Where Test Leadership, Management & Strategy Converge                                        CONFERENCE & EXPO 20108 7 7. ...
October 19 – 21, 2010            n   Las Vegas, Nevada                                            CONFERENCE & EXPO 2010  ...
Conference Tracks:                     Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab                     Test Strategy & Process        ...
Microsoft Keynote                                          Ross Smith                                              Kelli V...
“A Pioneer of Agile”                                                                                           M I T RE   ...
Program Overview:                                                6 Comprehensive Tracks               Hands-On Testing Tec...
Agile Testing          This track will help attendees utilizing Agile Methodology to understand how they can fit tradition...
Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab           We are excited to offer a new conference track, Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab,...
2-Day Pre-Conference workshopsSunday, October 17 and Monday, October 18 from 9:00am – 5:00pmPre-1    Test Strategy  Proces...
1-Day Pre-Conference workshopsMonday, October 18 from 9:00am - 5:00pmPre-4    Test Leadership Track	             Pre-5    ...
Pre-7    Performance Testing Track	          Pre-8    Test Strategy  Process Track	Hands-On Performance Testing           ...
Schedule At A GlanceSunday, October 17, 20108:00am - 9:00am	           Continental Breakfast8:00am - 10:00am	          Reg...
Simply follow these track colors to find topics suited to your issues.      Hands-On      Testing           Test Strategy ...
October 19 – 21, 2010               n   Las Vegas, NevadaNetworking Activities Discover the Inside Connections Software Te...
conference party 2010Wednesday, October 20, 7:00pm – 10:00pmTake part in the software test industry’s hottest conference p...
Session                                    102    Test Strategy  Process Track	       104   Agile Testing Track		Block 1	 ...
201    Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab	       203   Test Leadership Track	                              SessionExplore Bey...
Session                                  302   Test Strategy  Process Track	      304   Performance Testing Track	Block 3	...
401    Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab	     403   Performance Testing Track	                          SessionTesting in th...
Session                                     502   Test Strategy  Process Track	       504   Agile Testing Track	Block 5	  ...
STPCon 2010
STPCon 2010
STPCon 2010
STPCon 2010
STPCon 2010
STPCon 2010
STPCon 2010
STPCon 2010
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STPCon 2010

  1. 1. Where Test Leadership, Management & Strategy Converge CONFERENCE & EXPO 20108 7 7. 2 5 7. 9 5 3 1 Six Comprehensive Tracks: Hands-On Testing Test Strategy Test Agile Performance Test Techniques Lab & Process Leadership Testing Testing Automation www.STPCon.com
  2. 2. October 19 – 21, 2010 n Las Vegas, Nevada CONFERENCE & EXPO 2010 Where Test Leadership, Management & Strategy Converge DISCOVER THE POSSIBILITIES Software Test Professionals Conference & Expo 2010 Who Should Attend? is the leading event for the software test and quality assurance Senior Test Analyst professional. This conference brings together software testers, QA Software Tester managers and senior test professionals to learn and discover the SQA Engineer latest solutions to your most pressing challenges. Sr. QA Specialist Join us October 19th – 21st at the Mirage Resort in sunny Las Vegas. If you’ve been to an STP conference before or if it’s your first time Sr. SQA Engineer attending, we guarantee this year’s conference will be as high-energy Team Lead as Vegas, a location that continues to build its reputation as a vibrant Test Architect showcase for the extraordinary. Test Consultant If you’ve been waiting for the right event to invest in, this is it! Software Test Professionals Conference & Expo – where test Test Engineer leadership, management & strategy converge – will deliver fresh Test Manager industry insight and networking opportunities unlike you’ve experienced QA Engineer before. Attend and return to the office with knowledge and resources QA Manager which will enhance your professional career. Business Analyst There hasn’t been a better time or location to network and share with other software test and quality professionals. Project Lead Join Us & Discover the Possibilities! Table of Contents Keynote Presentations 4-5 Hands-On Testing Lab 8 Program Overview 6-7 Pre-Con Workshops 9 - 11877.257.9531 www.STPCon.com
  3. 3. Conference Tracks: Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab Test Strategy & Process Test Leadership Agile Testing ts: oun Disc nce o $500 Performance Testing re C onfe ve up t Test Automation Sa ive e ird: o rec age Ea rly B ust 20 t ce pack y, g n Earl ter by Au ll confere is fu Reg off any ceive $ 400 rd: ber 15 to re age y Bi ack Earl Septem erence p nal r by Fi nf iste ull co Reg off any f ny ip: off a $200 b ersh savings Mem $100 Pro et STP ow to g package n Join nference o full c The Complete Conference & Expo Package – $1,695 n 3days of unparalleled education from Tuesday, October 19 – Thursday, October 21 n 5 exceptional keynotes and general sessions n 0 4 conference sessions in six comprehensive tracks n ccess A to the NEW Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab n he T STP Exhibit Hall – interactive exhibits featuring the latest tools, technologies and services from leading vendors n arty P on the Strip at one of the city’s hottest nightclubs, Christian Audigier at TI n he T Expo Hall Happy Hour Booth Crawl n hree T breakfasts, two lunches and beverage breaks n articipation P in Expo Prize Giveaway – an exciting prize giveaway of high tech gifts donated by leading industry vendorsSchedule At A Glance 12 - 13 Breakout Sessions 16 - 23 Registration Packages 26Networking Activities 14 - 15 Exhibit Hall 24 Hotel Travel 27 3
  4. 4. Microsoft Keynote Ross Smith Kelli Vrla Presentations Tuesday, October 19 Tuesday, October 19 8:30am – 10:00am 3:45pm – 5:00pm Productivity Games Improve Software Quality Top Ten Leadership Skills: Ross Smith, Director of Test, Microsoft Corporation Surviving Thriving in the Have you ever wondered how to get your team more passionate 21st Century about software testing? Ross Smith creatively employs the Kelli Vrla, Leadership Consultant, use of competitive games to increase employee engagement, The Good Humor Lady participation, and productivity. Utilizing games will urge your testers and developers to work more enthusiastically together Our leadership mission is to adapt and adopt to improve software quality and to address testing problems better and more efficient habits to help our that cannot be solved cost-effectively using traditional business people reach their optimal best. This outside- processes. Through a simple step by step approach, learn to the-box program will inspire your managers, deliver testing projects on time and within budget, by employing supervisors, and team leaders with creative gaming techniques. From knowing what behavior you should ideas for motivating employees to increase reward, to setting up healthy competitive environments, you will productivity and improve performance, while walk away with a new “game” plan for motivating your team. This showing them the way to stay resilient in session will give an understanding of creating leader boards and the process. will give you direction to design a game, create a game design Kelli Vrla’s festive delivery of meaty content checklist, and the key factors to implement the use of games helps you stay laser-focused on people, as a defect prevention technique to improve quality. priorities and productivity. Ross Smith has been in the software industry for over 20 years, Learn how to: developing and testing software on everything from mainframe systems to handheld devices and PC’s. In 1991, he began his n  aster M a rapid-fire productivity mind-set Microsoft career in Product Support and has held several roles n  et G more job ownership from you and including Test Lead, Test Manager and Test Architect working on your peers almost every version of Windows and Office since 1995. Among n  now K what makes ‘em tick and what his many accomplishments, Ross is one of the authors of The ticks ‘em off Practical Guide to Defect Prevention. He holds five software patents and has served as a guest poster on Google’s Testing Blog. n  oll R with challenges n  ractice P the platinum rule Special Keynote Introduction by Microsoft’s First Employee n  tay S laser focused, even in chaos Marc McDonald, Senior Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Corporation n  urround S yourself with experts n  mbrace, E practice convey lifelong As the first salaried employee of Microsoft, Marc learning McDonald joined Bill Gates and Paul Allen, where he designed the FAT file system used in MS-DOS n  ind F your job passion connection and help and Windows. His career spans the 30-year personal others find theirs computer industry-from Microsoft Basic on the MITS Altair n  ffectively E distinguish between “knowing” to Windows Vista and he holds six software patents. vs. “doing what you know” Kelli Vrla’s in-the-trenches scope of learning comes from first-hand experiences in handling change, bottom-line communications, and motivating the tough-to-motivate people. All of this prepared her for the variety of ways she now helps people stay less stressed and laser focused on full-throttle productivity.877.257.9531 www.STPCon.com
  5. 5. “A Pioneer of Agile” M I T RE Kent Beck Mark Scharenbroich Robert Martin Wednesday, October 20 Wednesday, October 20 Thursday, October 21 8:30am – 9:45am 3:45pm – 5:00pm 9:00am – 10:15amG Forces in the Organization NICE BIKE: Fueling 2010’s Top 25 MostKent Beck, Founder, Performance with Passion Dangerous ApplicationThree Rivers Institute Mark Scharenbroich, Motivational Humorist, Security Weaknesses NiceBike.com Robert Martin, Principal Engineer,Success in business today is oftendependent on the quality of software Information Technologies, MITRE Software testing can be a thankless job. Whenapplications that support the ability of the recognition is provided it is usually in a way Have you ever spent sleepless nightsbusiness to manage the backend functions that is not motivational or inspirational. Often wondering if the tests you have completed arelike accounting and employee management, testers are held responsible for the delay of sufficient to provide the necessary informationand the programs that enable seamless critical projects even when they are left out of to make a good business decision on whetherengagement between the business the process until the last minute. With limited or not software should be launched? Whetherand its customers. The role of software time and resources they are expected to you manage testing for internal developmentdevelopment, quality processes, and perform miracles. Wouldn’t it be nice to get activities, perform third party developmentsoftware testing have become increasingly noticed for the right reasons? validation or are testing a commercialcritical. Organizations dependent on software Mark Scharenbroich is an expert that application for external use, your mandateas part of their business model often deploy understands the value of being noticed for is clear - safeguard your applications andsoftware dozens of times an hour! The speed the RIGHT reasons. Mark will inspire you, make sure your team has avoided the CWE/and necessity for this increased schedule motivate you, and validate the importance of SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Applicationand dependence is placing ever increasing recognizing people to improve employee and Errors. Learn what you can do as a testerG Forces on many organizations.  team performance. to determine and identify these potentialWhile the “tidal” forces of these shifts vulnerabilities from the CWE Project Leader, Whether you are a team of one, or a team who coordinated the 2009 and 2010 project,profoundly reshape software development, of one hundred, you will walk away from thisthe changes required of the organization in combination with over 40 contributing keynote with a reinvigorated spirit for what software security specialists from around theare even greater. G Forces are created you do as well as an appreciation of whatas an organization’s software development world, as he discusses: the other team members around you do. Hegoes from deploying annually to quarterly will have you laughing, but more importantly n  he T prevalence and impact of attacks usingto monthly to weekly to daily to hourly. thinking about the simple ways you can the weaknesses listed in the CWE Top 25Kent will introduce the G Forces model motivate others to be better team players at n  ow H attack patterns allow you to think likeand the impact these changes have on the your organization. an attacker when designing your test casesorganization and specifically software testing. Mark Scharenbroich has built his speaking n  he T variety of methods to identify andKent Beck’s career has combined the career by working with some of the best address these potential vulnerabilitiespractice of software development, with organizations and leaders to create a culturereflection, innovation, and communication. n  ow H software security weaknesses in your that encourages people to perform at a higherHis contributions to software development level. His messages improve employee applications put your organization at riskinclude patterns for software, the engagement, help people to embrace change, n  here W the Top 25 fits in the securerediscovery of test-first programming, the enhance team collaboration, fuel the passion development lifecyclexUnit family of developer testing tools, and to serve others and create meaningfulExtreme Programming. Beck is the author/ Robert A. Martin focuses on the interplay connections. Currently, Mark Scharenbroichco-author of Implementation Patterns, of cyber security and Internet technologies. is writing his first book based on his Nice BikeExtreme Programming Explained: Embrace Martin has helped hundreds of MITRE’s principle, which is titled, Nice Bike: MakingChange 2nd Edition, Contributing to Eclipse, Department of Defense customers improve Connections that Move People.Test-Driven Development: By Example, the quality, cost, and timeliness ofPlanning Extreme Programming, The their software products.Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns, and theJUnit Pocket Guide. 5
  6. 6. Program Overview: 6 Comprehensive Tracks Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab This track will combine the best software testing theories with real-world examples where participants will actually learn by doing in a realistic test environment. This unique opportunity will feature a virtual learning environment that showcases eight technical sessions covering a wide range of hands-on testing topics. 101: Let’s Test Together 201: Explore Beyond the Obvious 301: Hands-On Quicktests 401: Testing in the Interview 501: Hands-On Introduction to Selenium IDE 601: 5 Kick Ass Test Design Techniques from Combinatorial Testing 701: Essential Techniques for Testing Flash-Based Rich Internet Applications 801: Weapons for Bug Hunting Test Strategy Process When do you use exploratory testing? How do you plan for performance testing? What are test entrance and exit criteria? In this track you will learn from industry experts and practitioners the strategic and tactical approaches to testing, regardless of the underlying software development methodology. This track includes topics related to test project planning, interaction with other departments (development, product management, and customer support), organization of test labs including virtual test environments, testing methodology, test documentation, performing different test types, test case coverage strategy, defect reporting, quality assessment (quality metrics), release criteria, and beta testing. 102: Effective Test Planning: Preparing for Success 202: Reloadable Test Data: Why and How 302: How Could We Miss Those Bugs? Tips on Improving Test Coverage 402: Mission Over Method: What Really Makes Your Testing Valuable 502: Metrics: A Path for Success 602: Test Faster: Model Your Process to Test Faster 702: Integrated Open Source Based Test Management 802: The Test Cauldron: Choosing the Right Mix Test Leadership This track will focus on the human side of testing, managing testers and the software test areas of the product development lifecycle. You will learn techniques for working effectively in a leadership role with test and non-test teams, and the differences between being a manager and being a leader. 103: Testers! Get Out of the Quality Assurance Business 203: People Are Not Widgets! 303: Encouraging Collaborative Testing 503: Reducing the Cost of Testing (Panel Discussion) 603: QA: Last One Invited, First One Kicked Out 604: The Secret Skill: How to Sell Testing 703: Testing Across Timezones: Working with International Teams877.257.9531 www.STPCon.com
  7. 7. Agile Testing This track will help attendees utilizing Agile Methodology to understand how they can fit traditional test practices or start implementing off-shoring capabilities while testing in an agile environment. In addition, the attendees will have an opportunity to understand how test automation can be more effectively used in the context of Agile projects as well as listen to real-world examples of testing in projects of varying degrees of Agile adoption. 104: Testing Within the Shades of Agile 204: Scaling Offshore Testing for Agile Teams 404: Pairing with Developers 504: Testing in an Agile Environment 804: Acceptance Test Driven Development Performance Testing Presentations in this track will share actual performance testing experiences that illustrate the skills, tools and techniques for planning and executing effective performance tests. Topics you will learn: developing test objectives, using business and technical metrics to quantify the target load and acceptance criteria, developing scripts, designing test scenarios, measuring and correlating system resources with response time and load, interpreting results, diagnosing bottlenecks, and communicating conclusions and recommendations to stakeholders. 105: Slimming Down Your Performance Tests 304: Architecting Applications for Performance and Scalability 403: Ever Been Fooled by Performance Testing Results? 505: Performance Testing for MASSIVE Systems 704: Using Open Source Testing at Ford 803: What You Need to Know About Performance Testing Test Automation The Test Automation track includes topics related to the test automation architecture, development of test automation frameworks, test automation methodology, functional test automation, security test automation, continuous integration, and popular open source and commercial test automation tool case studies. It will also include semi-automation tools for test case management and requirement management. 205: Becoming an Automation Entrepreneur 305: From Start to Success with Web Automation 405: Testware Hierarchy for Test Automation 605: Continuous Change Driven Intelligent Closed Loop Test Automation 705: Test Language: Introduction to Keyword Driven Testing 805: Script-less Test Automation Software Test Professionals 2010 Conference Program Board Vladimir Belorusets Dan Downing Catherine Powell SQA Manager, Xerox Corp. VP General Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Mentora Group Abakas, LLC Timothy ConnollyLead Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Matt Heusser James Sivak Nuvera Fuel Cells Technical Staff, SocialText Senior Quality Assurance Manager, McAfee, Inc. Elizabeth D’Angelo Bala Mullur Director of Quality Assurance, CGI Vice President, Matthew Sullivan Vertex Computer Systems, Inc. Test Lead, Patrick Dolan Deloitte Melissa Mutkoski PricewaterhouseCoopers 7 Software Quality Assurance Manager, ZoomInfo
  8. 8. Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab We are excited to offer a new conference track, Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab, which will combine the best software testing theories with real-world examples and where participants will actually learn by doing in a realistic test environment. This unique opportunity will feature a virtual learning environment that showcases eight technical sessions covering a wide range of hands-on testing topics. Session 101 Session 601 Let’s Test Together 5 Kick Ass Test Design Techniques from In this highly-interactive session, combinatorial test design Combinatorial Testing techniques will be used and explained while participants have This session is targeted towards experienced testers access to a combinatorial testing tool that will automatically looking to sharpen their test design skills. Learn five generate sets of test conditions based on user inputs. practical and powerful test design techniques. Session 201 Session 701 Explore Beyond the Obvious Essential Techniques for Testing Flash-Based RIA With a focused testing mission in hand, you will test an Learn the defects you’ll likely encounter when working with application using simple testing techniques that help you flash-based rich internet and desktop applications using move beyond the obvious and discover what is hidden exercises that demonstrate the testing practices and tools beneath the surface. you can use to uncover these defects quickly and effectively. Session 301 Session 801 Hands-On Quicktests Weapons for Bug Hunting In this hands-on session you’ll learn quick attacks that are A skilled tester should be able to design tests and recognize test designed to attack, overwhelm, and quickly evaluate bugs in situations that do not have documentation. This product quality, providing rapid feedback with little effort session will introduce testers to triggering heuristics that will and nearly no setup time. help testers do strong testing with or without documentation. Session 401 Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab Registration Testing in the Interview and Requirements:  When interviewing testers, you want to know they can n  ands-on sessions are included in your H test! This session will provide attendees with a deliberately conference fee. buggy application to test by putting themselves in both the candidate’s testing shoes as well as the role of the n  lassroom space is limited to 60 participants C hiring manager. per session. n  re-registration for your preferred session(s) P Session 501 is required. n  here is a limit of two session blocks upon initial T Selenium IDE registration - if additional space becomes available This session will explore the first part of the suite, prior to the event, we will contact you regarding open Selenium IDE, a record and playback plugin for Firefox. selection availability. n  pace is available on a first-come, first-served basis. S n  o software download is required and sessions N will be held utilizing a secure network. n  ttendee must bring a laptop computer and A power cord. n  lassroom equipment provided – hard-wired Internet C connection and power source (power strips).877.257.9531 www.STPCon.com
  9. 9. 2-Day Pre-Conference workshopsSunday, October 17 and Monday, October 18 from 9:00am – 5:00pmPre-1 Test Strategy Process Track Pre-2 Agile Testing Track Pre-3 Test Strategy Process Track Rapid Software Testing Quality Assurance for Principles of BlackMichael Bolton, Founder, Agile Practitioners Box TestingDevelopSense Mike Dwyer, Principal Agile Coach, Scott Barber, President CEO,Rapid testing is a complete BigVisible Solutions PerfTestPlusmethodology designed for a world of This advanced workshop focuses on In this course you will learn fourbarely sufficient resources, information, addressing the shared challenge facing foundational concepts that will enableand time. It’s an approach to testing Agile Practitioners and QA/Test groups: you to apply your current skills inthat begins with developing personal n  ompleteness is critical to Test C testing techniques, test design,skills and extends to the ultimate and test execution more effectively,mission of software testing: lighting n  implicity is critical to Agile S efficiently, and successfully. Throughthe way of the project by evaluating n  usiness looks for both B lecture, experiential case studies,the product. The rapid approach isn’t examples, and interactive exercises, Individuals and teams will focus onjust testing with a speed or sense of you will be exposed to and apply course topics through exercises andurgency; it’s mission-focused testing skills related to the Impossibility discussions that take into considerationthat eliminates unnecessary work, of Complete Testing, the Oracle each participant’s situation. Theassures that everything necessary gets Problem, the Mission of Testing, products of these exercises willdone, and constantly asks what testing and Bug Advocacy. fill in the maps participants createcan do to help speed the project as What You Will Learn throughout the workshop. These mapsa whole. One important tool of rapid will layout the options and issues n  he concept of oracles well enough Ttesting is the discipline of exploratory enabling participants to improve to apply multiple oracle heuristicstesting – essentially a testing martial the quality of their Agile workflow. to your work and be able to explainart. Exploratory testing combines testdesign, test execution, test result What You Will Learn: what you are doing and whyinterpretation, and learning into a n  ow collaboration with test H n  hat complete testing is impossible Tsimultaneous, seamless process that professionals improves Agile and how to better estimate andfinds a lot of problems quickly. development efforts explain the size of a testing problemThis is an intensive two-day, hands- n  ow to identify markers to H n  o adjust your focus from narrow Ton class, in which you spend much assess the progress of the technical problems to broader,of the time actually testing, working Agile testing program business problemson exercises, puzzles, thought n  ow to develop a map for H n  o identify the difference between Texperiments, and scenarios – some better collaboration with internal bugs that are important to thecomputer-based, some not. The goal testing organizations business vs. bugs that are importantof the course is to teach you how to to the user and how to capture thattest anything expertly, under extreme n  ow to find the best answers H difference in your bug reportstime pressure and conditions of for your organizationuncertainty, in a way that will stand n  o write bug reports more T In order to fully participate inup to scrutiny. persuasively considering the this workshop; participants need interests and concerns of Michael Bolton has been practical Agile experience either your audience teaching software testing as a Stakeholder, Business Lead, on five continents for ten ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Scott Barber, co-author of years and is the co-author or Test Leader. the Microsoft patterns and of Rapid Software Testing. practices book Performance Mike Dwyer is a Testing Guidance for Certified Scrum Trainer Web Applications. whose practice focuses on Agile transformation into enterprise efforts through innovative and proactive use of QA and Test. 9
  10. 10. 1-Day Pre-Conference workshopsMonday, October 18 from 9:00am - 5:00pmPre-4 Test Leadership Track Pre-5 Test Strategy Process Track Pre-6 Test Strategy Process Track Test Management Clinic Building a Test Strategy Test Case Development fromSelena Delesie, Consulting Software Karen N. Johnson, Owner/Consultant, Business RequirementsTester Agile Coach, Delesie Solutions Software Test Management, Inc. Jamie Evans, Quality Control Manager,Are you a test manager or responsible Learn how to plan and think strategically Open Scan Technologies, Inc.for making decisions that involve about testing. Strategic planning is Many times, the only information aworking with other groups? Do you an indispensable skill for test leads software tester has access to is thehave a sizable impact on the success and test managers. This workshop business processes and/or businessor failure of a project or organization? teaches the elements of building a test requirements. Testers learn theIn this interactive workshop, we will strategy and answers questions such business by the software itself, or bylook at real-life test management as: What should a strategy include? pulling information from the end users.challenges and discover ways to How can a strategy be built at the start Analysis skills are crucial for softwareevaluate options and select suitable of a project in such a way that the testers. You must be able to see thesolutions. We will explore techniques document is effective throughout the big picture and drill down to the details,for solving complicated problems that project? The workshop uses discussion especially at the point of designingyou can apply immediately. and exercises. Practical resources your test cases. In this workshop, learnChallenges that will be explored: are provided for use both in the class to design test cases from business and for future projects. Students work requirements by analyzing thosen  ow to lead a team as a manager H through case studies and leave the requirements using best practices. instead of managing it (and why you tutorial with examples in hand. This Test case design is like anything else should bother). workshop is designed for test managers – you need lots of practice to be goodn  oaching team members to C and testers who need to build a test at it. Using multiple exercises, learn to improve skill sets to further their job strategy or want to gain insights into define the big picture while analyzing performance and career growth. how to think strategically. the business requirements, with the ultimate goal of designing specializedn  evelopment and test/QA D Karen N. Johnson is test cases critical to your project. organizations don’t work well an independent software together, and blame each other test consultant and is a Jamie Evans has a B.S. when things go wrong. frequently requested speaker in mathematics from then  est is four months behind development T at conferences. Karen is a Colorado School of Mines. due to insufficient staffing. contributing author to the book, Beautiful She started her career in Testing, and has published numerous software testing and hasn  ustomer support consistently reports C articles and blogs about her experiences been in the same discipline ever since defects that can’t be investigated. with software testing. with over 17 years of software testingn  friendly team member undermines A and quality assurance. the successes of coworkers, and often takes credit for them.n  enior management insists that S “automation is the solution to our problems”.Bring challenges you are experiencingand leave with approaches that can beapplied to improve your current workenvironment, while expanding your ownskills in the test management domain. Selena Delesie is a Software Test Consultant and Agile coach who Today runs her own company, 877.257.9531 Delesie Solutions. www.STPCon.com
  11. 11. Pre-7 Performance Testing Track Pre-8 Test Strategy Process Track Hands-On Performance Testing Agile AutomationDan Downing, Co-Founder Linda Hayes, Founder, Worksoft, IncMentora Group, Inc. Most companies resist test automationGoranka Bjedov, Senior Performance until the software is stable, reasoningTester, Google that any savings from automationPerformance testing is perhaps the will be offset by the maintenanceleast understood and most under- required to keep up with changes.utilized form of testing, and it is the Also, traditional record/script/replayonly way to mitigate the invisible risk approaches can’t be implemented untilof application performance. It is least the code is functional, which is too lateunderstood because of its breadth in an agile development environment.of scope – combining the testing of This workshop will describe ansoftware with servers and networks, incremental approach to testand because it requires mastery of automation that allows automated Luminary Awardtools that span multiple business and tests to be written before the code, Software Test Professionalstechnical areas: identifying business then rapidly updated as changes are will announce the Luminaryscenarios, quantifying the target load, introduced. Attendees will learn how to: Award recipient at the STP 2010developing complex scripts, designing n  mprove code development practices I Conference Expo. Nominationstest scenarios, instrumenting servers, through automation were accepted from the softwareanalyzing numbers, and interpreting n  efine executable requirements D test community and the top 3results to recommend specific actions. nominees have been submittedIt is the most under-utilized because n  rite self-documenting automated W to the community for final voting.of the perceived cost of the software, tests before code is developed The deadline date for voting ishardware and training to attain mastery. n  mplement a test tool and platform I September 2 – vote by visitingIn this workshop, we will demystify the agnostic automation architecture softwaretestpro.com. We willprocess, and take you through hands-on present the Luminary Award n  utomate test case maintenance for Aexercises using open source tools that on the general session stage rapid response to changesyou can apply back at your workplace at at the STP 2010 conference.a low cost of getting started. You’ll take Linda Hayes is the founder A luminary is someone who hasaway concrete learnings you can apply of three software companies inspired others by their actionson your next load test. You’ll begin to including AutoTester, the first and the results of those actionsglean how to get your technical teams PC-based test automation on the profession. It is aboutto see the elephant in the room – the tool. Linda has been named the way they have given back,complete system. as one of Fortune Magazine’s People to and shared their knowledge andBring your Windows laptop – Watch and one of the Top 40 Under 40 experience with others in orderwe’ll provide the standard virtual by Dallas Business Journal. to advance the profession andtest environment with all the tools improve the career paths of theyou’ll need. practitioners. They inspire others to pursue a software testing career. Dan Downing is the author In addition, their contributions of the 5-Steps of Load elevate the critical role of the Testing, and numerous software test profession within presentations and articles the software development process. on performance testing. Vote Now at softwaretestpro.com! Goranka Bjedov is a senior performance tester at Google. 11
  12. 12. Schedule At A GlanceSunday, October 17, 20108:00am - 9:00am Continental Breakfast8:00am - 10:00am Registration Information9:00am - 5:00pm 2-Day Pre-conference Workshops (Day 1 of 2) Pre-1: Rapid Software Testing, Michael Bolton Pre-2: Quality Assurance for Agile Practitioners, Mike Dwyer Pre-3: Principles of Black Box Testing, Scott BarberMonday, October 18, 20108:00am - 9:00am Continental Breakfast8:00am - 5:00pm Registration Information9:00am - 5:00pm 2-Day Pre-conference Workshops (Day 2 of 2) Pre-1: Rapid Software Testing, Michael Bolton Pre-2: Quality Assurance for Agile Practitioners, Mike Dwyer Pre-3: Principles of Black Box Testing, Scott Barber9:00am - 5:00pm 1-Day Pre-conference Workshops Pre-4: Test Management Clinic, Selena Delesie Pre-5: Building a Test Strategy, Karen N. Johnson Pre-6: Test Case Development from Business Requirements, Jamie Evans Pre-7: Hands-On Performance Testing, Dan Downing, Goranka Bjedov Pre-8: Agile Automation, Linda HayesTuesday, October 19, 20107:30am - 6:00pm Registration Information7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast8:30am - 10:00am General Session: Productivity Games Improve Software Quality, Ross Smith Special introduction by Marc McDonald, Microsoft’s first salaried employee10:15am - 11:15am Breakout Session 1 101: Let’s Test Together, Justin Hunter 102: Effective Test Planning: Preparing for Success, Shaun Bradshaw 103: Testers! Get Out of the Quality Assurance Business, Michael Bolton 104: Testing Within the Shades of Agile, Nancy Kelln 105: Slimming Down Your Performance Tests, Scott Barber11:30am - 12:30pm Breakout 2 201: Explore Beyond the Obvious, Selena Delesie 202: Reloadable Test Data: Why and How, Tanya Dumaresq 203: People Are Not Widgets!, Judy McKay 204: Scaling Offshore Testing for Agile Teams, Christopher Duro 205: Becoming an Automation Entrepreneur, Linda Hayes12:00pm - 3:00pm Exhibit Hall Open12:30pm - 2:30pm Lunch2:30pm - 3:30pm Breakout 3 301: Hands-On Quicktests, Matt Heusser 302: How Could We Miss Those Bugs? Tips on Improving Test Coverage, Vladimir Belorusets 303: Encouraging Collaborative Testing, Lanette Creamer 304: Architecting Applications for Performance and Scalability, Dan Bartow 305: From Start to Success with Web Automation, Adam Goucher Today 877.257.9531 www.STPCon.com
  13. 13. Simply follow these track colors to find topics suited to your issues. Hands-On Testing Test Strategy Test Agile Performance Test Techniques Lab Process Leadership Testing Testing Automation3:45pm - 5:00pm General Session: Top 10 Leadership Skills, Surviving Thriving in the 21st Century, Kelli Vrla5:00pm - 7:00pm Exhibit Hall Open5:00pm - 7:00pm Exhibit Hall Happy Hour Booth CrawlWednesday, October 20, 20107:30am - 5:00pm Registration Information7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast Speed Geeking Breakfast Bytes8:30am - 9:45am General Session: G Forces in the Organization, Kent Beck10:00am - 11:00am Breakout 4 401: Testing in the Interview, Catherine Powell 402: Mission Over Method: What Really Makes Your Testing Valuable, Scott Barber 403: Ever Been Fooled by Performance Testing Results?, Mieke Gevers 404: Pairing with Developers, Lanette Creamer 405: Testware Hierarchy for Test Automation, Gregory Solovey11:00am - 11:30am Expo Hall Coffee Break11:00am - 3:00pm Expo Hall Open11:30am - 12:30pm Breakout 5 501: Hands-On Introduction to Selenium IDE, Adam Goucher 502: Metrics: A Path for Success, Kim Mahoney 503: Reducing the Cost of Testing, Matt Heusser, Lanette Creamer, Selena Delesie, Justin Hunter 504: Testing in an Agile Environment, Rob Walsh 505: Performance Testing for MASSIVE Systems, Mark Lustig12:30pm - 2:30pm Lunch2:30pm - 3:30pm Breakout 6 601: 5 Kick Ass Test Design Techniques from Combinatorial Testing, Justin Hunter 602: Test Faster: Model Your Process to Test Faster, John Roberto 603: QA: Last One Invited, First One Kicked Out, Bradley Baird 604: The Secret Skill: How to Sell Testing, Jim Hazen 605: Continuous Change Driven Intelligent Closed Loop Test Automation, Marc Hornbeek3:45pm - 5:00pm General Session: NICE BIKE... Fueling Performance with Passion, Marc Scharenbroich7:00pm - 10:00pm “Party on the Strip” at one of the city’s hottest nightclubs, Christian Audigier at TIThursday, October 21, 20108:00am - 1:00pm Registration Information8:00am - 9:00am Breakfast9:00am - 10:15am General Session: 2010’s Top 25 Most Dangerous Application Security Weaknesses, Robert Martin10:30am - 11:30am Breakout 7 701: Essential Techniques for Testing Flash-Based Rich Internet Applications, Kris Schultz 702: Integrated Open Source Based Test Management, C.V. Narayanan 703: Testing Across Time Zones: Working with International Teams, Rosanna Dyer 704: Using Open Source Testing at Ford, Frank Cohen 705: Test Language: Introduction to Keyword Driven Testing, Ayal Zylberman11:45am - 12:45pm Breakout 8 801: Weapons for Bug Hunting, Joe Harter 802: The Test Cauldron: Choosing the Right Mix, Jim Sivak 803: What You Need to Know About Performance Testing, Michael Czeiszperger 804: Acceptance Test Driven Development, C.V. Narayanan 805: Script-less Test Automation, Dimitry Geller 13
  14. 14. October 19 – 21, 2010 n Las Vegas, NevadaNetworking Activities Discover the Inside Connections Software Test Professionals Conference Expo 2010 offers networking opportunities for you to share ideologies and best practices with other people who are driving change in the industry. Whether you are networking at the Speed Geeking Breakfast Bytes event, STP booth crawl, or the exclusive STP Party at Treasure Island you will build a social network that will give you the inside connection to what others are doing to be successful in the software testing industry.Happy Hour Booth Crawl Expo Prize GiveawayTuesday, October 19, 5:00pm – 7:00pm Wednesday, October 20, 2:15pm – 2:25pmNetwork and drink, might make you think, An Expo Prize Giveaway in the true spirit ofbut missing the Crawl and you’re no fun at all! Las Vegas! Enter to win fabulous prizes by visitingGather in the STP Exhibit Hall for a Happy Hour vendors on the show floor and collecting stamps onBooth Crawl. Start your evening off with a drink your Prize Giveaway game card. The more exhibitorson us! Network with your colleagues as you unwind you visit, the better off your odds for winning theseand visit with leading vendors in the industry. high stake prizes.Speed Geeking Breakfast Bytes Conference CrewWednesday, October 20, 7:45am – 8:15am Given all the STP Conference networkingHosted by Matt Heusser opportunities, you’re bound to meet people who share some common interests. When you returnImagine hearing a hot topic – the immediate, home, start a Crew and invite your new professionalmeaningful, most powerful element of a session connections to join. Networking doesn’t end when– compressed into a small 8-minute “byte.” These you leave the conference, it’s only the beginning.sessions will feature a variety of speakers andtopics designed to educate, entertain and motivateyou, as you rotate between speakers who willshare their expertise in just a few minutes. Grabyour breakfast and join in on these interactive,high energy morning roundtables.Today877.257.9531www.STPCon.com
  15. 15. conference party 2010Wednesday, October 20, 7:00pm – 10:00pmTake part in the software test industry’s hottest conference party in Vegas. We’ve taken over one ofthe newest nightclubs, Christian Audigier, located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Grab a drink and afront row seat on the club porch that will be transformed into an exclusive VIP party for only STP participants.From your private outdoor balcony, become enchanted by the beautiful Sirens of TI ®, in their captivatingLas Vegas style show complete with fire, danger and music. Or simply relax, enjoy the drinks and hors d’oeuvres, 15as you network with your peers and enjoy the Vegas skyline.
  16. 16. Session 102 Test Strategy Process Track 104 Agile Testing Track Block 1 Effective Test Planning: Preparing for Success Testing Within the Shades of Agile Shaun Bradshaw, VP of Consulting Nancy Kelln, Software TestingTuesday, October 19 Services, Zenergy Technologies Consultant, Unimagined Testing10:15am – 11:15am In this session we cover fundamental There is no cookie cutter solution concepts regarding the importance or step by step guide to follow of test plans, what goes into a test when determining how to effectively plan, and methods of estimating a test test across varied Agile projects. effort. Particular areas of focus in the The testing approach needs to be presentation will include: adaptive and scalable to the project n  ligning test objectives with A methodology, constraints, team business objectives dynamics, and corporate culture. This session will highlight real-world n  dentifying the priorities of the I experience of testing successfully testing effort within projects of varying degrees of n  etermining risks and contingencies D Agile adoption; ranging from textbookToday n  eveloping a metrics-based D adoption to experimentation as 877.257.9531 estimation model traditional teams begin their www.STPCon.com transition to Agile. n  onsiderations when developing a C test schedule Nancy Kelln is an independent consultant Shaun Bradshaw has with 12 years of diverse spent 12 years working with a variety of clients experience within the to improve their QA and IT industry. test processes.101 Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab 103 Test Leadership Track 105 Performance Testing Track Let’s Test Together Testers! Get Out of the Slimming Down Your Quality Assurance Business Performance TestsJustin Hunter, CEO, Hexawise Michael Bolton, Founder, Scott Barber, President CEO,In this highly-interactive session, DevelopSense PerfTestPlusthe instructor will create relativelysmall sets of test cases for several The Agile movement, continuous It has been a common practice inapplications. Participants will choose changes in technology, and the performance testing over the past tenthe types of examples they would ubiquity of computing devices have years for many organizations to runmost like to see in the session and all prompted discussion about the into significant challenges becauseare expected to contribute their test role of the tester. Testers are typically they are trying to include too much inideas to the discussion. Combinatorial not allowed to change the source their performance tests. While it is truetest design techniques will be used code, the scope of the product, the that the best possible performanceand explained. Participants will utilize budget, staffing, schedule, customer test is one that exactly mimics botha combinatorial testing tool that will relationships, market placement, or the production environment and theautomatically generate sets of test the development model. How can production load, it is also true thatconditions based on user inputs, and testers assure quality? In this session, designing, developing, and executingwill follow along and create their own learn the difference between software a performance test with that degreesets of tests. testing and QA. Even though we don’t of accuracy is far beyond what most own quality, we help the people who teams can accomplish with the time and Justin Hunter is a are responsible for quality, identify the resources available. Learn how best to combinatorial test design things that influence it. slim down your performance tests. expert who has enjoyed teaching testers on six Michael Bolton has been Scott Barber is the co-author continents how to improve teaching software testing on of the Microsoft patterns andthe efficiency and effectiveness of five continents for ten years practices book Performancetheir test case selection approaches. and is the co-author of Testing Guidance for Rapid Software Testing. Web Applications.
  17. 17. 201 Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab 203 Test Leadership Track SessionExplore Beyond the ObviousSelena Delesie, Consulting Software People Are Not Widgets! Judy McKay, Consultant, Block 2Tester Agile Coach, Delesie Solutions SkyForest Consulting Tuesday, October 19Seemingly simple applications hide This session provides practical advicea depth of complexity, while complex for creating a test team that has strong 11:30am – 12:30pmsystems hide more than we can individuals with great synergy who willimagine. This session challenges you bring energy, initiative and respect toto escape the simplicity trap. With a the entire software organization. Learnfocused testing mission in hand, you to find the candidates, pick the leaderswill test an application using simple and build a team without falling into thetesting techniques that will help you widget-replacement strategy. It’s up tomove beyond the obvious and discover the leadership of the group to build andwhat is hidden beneath the surface. maintain an environment that promotesGain insights into approaches you the individual while building the team.can use at work to quickly learn critical Understand the steps needed to makeinformation about products you test. this happen and the pitfalls to avoid. Selena Delesie is a Judy McKay has over Software Test Consultant 20 years of industry and Agile coach who experience in software runs her own company, testing and software Delesie Solutions. quality assurance.202 Test Strategy Process Track 204 Agile Testing Track 205 Test Automation Track Reloadable Test Data: Scaling Offshore Testing Becoming an AutomationWhy and How for Agile Teams EntrepreneurTanya Dumaresq, Test Team Leader, Christopher Duro, Test Architect, Linda Hayes, Founder, Worksoft, Inc.Macadamian Technologies Cognizant Although almost every companyDo you need to execute and then The use of Agile offshore has been professes to want test automation,quickly re-execute manual test cases written about at the project level, but not all are willing to invest what itunder tight timelines? Do bugs marked what lessons are being learned at takes to get it done. But don’t giveas “Cannot Reproduce” bouncing back the enterprise level--particularly with up, get creative! Learn about real lifeand forth between developers and respect to testing? What techniques examples of automation entrepreneurstesters frustrate your team? Would you are working to scale offshore manual who found unexpected sourceslike to have more realistic, production- and automated testing for widespread of funding that led to expandedlike test data? This session will explain use by Agile teams? We will share opportunities – across and outside –the hows and whys of developing and experiences from actual projects the enterprise.using pre-created, reloadable test data deploying outsourced testing staffto end up with an efficient, intricate test on Agile projects as they scale up Linda Hayes is a frequentenvironment more representative of selection, training, automation, tool industry speaker andyour users’ world. usage, and metrics. award-winning author on software quality. Linda has Tanya Dumaresq has been Chris Duro is an been named as one of providing quality assurance IT strategist with over Fortune Magazine’s People to Watch. for Fortune 500 companies, 15 years of experience including Cisco, FileMaker, in quality assurance, Hewlett-Packard, March process improvement,Networks, and Nortel. and IT governance. 17
  18. 18. Session 302 Test Strategy Process Track 304 Performance Testing Track Block 3 How Could We Miss Those Bugs? Tips on Improving Architecting Applications for Performance and Scalability Test Coverage Dan Bartow, Vice President andTuesday, October 19 Vladimir Belorusets, SQA Manager, Cloud Evangelist, SOASTA2:30pm – 3:30pm Xerox Corp. Getting a great software idea out Some of the most embarrassing the door quickly is important. But if a questions that a tester can ask are: product becomes the next Twitter or Why did the application work in Facebook, how is it going to perform the testing lab, but not work in the and scale under serious traffic levels? customers’ environments? How did For existing sites, giving your customers we miss the bugs that the customers a great online experience is critical. reported? This session answers some Come see how application architectures of these tough questions using proven stack up against each other, learn practical tips. We will analyze how where common pinch points are for the differences in production and test speed and capacity, and take away key environments, functional scenarios, learnings that can improve any onlineToday and data contribute to the missing test cases and affect the test coverage. application’s performance.877.257.9531 Dan Bartow is a leaderwww.STPCon.com Dr. Vladimir Belorusets in performance testing has over 20 years of from the cloud. Over the experience in software past decade he has been development, test responsible for the speed automation and management and scalability of websites. and is a Certified Tester by the ASTQB.301 Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab 303 Test Leadership Track 305 Test Automation Track Hands-On Quicktests Encouraging Collaborative From Start to Success withMatt Heusser, Technical Staff, Testing Web AutomationSocialtext Lanette Creamer, Quality Lead, Adam Goucher, Principal, Element 34Quick attacks are tests designed Adobe Systems Web automation has a bad reputationto attack, overwhelm, and quickly Teams that test together gain shared for being brittle and hard to maintain.evaluate product quality. They provide knowledge, solidarity, and practice But it doesn’t have to be that way. Usingrapid feedback with little effort and working to achieve common goals. Selenium, this session explores hownearly no setup time. In this hands- Information flows naturally from one to evolve your web automation testson session you’ll learn quick attacks tester to another. Simply knowing and framework to not only execute testby doing them - so bring your laptop who works on which area can save scripts, but do so successfully.and get ready to test!. We’ll share time, reduce duplicate bugs, andideas, software to test, prizes, and increase product knowledge. Given Adam Goucher, anchallenges. You’ll go home with a the many advantages, why isn’t experienced tester ofdozen ideas to try on Monday, and collaborative testing the norm at 12 years, believes ina few “cheat sheets” to help you every software company? Learn the principles of both theremember what you learned. specific techniques used at Adobe Context School of Testing to maximize the advantages of and the Agile Manifesto and brings Matt Heusser is a member collaborative testing across the an open and modern view of testing of the technical staff products in the Creative Suites. to projects. His first book, Beautiful at Socialtext and has Testing was published in October 2009. developed, tested, and Lanette Creamer has 10 managed software projects years experience testingthroughout his professional career. software. At Adobe Systems, she coordinated cross- product testing events for the company’s Creative Suites.
  19. 19. 401 Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab 403 Performance Testing Track SessionTesting in the InterviewCatherine Powell, Principal, QA, Ever Been Fooled by Performance Testing Results? Block 4Abakas Mieke Gevers, Managing Director, Agile Quality Information Systems Wednesday, October 20When interviewing testers, you wantto know they can test - so give them Performance testing results can be 10:00am – 11:00amsomething to test! This session will overwhelming, not only regarding theprovide attendees with a deliberately amount of the data during the test, butbuggy application to test. Attendees also concerning the values. Analyzingwill begin by putting themselves in the results contains the risk of gettingthe candidate’s shoes and testing the into a very detailed, complex andapplication and then will also assume sometimes tedious interpreting process.the role of the hiring manager as we This session focuses on how to get,discuss how to interpret test results. analyze and control the data, and willSpecial attention will be paid to the show live examples for you to analyzetypes of defects identified and what and help identify the cause.that tells you about the candidateas a tester. Mieke Gevers has been in the IT industry for 22 Catherine Powell has years and has a BCS and been testing and managing started her career as a testers for about 10 years. software developer, and has She is a manager, tester, held positions as an analyst, project author and a formal mentor manager and, ultimately, QA Manager.to testers and test managers.402 Test Strategy Process Track 404 Agile Testing Track 405 Test Automation Track Mission Over Method: What Pairing with Developers Testware HierarchyReally Makes Your Testing Lanette Creamer, Quality Lead, for Test AutomationValuable Adobe Systems Gregory Solovey, Technical StaffScott Barber, President CEO, As more testers are coding, and more Member, Alcatel-LucentPerfTestPlus developers are testing their code, the The key to success in test automationAttend this session to determine what line between developer and tester is is defining the structure and hierarchyyour testing mission really is, whether blurred. Testers have an opportunity of the testware. This simplifies thetesting brings real value to your project to influence quality earlier by pairing test design approach and allows theand your company, and ultimately how with a programmer. By walking the incorporation of test as a parallelto increase your confidence that the tester through their code, a developer activity to development in an Agiletesting you are doing at any moment is reviewing their own work while giving environment with short iterations. Thisduring a project is valuable and will the tester a deeper understanding, session illustrates how to achieve thebe valued by the stakeholders who test ideas, and a chance to ask key requirements testability (controllabilitymatter most. questions. Learn what went well and and observability) and describes four what challenges were faced during principles of testware design. Scott Barber is the co-author tester/developer pairing on an Agile of the Microsoft patterns and project at Adobe. Gregory Solovey has practices book Performance more than 25 years Testing Guidance for Lanette Creamer has 10 experience in quality Web Applications. years experience testing assurance and software software. At Adobe Systems, testing management. she coordinated cross- product testing events for the company’s Creative Suites. 19
  20. 20. Session 502 Test Strategy Process Track 504 Agile Testing Track Block 5 Metrics: A Path for Success Kim Mahoney, QA Manager, Testing in an Agile Environment Rob Walsh, President, The Hartford EnvisionWare, Inc.Wednesday, October 20 Metrics and data are everywhere. Take Agile software development is11:30am – 12:30pm a deep dive into some key metrics becoming more and more popular. which can assist the team in a go or However, many organizations struggle no-go decision. Which metrics should to incorporate their QA team in the be used? What data can be used to Agile processes. This session will help help see trending? What make sense to show how programmers, testers, and for the project? Each company houses technical writers can all work together their data differently. Explore ways throughout an iteration, to deliver value to get the data you need in order to to the customer. The session will also analyze, learn from and implement cover how to effectively mix traditional recommendations in the future. QA efforts with unit testing and user acceptance testing. Kim Mahoney has over 20Today years of experience in IT, specifically in QA. She has Robert Walsh is focused on providing self-service 877.257.9531 an MBA from the University solutions to public and www.STPCon.com of Hartford. Kim also has academic libraries. He acquired her CSQA (Certified Software introduced EnvisionWare Quality Analyst) and AIT (Associate in to Agile development methodologies Information Technology) designations. in 2002 using a hybrid of Scrum and eXtreme Programming.501 Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab 503 Test Leadership Track 505 Performance Testing Track Hands-On Introduction Reducing the Cost of Testing Performance Testing forto Selenium IDE (Panel Discussion) MASSIVE SystemsAdam Goucher, Principal, Moderator: Matt Heusser, Socialtext Mark Lustig, Director of PerformanceElement 34 Panelists: Selena Delesie, Delesie Engineering and Quality Assurance,Selenium is a suite of products, Solutions; Lanette Creamer, Adobe Collaborative Consultingeach with its own strengths and Systems; Justin Hunter, Hexawise This session focuses on real worldweaknesses, but when used properly This panel discussion brings together structured approaches, processthey offset each other. This session the experts in the field who contributed enhancements, organizationalwill explore the first part of the suite, to the Reducing The Cost of Testing considerations, development lifecycleSelenium IDE, a record and playback book, to discuss how to respond to integration aspects, and a roadmap-plugin for Firefox. Though limited in the challenge of reduced cost with centric strategic and tactical approachsome ways, its ease of use and ability integrity and success. Go home with to implementing and maturingto quickly generate scripts makes it a more than ideas to reduce cost; have a performance engineering across thepowerful tool in the tester’s toolbox. balanced view of the real cost of those platform development lifecycle forSuitable for both those who know how tradeoffs, as well as tools to discuss massive systems.to code and those who do not, you will the issues with senior management inlearn how to create effective, robust a reasonable, articulate manner. Mark Lustig’s experiencescripts that will have immediate impact in the high-technologyon the quality of your product. Matt Heusser is a member arena has honed his systems of the technical staff architecture and performance Adam Goucher, an at Socialtext and has engineering skills. experienced tester of developed, tested, and 12 years, believes in managed software projects the principles of both throughout his professional career. the Context School ofTesting and the Agile Manifesto.