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7 Steps to a Healthier Diet
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7 Steps to a Healthier Diet


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These steps will help you make some incremental changes that will improve your general health and how you feel.

These steps will help you make some incremental changes that will improve your general health and how you feel.

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  • 1. 7 STEPS TO A Healthier Diet
  • 2. Diets & Lifestyle Changes • Diets have developed a negative stigma • Diets tend to be temporary changes with temporary results • Making a significant change in your life can’t be done using temporary measures • Lifestyle changes are done a step at a time
  • 3. Feeling good Vs. Weight Loss • It’s okay to have a weight loss goal • Having a healthy body should be your FIRST priority • You’re more likely to make good decisions consistently when you do it to take care of your body
  • 4. Step 1: cook from scratch • Restaurant food and pre-made food is more difficult to monitor • Perception of food is different in a restaurant setting • Homemade food is less processed • You are in control
  • 5. Step 2: Use whole & Ancient grains • Whole grains have more fiber and nutrients • Wheat isn’t the only options • Buy your own milling machine • Use different ancient grains in your cooking to receive the different nutrients
  • 6. Step 3: Use Natural sugar substitutes • Sugar is awful, addictive, and damaging to health • Use one of the following in moderation: – Blackstrap molasses – Maple syrup – Honey – Agave nectar – Stevia
  • 7. Step 4: Avoid Trans fats • Trans-fat and hydrogenated oils are ridiculously bad for you • Usually found in pre-packaged food and overly processed oils • Look for organic coconut and olive oils
  • 8. Step 5: Fruits & Veggies = 50% • Each meal needs to be mostly fruits and veggies • Fruits and vegetables are more likely to satisfy your hunger • They also make a huge difference in how you feel • Don’t forget to use legumes like beans and lentils
  • 9. Step 6: don’t drink your calories • Drinking juice, alcohol, or soda can add calories fast • Try to drink water all day every day and only imbibe other beverages occasionally • Tone down the coffee and use natural sweeteners
  • 10. Step 7: don’t be a quitter • Avoid getting into yo-yo dieting • Don’t give up after a small mistake • Don’t punish yourself, but don’t slack off either
  • 11. Finding the right products helps • Use products from companies that use less processing and more organic ingredients. • BetterBody Foods is an excellent place to start when undergoing a lifestyle change • See our blogs for more information and recipes