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Internships/Jobs - Where they are and how to get them


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This presentation was created for the University of Oregon Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

This presentation was created for the University of Oregon Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

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  • 1. Internships and Jobs:Where they are and how to get them. by Scott Thornburg
  • 2. Internships"Not only does an internship allow you towork hard and gain experience, but it alsoallows an employer to experience how hardof a worker you are." - R.J. Calvo, random guyfrom Texas.
  • 3. Where they PRSA ChapterLocal Chamber of Commerce
  • 4. How you get them: Networking Cover Letter Resumé Portfolio Interview
  • 5. NetworkingSocial Media - Be careful what you put on Facebook and say onTwitter!PRSA/PRSSA National Events PRSSA National Assembly PRSSA National ConferencePRSA/PRSSA Regional Events Local Chapter: Monthly Meetings Regional Conferences
  • 6. Cover LetterWhat you should have: Whatever you write, write it according to AP Style. Site your sources and say thank you. NUMBERS!!! Action verbs Call to action Anything else you don’t have room for in your resumé, just keep it short!What you should NOT have: A 3-page essay on why you’re awesome and they would be lucky to have you. “I” -- never more than what’s in Mississippi Fluff, redundancy and useless information - Keep it simple and concise!
  • 7. ResuméProfile: Tell them who you are in 10 words or less.Work Experience: Company name, your title, time spent there and whatyou did with NUMBERS!!!Leadership, Honors and Awards: Scholarships, PRSSALeadership, Greek life and similar.Technical and Professional Skills: Design software, socialnetworking, AP Style, Vocus and similar.Education: Employers assume that if you’re applying, you also have a degree.
  • 8. PortfolioStructure and Organization: Work experience, then classroom experience Your BEST work at the front Don’t overwhelm them with your “awesomeness,” put only your BEST work inside. Everything with copy should be written according to AP STYLE. Don’t forget to include NUMBERS!Hard copy: Take a clean, organized copy with you to the interview.Digital copy: No longer limited by proximity - e-mail a PDF, host it onlineor build your own Web site.
  • 9. InterviewPre-plan: What are you going to wear? What questions do you think they’ll ask? Practice going through your portfolio with them. Have extra business cards and resumés with you. Be early.Situation, action, results
  • 10. Then and Now: Graduated: December Red Square Agency: 2010 December 2010
  • 11. My office:
  • 12. Q& A
  • 13. Where to find – Scott ThornburgEmail –