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Omega 3

It is almost impossible to create the right ratio with omega 3 and omega6 (optimal ratio 1:1). Optimal ratios determine that the body's metabolism set the insulin resistance to be low (set by DNA change!) and body cells are more easily use fats as energy source.

Optimal Ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 guarantees balance our body stress and relax systems and balance the immune system and a lower chance to develop autoimmune diseases or metabolic diseases (like those of Iodine absence).

It recommended to take omega 3 Supplement and to lower the oils that rich with omega such as common vegetable oil. eat more vegtables rich with omega 3 and fish

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Fats & omega 3 new apr 13

  1. 1. FATS & Omega 3There is a lot of confusing today about Fats.Fats and mainly Cholesterol are vital to our life,About 60% of the contents of the Brain are fats!Fat is curtail to body functions such as: Building cell membranes, Blood clotting, Absorption and Vitamins and Minerals. Vital to hormone production, Energy generation and storage, Nerve cell shielding, Cushioning , protecting and shielding of vital organs1
  2. 2. Essential fatty acids (EFAs)Fatty acids which cannot be synthesized in the body, people must get them from food.There are two groups of essential fatty acids: omega 3, and omega 6. Omega 3 include linolenic acid, it comes mainly from  marine sources. And also from special seeds and plants.omega 6 includes linoleic acid. It comes from Plant sources, including nuts and seeds.2
  3. 3. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) cont..Both groups of fatty acids are must for healthy body function, and they should be in balanceAdditionally, the body also uses omega 9, which is not essential and produced in the body from omega 3 and omega 6 are present.3
  4. 4. How the fatty acidsOmega 3 & Omega 6 Control our bodyAn long term - Genetic change effect  the cell construction using PPAR alpa. (effect insulinresentence)A medium term - controls the creating twovital hormones, glucagon & insulin, whichbalance each other.A Short term - immediate effect using Eicosanoids (Semi hormones Last mS)4
  5. 5. 5Omega 3 & 6 control the Nervous System
  6. 6. 6    Omega 6 Omega 3Fatty Acid LA  -  Linoleic  ALA  << EPA +DHAMetabolic Hormones  Glokegon InsulinCentral nerve system sympathies Para sympathiessever heart diseases Increases the  Risk Lowers the Risk Angina pectoris , Arteries  plaque  and blockage Increases the  RiskLowers the Risk Fat Accumulation Obesity Increases the  Risk Lowers the Risk Blood pressure Increases the  Risk Lowers the Risk Creation of triglycerides increase Decrease in the Rheumatism -arthritis Worsening  Improvement Inflammation increase Decrease Bad Mood depression increase Decrease General state of mind Worsening Improvement Body functions there relations to Fatty Acids:
  7. 7.  α-linolenic acid (ALA) his source from plants.The EPA DHA is synthesize from it.The health benefits of ALA are: cardiovascular protections,  Nero protection, anti inflammatory and fight auto immune disease7
  8. 8. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an   omega-3 fatty acid that is a primary can found in the, cerebral cortex, brain skin, sperm, testicles and retina. Human body can be synthesized from alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) or obtained directly from maternal milk or fish & fish oil 8
  9. 9. DHA - is essential for the adult brain, it impacts the brain’s structure and signaling systems.•DHA helps nervous system. development and optimal memory function.•DHA deficiency linked with psychiatric disorders such as depression, suicidal behavior, anger, and hostility.•DHA may help prevent age-related memory decline and Alzheimer’s disease.9
  10. 10. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)- EPA is a precursor to  DHA EPA  inhibits platelet aggregationReduce inflammation, Important for producing of all eicosanoids.The body converts ALA to EPA. Food source of EPA are oily fish or fish oil and various types of edible seaweed. It is also found in human breast milk.10
  11. 11. EPA health benefits:lower inflammation.Help in mental conditions, such asschizophrenia and depression.EPA improves the response ofpatients to chemotherapyEPA Help in hyperactivity andattention symptoms11
  12. 12. Good FoodSource forOmega 312Food Omega 6 Omega 3 3 minus 6% % #Basil fresh 7.30% 31.60% 24.30Cod liver oil (Fish) 1.00% 19.70% 18.70Spinach 2.60% 13.70% 11.10Flax seeds 2.66% 11.02% 8.36Broccoli 5.70% 13.50% 7.80Brussels sprout 2.90% 10.10% 7.20Chive 2.90% 10.10% 7.20Dill, fresh 2.90% 10.10% 7.20Garden cress 2.90% 10.10% 7.20Kale 2.90% 10.10% 7.20Nettle 2.90% 10.10% 7.20Parsley 2.90% 10.10% 7.20Swiss chard 2.90% 10.10% 7.20Cauliflower 3.60% 10.50% 6.90Chinese cabbage 1.10% 7.10% 6.00Turnip 2.40% 7.20% 4.80Ginger, raw 0.00% 3.40% 3.40Iceberg lettuce 3.20% 6.40% 3.20Lettuce 3.20% 6.40% 3.20Radish 1.30% 4.20% 2.90Rutabaga/swede 1.90% 4.70% 2.80Red cabbage 1.30% 3.40% 2.10White cabbage 2.80% 4.80% 2.00
  13. 13. SummaryOmega-3, an essential fatty acidFor a good health we need keepbalance between omega 6 to omega 3.(good ratio is 4 to 1).In the western world , the ratio is muchworse - 15 to 1 up to 40 to 1How we can reach a better balance?13
  14. 14. Lower your Omega 6 intakeThe recommended Fats (in order of quality)are: Butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, palm treeoil and olive oil.Coconut oil is mostly saturated fat and it goodeven when heated.Olive oil (cold pressed) use very little (teaspoon a day), use it only cold or add to foodafter the cooking (spoiled when heated).14
  15. 15. Lower your Omega 6 intake 2Lower the amount of unsaturatedvegetable oil you eat to minimum, this oilsare high in omega 6.Don’t eat to much Seeds and Nuts –Except one Brazil nut a day (for selenium)And 1 walnuts a day(omega 9).15
  16. 16. Increase the Omega 3 intakeEat vegetables that rich with omega 3everyday and a lot (from table above)Eat high omega 3 fish few times aweek. Choose the smallest likesardines and herring don’t eat big fishlike Tuna.16
  17. 17. LDL are “ship” that carry cholesterol (fat) from the Liver were it produced in the Blood (water)to every cell in our body. it used to build the cell membrane (with out it the cell cant exist)HDL are “ship” that carry cholesterol (fat) from the body deadcells and carry it in the Blood (water) to the Liver to recyclingThe BadCholesterollegendHDLLDL17
  18. 18. The Bad Cholesterol legendThe arteries plaque created when theLDL is oxidized by a free radicals, ThenLDL is active and sinks into the Arterywall. Since the LDL is active the Arterywall wounded and inflammation processstarts in the end a scare cover the woundthat is the Plaque.The scare makes the artery narrower andless flexible and hard to adopt changes inthe blood flow demands of the body.18