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Photography 101


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How to take pictures like the pros! Take great images of your products to increase the social presence of your small business.

How to take pictures like the pros! Take great images of your products to increase the social presence of your small business.

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  • 1. Photography Tips 101TellYour LocalBusiness Story andSell More Productswith Better Images
  • 2. Table of Contents:Photography Tips … Page 5Smartphones and Apps …. Page 10Camera Operation for All …. Page 18Get the Right Camera … Page 28Online-Worthy Examples …. Page 34Learn More About Scotts Marketplace …. Page 45
  • 3. With Special ThanksOur photography tutorial is brought to youby Karen Scheffe, a Phoenix-basedprofessional photographer and owner ofElan Photographie, who has made a careerout of capturing compelling images.Additional tips provided by HannahMinkner of Photo By Minkmade._________________________________________
  • 4. Scott’s Marketplaceconnects localbusinesses with onlineshoppers. Use the tipsin this guide to snapgreat pictures of yourproducts, then addthem to Scott’sMarketplace to increaseyour online sales.
  • 5. Photography Tips
  • 6. Why Bother With Amazing Photographs?Great photos havethe power tomotivate!Here are a few helpful tipsfor more polished visualsthat will capture yourcustomers’ attention.Photo by Hannah Minkner
  • 7. Photography TipsIf you want to take better pictures – move around!Try differentangles, lie down, stand on a chair, lean back, or bend over. Move theitem you are trying to capture or play with the lighting. - Karen Scheffe, Elan PhotographieFocus is key! Always check your photos regularly while you areshooting, to be sure they are completely crisp and in focus. It’simportant that your product images are in focus; they’ll be easieron the eyes and will be viewed as professional. - Hannah Minkner, Photo By Minkmade
  • 8. Photography TipsIf you are photographing multiple items, always focus on the item inthe very front - this clearly directs focus to your product. - Hannah Minkner, Photo By MinkmadeTo get that "blurred out background" or "bokeh" effect for closeupsof your products or models, move in as close to your subject asyou can while maintaining focus. Focus on the part of the subjectthat is closest to you, or on the eyes of your model, and try to putsignificant distance between your subject and any background.This alone should be very helpful, even if you are just taking photoswith your phone! - Hannah Minkner, Photo By Minkmade
  • 9. Photography Tips  When selecting an image, askyourself:(1)Does this image call myshoppers to action?(2)How does this image make myproduct stand out?(3)Why do shoppers want to seethis picture?Always remember: If you don’t love it, don’t post it. Period.Photo by Garden Candy
  • 10. Smartphones and Apps
  • 11. iPhone Lighting TipsIf your iPhone is your primary camera, try these tips to achieveoptimal lighting:(1)Hold your hand steady when using flash for a crisper photo.(2)Don’t be afraid to change your angle.(3)Only use flash if you are indoors in a very dark setting.Andeven then, expect it to appear washed out and somewhatover-exposed.(4)Take your time, and always take more than one photo.(5)Turn your flash off if it’s in the daylight.
  • 12. Use Apps For Great PicturesGrab your smartphone!There are a plethoraof apps available toenhance the qualityand visual appeal of yourimages.While not all apps are appropriate for shooting your images forScott’s Marketplace, many of these can help tell your brand storythrough pictures. Here are a few of our favorites.
  • 13. FacebookThe Facebook app isfree, and is a must-havefor any business owner.Manage your Facebookpage from anywhere,uploading posts andimages from your phoneon the go. Documentevents, specialpromotions, or newproducts and share themwith your customers.
  • 14. InstagramIn addition to the variety offilters the app provides,Instagram makes it easy toinstantly share pictures withyour followers. Much likeFacebook, Instagram is asocial interface where youcan earn followers withquality images.
  • 15. VSCO CamThis $0.99 app willgive your images a“film” look, and isquickly gainingpopularity. It featuresnumerous manualadjustments, andallows you todownload images inlarge size and uploadthem to your imagegallery.
  • 16. AfterglowCost: $0.99Create borders such as circles, triangles, or thick white vertical orhorizontal space with this camera and photo-editing app. Uploaddirectly to image gallery or save to camera roll.
  • 17. DipticThis app is a collage tool,and is quite useful whenyou want to use morethan one image to tell astory, but don’t want tojam up your feed withmultiple photos. Only$0.99 for basic layouts, itcan upload directly to yourimage gallery, Facebook, orcamera roll.
  • 18. Camera Operation For All
  • 19. Let the learning begin!If there’s one thing you need to takeaway from Photography101, it’s this:Great pictures are all about greatlighting!Exposure is a fancy word for howmuch light is allowed into yourcamera when taking a picture. Lightinfluences the entire image, and iskey to creating a professional-looking shot.Photo by Karen Scheffe
  • 20. ExposureAn over-exposed photo is one taken with far too much light inthe frame, resulting in a washed-out look.
  • 21. ExposureAn under-exposed photo does not utilize enough light, and thefinal image becomes difficult to see.
  • 22. Exposure (cont.)…So now that we’ve exposedthe power of exposure, howdo you tame this wild beast?Set your ISO of course!
  • 23. Setting Your ISOOn a camera the ISO representshow sensitive your picture will beto the surrounding light.The darkeryour current surroundings are, thehigher your ISO should be set.Simple ISO Recommendations:Full Sun: 100Partly Cloudy: 400Indoors: up to 1200*Note: higher ISO does add grain
  • 24. ExposureBecause brighter photos tend to be more appealing to the eye, werecommend keeping your exposure one hash mark to the right of(0).If you move the meter to the left, itwill remove light (-).If you move the meter to the right, itwill add light (+).
  • 25. Outdoor & Indoor LightingTaking outdoor pictures can add vibrant color, so try to utilizethe best times of day for optimal lighting.Best morning lighting – 1.5 hours after sunriseBest sunset lighting – 1.5 hours before sunsetMidday photos can provide stark shadows for a more artsylook, and when in full shade during other times of the day, youcan adjust your exposure to compensate.
  • 26. Indoor LightingWhen indoors, if you staycompletely in light or shadewhile taking a picture you havemore control over the light ofpicture.(east-facing room, early/mid-morning)
  • 27. Indoor LightingMidday indoors will offer moreeven lighting for your iPhone orcamera, so adjust the doors/curtains accordingly.(west-facing room, afternoon)
  • 28. Get The Right Camera
  • 29. Cameras for every budget$300 RangeCanon PowershotG12Notable Features:Great for up-closephotography, with an arrayof manual controls thatwill satisfy more advancedusers. HD-video capable.
  • 30. Cameras for every budget$300 - $600Sony NEX-C3Notable Features:Easy-to-use interface for alllevel of photographers; greatfor dim lighting, and completewith HD movie capabilities.Take professional-gradepictures without having to be aprofessional photographer.
  • 31. Cameras for every budget$500 - $800Canon EOS RebelT2iNotable Features:Interchangeable lensesresulting in more controlwith a wide-area screen;plus features like CanonsAuto Lighting Optimizer andHighlightTone which ensurebrilliant photos and movies.
  • 32. Cameras for every budget$700 - $1,200Canon EOS RebelT4iNotable Features:Interchangeable lenses;maintains high speedcontinuous shooting,with every shot comingout at high quality.Agreat tool to move tomore advancedphotography.
  • 33. Photo Editing For AllAfter you’ve taken your photo, upload on your computerand try your hand at photo editing..Here are a few free editing programs that are helpful ingetting the most out of your final images:
  • 34. Online-Worthy Examples
  • 35. Picture of successWith the right equipment and a little patience, (andmaybe a few photo editing tools), you are well on yourway to becoming the next Annie Leibovitz.. . . or, at least on your way to putting up some amazingphotos on Scott’s Marketplace, your website, Facebook,or blog!Take a look at some greatwebsite-worthy images!
  • 36. Photo by Karen Scheffe
  • 37. Photo by Hannah Minkner
  • 38. Photo by Karen Scheffe
  • 39. Photo by Hannah Minkner
  • 40. Photo by Deb’s Glass Design
  • 41. Photo by Karen Scheffe
  • 42. Photo by Karen Scheffe
  • 43. Photo by Karen Scheffe
  • 44. Photo by Hannah Minkner
  • 45. Now that you’re armed withgreat photo tips, what areyou waiting for? Snap awayand add your images toScott’s Marketplace -the place to shop localbusinesses online!