6 p.m.dessert. Drop off your dessert at Saturday, “ParaNorman,” PG, 8 p.m. p Midnight gthe Liberty center, Dec. 23 - 25, 9 noon; “Expendables 2,” R, 2:30 Liberty Center events are available to s single sailorsa.m. - 5 p.m. An assortment of p.m.; “Hit and Run,” R, 5 p.m. and GEO bachelors only.desserts will make the season Sunday, “Home Alone,” PG, 2much sweeter. For more info, con- p.m.; “Home Alone 2,” PG, 4:30tact Kirk Kelly, 228-871-4684 or Monday, Bourne Legacy,” PG13, 6 p.m. tickets! Call ITT for info! Calling all fishermen! Navy Out- Grill is located at the corner ofFitness Closed Christmas ITT has Nutcracker tickets avail- door Recreation presents the Fish- Colby and 7th Street and has every- The holidays may be here, but Wednesday, “ParaNorman,” able for the performances on Dec. ing Rodeo at Seabee Lake, Dec. 22. thing from French toast plates todon’t let it get in the way of your PG, 6 p.m. 21 for just $15/ ticket! Call ITT for To sign up or for more details, call breakfast burritos or traditionalworkout routine. Make time for a more information. ODR. eggs and fitness class. The CBC Fitness Information, Tickets and Disney Military Salute tickets are FREE Batting Cage: No more to- Anchors & Eagles: Open Tuesday-Center offers courses as early as 8 Travel: in! The promotion has been ex- kens needed. Stop by and take a Thursday 2 - 9 p.m. Call now toa.m. and as late as 6 p.m. Get your Active Duty, Reservist, National tended for your deeply discounted 4 swing! Rent bats and helmets at no schedule your holiday event!heart pumping with some Guard, USCG and Retirees are now Day Park Hopper Ticket. New tick- charge from Outdoor Recreationstrength/cardio, Zumba or cycling. eligible for a complimentary Univer- ets are valid through Sept. 30, 2013 during business hours. Youth ActivitiesYou can also try out the new low sal 3 Day Park-to-Park ticket and and they’re only $153.25 each! The weather is getting cooler. December 20, 2012impact aerobics course or center Blue Man Group Ticket at children’s Purchase up to six for your Disney Food & Beverage Perfect time to grab some popcornyourself with yoga. For the class price! All dependents and DOD per- get-away. *Eligible patrons only The Beehive has new hours on the and see a movie on the Big Screenschedule, visit us on Facebook at sonnel are eligible for discounted (active duty, reservist, retired). weekends and will be open special Friday, 6-9 p.m. Only $2 per person.NCBC Gulfport MWR or stop by the Universal 2 Day, with 3rd Day Free hours for the holiday season. Head Seats are limited so sign up fast. Liberty Center: on over every day of the week for It’s the time of the year to deco- The Liberty Center is open on good service and good times with rate those sweet holiday cookies Christmas Day and offering a “Taste friends! Call for details 228-871- and eat them, of course. Sign up of Home – Christmas Desserts.” The 4009. today to decorate cookies at the Center will be open throughout the Fight the cold weather by getting Youth Activities Center this Satur- day, but desserts will be served up a hot breakfast from the Grill. The day, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. $4 per person. at 6 p.m. Come out and spend the holiday in good company! FREE. For more information about MWR Sign up for a MS Surge Hockey game with the Liberty Center. Tick- programs and opportunities, contact: Seabee Courier ets are only $6. The FREE shuttle departs from the Liberty Center at 6 Anchors & Eagles 228-871-4607 p.m. Catch a game Saturday or Auto Hobby 228-871-2804 Beehive 228-871-4009 Sunday! Child Development Center 228-871-2323 Fitness Center 228-871-2668 Navy Outdoor Recreation: Information, Tickets & 228-871-2231 Do you have holiday parties TravelThe playground at Seabee Lake received a face lift this month and scheduled this season? Outdoor Liberty Center 228-871-4684 Seabee Heritage Center 228-871-3619is now open for everyone to enjoy. To provide a safer environment, Recreation offers all kind of equip- Navy Outdoor Recreation 228-871-2127the playground was upgraded to include a fall safe barrier. The ment for gatherings from grills and RV Park 228-871-5435new playground is also designed to help children become more cookers to children’s bounce houses The Grill 228-871-2494physically fit by promoting exercise of all of the muscles in the at very affordable prices. Training Hall 228-871-4750body. (Photo courtesy of MWR/Released) Youth Activities Center 228-871-2251 10
  11. 11. NCBC Helping Hands volunteer opportunitiesLONG BEACH ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL SEEKS MENTORS - Wool- Want to make a difference in the life Gulfport Biloxi International Airport.)SCHOOL SEEKS MENTORS - Long market Elementary School on John Lee of the elderly then volunteer this fall PROFESSIONAL GOLF ASSOCIA-Beach Alternative School on Old Pass Road in Biloxi is looking for mentors with Driftwood Nursing Home located TION NEEDS VOLUNTEERS - Volun-Road in Long Beach is looking for for their male students as they prepare right outside the Broad Avenue gate. teers are needed for the Professionalmentors for three high school girls and for middle school. Please contact The contact for this volunteer opportu- Golf Association (PGA) Championsfour high school boys. Mentor duties Shirley Hardman at 228-392-5640 for nity is Christina at 228-243-3421. Tour featuring top golfers - Fred Cou-will include providing direction on as- more information or to volunteer. VOLUNTEER WITH USO - Volunteer- ples, Tom Lehman, Mark Calcavecchia,signments, increasing personal ac- COAST SALVATION ARMY NEEDS ing is both fun and rewarding. If you Nick Price, & Bernhard Langer Marchcountability and other life skills. VOLUNTEERS - Volunteers are need are interested in volunteering or would 18 - 24 at the Fallen Oak Golf Club,Please call Michelle Harrison at 228- for various projects throughout the like more information, please visit 24400 Highway 15, Saucier. Volunteer round of golf at Grand Bear and ad-865-1956 for more information or to year. Contact Shawna Tatge for info, Volun- will receive a shirt, hat or visor, a cre- mission to a volunteer party at Hardvolunteer. teers are needed at both USO loca- dential for the Week, meals during Rock, Biloxi. For details, contactWOOLMARKET ELEMENTARY DRIFTWOOD NURSING HOME - tions - (NMPS 2nd Floor, NCBC and shift, six good-any-day tickets, a free Stephanie Griffis, 228-896-6365. . . . Follow Seabee Center on NCBC CIVBEEs Are You Up for a Challenge? Announcing: Facebook and Twitter . . . ‘I lost it at the Seabee Center’ the NCBC/Keesler Civilian Weight Loss Contest Seabee Memorial Chapel NCBC Civilians (CIVBEEs) have challenged Keesler Air Force Base civilians to a NCBC Weight Loss Team Challenge competition. The competition will kick off Jan. 14 at the Fitness Center during an in- troduction to Fitness Center equipment. Anyone interested in par- ticipating in the six week-long competition must have a doctor’s release of good health form turned in to their supervisor. The re- lease states that the participant is cleared to begin an exercise program. Official weigh-in for participants will be conducted Jan. 7 - 11, 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at the Fitness Center. Benefits of participating include access to a free training class during the lunch hour, as well as nutritional classes. Weigh-ins will be con- ducted weekly during the challenge. The base that wins will have December 20, 2012 bragging rights to a trophy that will be displayed at the winner’s command suite. For more competition information, contact Dorothy Coleman, 228-871-4848 or Chapel Offerings Looking for a church? Home. The Seabee Pantry is for The Seabee Memorial Chapel holds anyone affiliated with NCBC. services every Sunday that might suit Praise and Worship your needs. Protestant Services in- The Seabee Memorial Chapel is looking Center Chaplains: clude a Gospel Service at 8 a.m. and for new members for the Praise and Seabee Courier Divine Worship Service at 10:30 a.m. Worship Team for the Divine Worship Lt. Cmdr. Paul Smith, Protestant Chaplain Catholic Services include Catholic Service at 11 a.m. Sundays. If you can Lt. Yoon Choi, Protestant Chaplain Mass at 9:30 a.m. There is also sing or play an instrument, you are in- For information concerning other faith groups, Catholic Mass Tuesdays at 11:15 a.m. vited to come share your gift. Seabee Pantry Women’s Bible Study Women’s call the chapel office at 228-871-2454 The Seabee Pantry needs restocking. Fall Bible Study is held Wednesdays During the holidays, the need for food at 11 a.m. at the Seabee Memorial Services: Christmas Holiday Services donations is at its highest level. Chapel. The Fall Bible Study is con- Gospel Service: 8 a.m. Catholic: Christmas Eve Mass: 4 p.m. Please donate as many canned goods ducting a six-week study by Jen- Christmas Day Mass: 9:30 a.m. and other nonperishables as possible. nifer Rothchild - Missing Pieces.” Sunday Catholic Mass: 9:30 a.m. Protestant: Christmas Eve Donation drop-off sites are located at Free child care is available. Weekday Mass: Tuesday, 11:15 a.m. Service: 5:30 p.m. the Navy Exchange, Chapel, Commis- For more information on all offer- Divine Worship: Sunday, 10:30 a.m. New Years Day: 9:30 a.m. sary, Fleet and Family Support Center ings that are available, contact the and Armed Forces Retirement chapel at 228-871-2454. 11