The Molding of 3 Iconic Toys
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The Molding of 3 Iconic Toys



Find out how 3 iconic American toys are created on a regular basis to keep children entertained across the world.

Find out how 3 iconic American toys are created on a regular basis to keep children entertained across the world.



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The Molding of 3 Iconic Toys The Molding of 3 Iconic Toys Presentation Transcript

  • The Molding of 3 Iconic Toys
  • Modern Toy-Making • Toy-making is a craft that has been around for centuries • While the toy-making process has become more streamlined, there’s still an art to it
  • Plastic in Toys • Plastic is the latest material to be included in toys. • Plastic has been used in toys for several decades now. • The toy-making process requires a plastic injection molding company to manufacture parts of the toys. • Plastic is involved in the design, manufacturing, and packaging of toys.
  • LEGOs
  • LEGOs • More than 200 billion LEGO bricks have been sold around the world. • The process for creating LEGOs: 1. Plastic is sorted into columns by color and variety. 2. It’s melted at a heat of 232 C. 3. Plastic injection molds are used to stamp out millions of tiny little pieces. 4. The LEGOs are sent to the designers, who come up with new combinations of pieces so that the LEGOs can be sold in sets.
  • Barbie®
  • Barbie® • The process for making a Barbie is simple, but can be complicated by design decisions: 1. New designs are compiled by makeup artists and hairstylists. One model is assembled by 15 different designers. Once it’s complete, it is sent to the manufacturer in China for duplication. 2. Facial molds are created with two parts: there is the inner part, which needs to be sculpted precisely in the right shape, and the outer part, which looks like a facial mask. The body is also created in this way, but with less detail. 3. Once the doll has been molded, the face is painted and the hair is sewn in. Then the body is assembled with the head and clothes are placed on the body for the finishing touch.
  • Transformers
  • Transformers • There are actually two designs for these toys, as they have to transform from one shape to another. 1. Designers design the Autobot form and the alternate form. 2. The design moves to the CAD stage, using computer engineering to create the actual toy design. 3. The design is then taken to the sculpting stage, where the individual parts of each Transformer are determined. A mold breakdown is created, showing individual parts with their associated colors and materials. 4. Each part is designed, molded and injected. Then the Transformer is assembled and painted.
  • Making Your Own • If you plan on making your own toys, you’ll probably need to outsource to a plastic injection molding company. • Streamline Plastics is a company that can help you with any project, no matter how small. • Contact us for a quote or help with your design.