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Project 2 What is the role of the media and film in influencing fashion (Binqian Shi, Nicola White,Chloe Wadsworth,Samantha-Jane Oxborrow,Kristin Fowler)
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Project 2 What is the role of the media and film in influencing fashion (Binqian Shi, Nicola White,Chloe Wadsworth,Samantha-Jane Oxborrow,Kristin Fowler)


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a presentation about media in influencing fashion

a presentation about media in influencing fashion

Published in: Social Media, Design, Business

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  • 1. What is the role of media and film in influencing fashion? By Samantha, Kristin, Binqian Shi, Chloe and Nicola
  • 2. Introduction The 20th century was when mass media was first defined and classified. Mass media includes media from all 3 major platforms, Broadcast, print and E-media. All of these platforms take a specific role in influencing fashion. They do this by using celebrities and big public figures to encourage trends through music videos, movies and articles.
  • 3. One memorable fashion influence from the media is the mods and rockers. The mods and rockers were two ‘cultural clashes’ from the 60s. Both groups were ‘easily identified by their distinctive fashion’. The mods wore Fred Perry and Ben Sherman designer suits and a Parka jacket over the top. they listened to a mix of ska and Motown music; while the Rockers wore leather jackets and jeans and were devoted to American Rock ’n’ Roll such as Elvis. These two movements of fashion were ‘short-lived’. There were violent clashes between the two gangs and the media seized these on and used ‘moralists to exemplify the outrages liberties’ that these British youths enjoyed. These scraps and fights happened on the Bournemouth seafront. ‘The violence described in the newspaper article was later made into the 1979 film Quadrophenia.’ •Figure 1. Keogh, R. 2013, http://modsandrockers.i e/blog/
  • 4. HOW IS THIS MORAL PANIC AN INFLUENCE ON FASHION? If it was not for the media Figure 2- Medley, K. 2011. /09/20/mods-and-rockers/ Here you can see an image of an article from the 2011 September issue of Cosmopolitan. creating the moral panic and the music magazines following and encouraging the gangs, then their fashion would not have been as highlighted and it would not be remembered as an important statement in the fashion world. And we would definitely not have Parka and leather biker jackets in fashion every season.
  • 5. “Film lets the designers imagination run riot in a way fashion, because of its commercial constraints, does not.” Remarked by Jean Paul Gaultier, (p.337) “Mass media has allowed for wide dissemination of the fashion information and opportunities for the stimulation of more homogeneous public information. The fashion magazine and the Hollywood film brought fashionable models to a hugely expanded audience from the 1920’s onwards. Examples of fashionable dress were often made available through the expansion of chain stores and mail-order companies.” (p.327)
  • 6. So, how has film influenced fashion? Well, if we take a look at The Great Gatsby…
  • 7. All of the styling in the film was done by Tiffany & Co. and Prada. Alexander McQueen also got their designs on the big screen. The Great Gatsby brought the era back to life and back into our wardrobes. Retailers such as Miss Selfridge, Topshop, River Island and H&M produced lines strictly based on the film. Figure 4 -, Available: n/i565743-9/miss-mode-thegreat-gatsby-the-great-gatsbyvintage-fashion-miss-selfridgefreedshop-boohoo-frockandfrillnew-look.html Figure 5-, Available: i565743-9/miss-mode-the-greatgatsby-the-great-gatsby-vintagefashion-miss-selfridge-freedshopboohoo-frockandfrill-newlook.html
  • 8. THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON FASHION Everyday, without a doubt, everyone one of us check at least 1 social media, whether it be, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger or Tumblr, we all do it. And by doing so we are letting ourselves be a subject of media. We are allowing media to, subconsciously, put ideas into our head, to make us think a certain way. We are all a victims of social media. Figure 6- XLN Business blog, 2013. This influences fashion how? Well…
  • 9. - Social media has affected how clothes are advertised and highlight buying online. This has changed the way people shop for example, trying to find cheaper alternatives. This means more people may be inclined to shop at Primark so the cost of clothes makes it acceptable to change a wardrobe more often to keep up to date with latest fashions (Wright M, 2009, Online).
  • 10. - Websites like Tumblr have made it easier for people to show off different types of styles, which creates attention and encourages people to copy that niche (Wright M, 2009, Online). Figure 7. Barkah, K. 2013,
  • 11. BLOGGERS Bloggers have become extremely important when influencing fashion, especially in the past few years. Figure 8. Valentine, A.
  • 12. Colleen Sherin, Saks Fifth Avenue fashion market director said: "We do pay attention to it ... It's important to be aware of what they are blogging about and what's inspiring them, some of the things we might have been seeing on the street are perhaps now brought to us by the Internet” Nicholas, M. (2010). Colleen Sherin could not have been more right. Trends are seen online first, then taken to the streets. For example, the Tartan scarf was first promoted online through fashion bloggers 3 years ago and now look at the tartan trend, it is bigger than it has been since the Punks started it
  • 13. MAGAZINES Fashion magazines, in my opinion, has the biggest influence on fashion. Every fashion enthusiast cares what magazines such as Elle and Vouge have to say. These magazine promote designers and what they think is going to be a hit trend, they are never wrong, why? Because, us fashion lovers read them religiously and believe everything they say. As you can see from the images, magazines use young, pretty and perfect celebrities to help sell and encourage their fashion views. Celebrities have a strong impact over what is fashionable and what is not by glossy magazines showing ‘what’s hot’ and ‘what’s not’-(Wright M, 2009, Online).
  • 14. Advertisers Advertisers also use celebrities to endorse their products. As a viewer we will see a celebrity, for example Blake Lively who is now the face of Gucci and L’oreal Paris. People will see her and think to be like Blake they need to buy these products. Figure 12. Telegraph, 2012.
  • 15. Because there is so much advertisement on social media and trends are changing every few months people want to buy new clothes as often as they can. This has changed the way people shop for example, trying to find cheaper alternatives. This means more people may be inclined to shop at Primark, as the cost of clothes makes it acceptable to change a wardrobe more often to keep up to date with latest fashions. -(Wright M, 2009, Online).
  • 16. Figure 13. Fletcher, N. Primark success continues to life associated british food figures. ‘Retailers that have responded to the youth markets tighter budgets have been rewarded, with Primark the most popular shopping destination and pure player also doing well’ -(WGSN, 2014)
  • 17. Without media and film, would fashion be what it is today? Not at all. We would not have the versatile street style you can see all across the UK Figure 14. Ministry of Fashion
  • 18. We would not have the fashion courses that are available, there would not be all the millions of jobs with the fashion industry. People would not be able to express their personalities freely and enjoy being who they are.
  • 19. If it was not for media influencing fashion, half of this lecture class would not be here and this presentation would have no meaning.
  • 20. Thank you for Listening
  • 21. Bibliography King, M. (2013) 8 Ways Social Media Has Changed Fashion, Available from:, [Accessed: 19/01/14] Miller, L. (2014) Youth Fashion: Capturing the changing market, WGSN. Available from: / 2014/January/youth-fashion--capturing-the-changing-market.html, [Accessed: 23/01/14] Okonkwo, U. (2007) Luxury Fashion Branding: Trends, Tactics, Techniques, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Steele, V. (2010) The Berg Companion to Fashion, Oxford and New York: Berg. Wright, M. (2009) 5 Ways Social Media Changed Fashion in 2009. Available at:, [Accessed: 19/01/14]