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CCCon Spring 2012

  1. 1. Register Now! Early Bird – March 9 Save $400Make a Splash at the Leading Conference for Managing the Customer Experience April 23 – 26, 2012 Orlando, FL | 877.535.0707 Conference Tracks Strategic Planning Social Media in the Contact Center Contact Center TechnologyAgent Hiring, Development and Retention Performance Management At Home Agent Workforce Optimization Quality and Customer Experience Management Program Management
  2. 2. Keynote PresentationsTuesday, April 24, 8:00am – 9:15am Learn the blueprints to create a world-class service culture in your organization and the pitfalls to avoid. Experience the journey of looking at some of the best practices and lessons learned from Building & Sustaining organizations known for their world-class service, delivered consistently and seamlessly through a World-Class Service the eyes of the customer. Culture: One Employee, As an employee of the Walt Disney Company for nearly two decades, Jake has analyzed the culture and infrastructure supporting many companies who have achieved world-class status and has One Customer at a Time spent the past 15 years helping other companies build their own unique approach. In this engaging Jake Poore, Chief Experience presentation, he will share his insights and experiences on the secrets to their service success and Officer, We Create Loyalty how you can hardwire it within your own organization.Tuesday, April 24, 12:45pm – 1:30pm We are always looking for ways to optimize every hour of every day – we wake up earlier, work later and put in more hours – so that we can meet our goals, finish our task list and improve the contact Work Smarter, Not center performance. However, sometimes simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. Often you Harder – Improving can improve your processes and meet your goals better by streamlining your overall operations. Your Contact Center This presentation will walk through changes you can make to your contact center and processes to improve your overall operations while simplifying your life. Learn to identify and hire the right agents. Operations Improve your overall metrics by moving more calls to self-service. Reduce talk time and improve Mariann McDonagh, customer service by integrating your key systems with call handling and future proof your call center CMO, InContact to be ready for emerging trends.Wednesday, April 25, 8:00am – 9:00am As Contact Center leaders we are exposed to many “challenging” situations in the contact center. Whether it is a “difficult” call from a customer, a “confrontational” response from one of our agents, What’s So Funny a “miscommunication”, or an “inspirational” memo from our leadership, the stress of serving About Contact Center customers and the failure of leadership to understand the importance of what we do is part of our professional day to day lives. Humor is one of the things we can use to help our teams to handle even Management? the most stressful situations. David Glickman is a popular keynote speaker that uses humor to relieve stress. He will entertain, enlighten, and inspire you so you can take back some comedy relief to your David Glickman, team in the center. No, he won’t teach you to be a comedian but he will have you laughing out loud Contact Center Humorist with ways you too can relieve the stress in your contact center.Thursday, April 26, 8:30am – 9:45am For Zappos it’s all about delivering WOW. This presentation delivers powerful insights into the unique ways Zappos approaches screening and hiring, quality monitoring, social customer service, The Zappos and making emotional connections with customers - all with the single goal of consistently delivering Experience a WOW customer experience. In this keynote Myra Golden shares the 5 keys Contact Center Managers and frontline employees can adopt and apply to create an engaging and unforgettable customer experience. (Live and Deliver WOW, Customer Experience as the #1 Priority, Make Emotional Connections with Customers, the Myra Golden, Speed of Light, Treat Employees Very Well). Plus, discover how Zappos is able to WOW customers Customer Loyalty Expert with no call scripts and no talk time targets and learn why Zappos pays employees $2,000 to quit. Early Bird – March 9 Save $400
  3. 3. Track Descriptions Strategic Planning From aligning contact center goals to the corporate mission to making the decision to outsource, this track will discuss thefrequently misunderstood subject of strategic planning. Regardless of the size of your contact center, sound strategic decision makingis key to the success of the contact center, and ultimately, the organization as a whole. Attend these sessions to ensure that yourstrategic plan is accurate and achievable. Agent Hiring, Development, & Retention This track is packed with compelling and actionable sessions on how leading contact centers attract, train, engage andassess top agent talent to ensure optimal performance and customer loyalty. If you are looking to fortify your frontline with highlycapable and committed specialists in customer service, support and/or sales, with an ultimate goal of retaining your top performers,you can’t afford to skip this critical track! Workforce Optimization There are few jobs more complex and more critical to the performance of the contact center than that of the workforcemanager. This track will explore and discuss the various aspects of forecasting, scheduling, and staff planning. In today’s economicenvironment, doing the most with what you have is essential to meeting budgets while delivering the expected quality experience. Social Media in the Contact Center There is no doubt that social media is empowering our customers by providing them with an opportunity to talk about theirservice experience. What is the role of the contact center in executing, interpreting and managing social media strategies? This trackfocuses on how contact centers are using social media to provide value to the organization. If you are looking for the benefits of andopportunities provided by implementing a social media strategy in your contact center these sessions must not be missed. Performance Management Measuring performance is critical in the contact center. Most organizations “measure” but are they the right measurementsand what actions are called for? This track will help managers and directors determine and validate what is critical to measure, andhow to translate such measurements into effective performance plans for both the center and the individual agent. Expect immediateperformance improvement after attending any of the sessions on this track. Quality and Customer Experience Management This track will explore the critical role that monitoring, assessing, surveying, and analyzing plays in managing the qualityof the total customer experience. Attend these sessions to learn how focusing on the experience can result in increased profits, moreeffective performance, improved morale and even increased sales! Contact Center Technology This track will explore the critical role that technology plays in the operation of the contact center. Gain a betterunderstanding of the capabilities offered by existing technologies while discovering the possibilities offered by emerging technologies.Learn about the intricacies involved in balancing technology with the ever critical human touch. At Home Agent Program Management Virtual Workforce models for customer service have grown exponentially over the last decade. Recent workforce trendshave accelerated adoption of at-home agent programs for call centers. This track will explore the trends as well as discuss thecomplexity of starting, managing, and analyzing an at-home or telecommuting program. We will provide case studies of successfulimplementations of at-home programs for all types and sizes of customer service operations. 877.535.0707
  4. 4. Pre-ConWorkshops monday 9:00am–12:30pm monday 1:30pm– 5:00pm Pre-1 Pre-3 WFM: The Critical Impact of Contact Center Metrics: Managing Strategic Long Term Planning a Call Center By the NumbersJay Minucci, President, ServiceAgility Penny Reynolds, Co-Founder, The Call Center SchoolWhen we hear the term workforce management (WFM), most contact There are many truths told in the vast array of statistics available todaycenter leaders think about concepts like schedules, queues, adherence in the call center – and the successful manager or supervisor will beand the moment-to-moment chaos that too often captures our attention. the one that understands how to manage by the numbers and not beIt doesn’t need to be that way, and in this session we will illustrate how overwhelmed by them. This session provides a useful set of formulas andthe activities you take months and even years in advance can lead to calculations for understanding today’s most common key performancebetter performance, higher customer satisfaction and far less frustration. indicators (KPIs). Attendees will learn about the most common measuresThe topics we will cover include: of performance and how to calculate and analyze them. The session will • Engaged forecasting present the “top ten” KPIs and de-mystify the math behind the numbers, • Modeling for the long term including numbers related to call centers, as well as calculations • Building staffing plans that make an impact associated with email and web chat contacts. • Connecting planning and execution Attendees will learn to: Identify the most critical KPIs for call center andParticipants will walk away with a better understanding of how long agent performance and how to calculate them; Calculate the service,cost,term planning is the key that enables day to day success in a contact and productivity implications of staffing decisions; Define the critical KPIscenter. Those interested will also receive a template for building your to reflect quality of service as well as service efficiency; and Identify theown long term staffing model. most common math mistakes made in contact centers today. Pre-2 Pre-4 Lemming or Leader – Operationalizing You Decide! Social MediasSteve Riddell, COO, Michael Pace, Director of Customer SupportContact Centers pretty much operate the same way and most call center & Community Management, Constant Contactmanagers are guilty of taking a “lemming” approach to management, Is your organization considering providing customer service overprocess and growth. If you want to change your course and have social media networks or looking for a new way to really exceed“Break-Out” results in short time durations then attend this step by step your customer’s expectations? This workshop will help you understandsession on how Steve “re-engineered” a small call center with Blinds. how to put the foundational pieces together to start supporting yourcom and achieved award winning results in short time durations. Learn customers through social media networks. We will provide guidancehow to: Drive the right kind of behavior that “shatters” expectations and for setting up your strategy and objectives, how to leverage free/lowgoals; Train your sales and service people to deliver earth shattering cost solutions and systems to get started, how to hire or set up yourcustomer experiences; Move your supervisors and managers from a agents, how to measure and how to really exceed your customer’smanagement team to a Leadership Team; and Move your organization expectations over these new channels. We will discuss a variety offrom a compliance operation to a cohesive operation focused on Skill social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedInDevelopment. is the largest internet company in Houston and YouTube.and #1 seller of blinds and window coverings on the internet. Early Bird – March 9 Save $400
  5. 5. Site Tours monday 9:00am–12:30pm monday 1:30pm– 5:00pm Site Tour 1 Site Tour 2 World Travel Holdings, Inc. SeaWorld Parks and EntertainmentTour WTH to learn how their contact center handles multiple service lines Conference Site tours are a great way to validate and learn aboutand high channel volumes while serving the discriminating leisure traveler. best practices in our contact centers. Site tours include insights intoAttendees will be given an overview of the organization and will tour the operations, metrics, technologies, and best practices of great contactcontact center of one of the nation’s largest travel companies. The tour centers. Learn how some of the best and most recognized brands handlewill focus on: the management of multiple agent roles selling and servicing the customer experience at their centers and tour one of the mostmultiple brands within one center; ramping up staffing from an annual low recognized brands in the world: SeaWorld!point in late summer to an annual maximum during the first quarter of the Opening in 2005, the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Contact Centeryear; and the WTH ‘Customer Connection’ sales methodology. books reservations for SeaWorld Orlando, Discovery Cove, Aquatica,Co-founded by Brad and Jeff Tolkin in 2005, World Travel Holdings (WTH) Busch Gardens Tampa, Adventure Island, Busch Gardens Williamsburg,is a multi-brand travel distributor whose brands include CruisesOnly, Water Country USA, SeaWorld San Antonio and Sesame Place.,, Vacation Outlet, CruiseOne, Cruises Inc., and addition to their commitment to offer high quality service to guests, theyVillas of Distinction. Their portfolio of licensed partner brands includes generate over 50 million dollars in revenue for the parks they represent,BJ’s Travel, Orbitz Cruises, Cruises, Delta Skymiles Cruises, ranging from single day admission tickets to dolphin swim experiencesAmerican Airlines Cruises, cruises, and many others. As at Discovery Cove. Your tour of the Contact Center will include anone of the nations largest online and offline leisure travel companies, WTH overview of the operations that occur each day as well as a tour ofinteracts with hundreds of thousands of customers each year and delivers their exciting facility.a remarkable vacation experience for every kind of traveler with the abilityto allow customers to book 24/7 on their user-friendly websites and bycalling their highly trained experts. Exhibit Hall Information Tuesday April 24, 2012 Platinum Sponsor Silver Sponsors 3:00pm - 3:30pm Tools & Trends Showcase 4:30pm - 6:30pm Exhibit Hall Open 4:45pm - 6:30pm Happy Hour Welcome Reception Wednesday April 25, 2012 11:00am - 2:00pm Exhibit Hall Open Gold Sponsor 1:30pm - 1:45pm Expo Prize Giveaway 3:15pm - 3:45pm Tools & Trends Showcase Thursday April 26, 2012 7:30am - 8:30am Sponsor Roundtable Discussions
  6. 6. Schedule at a GlanceMonday April 23, 20128:00am - 5:00pm Registration & Information8:00am - 9:00am Continental Breakfast & Networking9:00am - 12:30pm Morning Pre-Conference Workshops Pre-1: WFM: The Critical Impact of Strategic Long Term Planning (Jay Minucci) Pre-2: Lemming or Leader – You Decide! (Steve Riddell)9:00am - 12:30pm Morning Site Tours Site 1: World Travel Holdings, Inc. Site 2: SeaWorld Parks Entertainment10:30am - 11:00am Morning Beverage Break12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch1:30pm - 5:00pm Afternoon Pre-Conference Workshops Pre-3: Contact Center Metrics: Managing a Call Center By the Numbers (Penny Reynolds) Pre-4: Operationalizing Social Medias (Michael Pace)9:00am - 12:30pm Afternoon Site Tours Site 3: Healthcare Division Connextions, Inc. Site 4: SeaWorld Parks Entertainment3:00pm - 3:30pm Afternoon Beverage BreakTuesday April 24, 20127:00am - 6:00pm Registration Information7:00am - 8:00am Breakfast8:00am - 9:15am General Session: Building and Sustaining a World-Class Service Culture: One Employee, One Customer at a Time (Jake Poore)9:30am - 10:30am Session Block 1 101: Making the Leap: Moving the Call Center from Service to Experience (Tim Handren, Tim Montgomery) 102: Adaptive Customer Engagement: A New Vision for Call Centers (Prem Uppaluru) 103: Better By Design: Call Routing That Satisfies (Jay Minnucci) 104: Coaching Your Way to World Class Success (Steve Riddell) 105: Innovating the Customer Experience: The Future of the Contact Center Industry (Lauren Ziskie)10:30am - 10:45am Morning Beverage Break10:45am - 11:45am Session Block 2 201: How to Stretch Your Dollar: Get the Quality You Want with the Budget You Have (Rick Zayas) 202: Putting your Customer Surveys to Work: How to Drive Action Off of Customer Feedback (Rick Emery) 203: Creating a Winning Service Culture Using a Multi-Track Approach: A Case Study (Barbara Burke, Tracy Mitchell) 204: Attendance and Adherence Strategies: Getting and Keeping Bodies in Seats (Penny Reynolds) 205: Has Anyone Seem My At-Home Agents: Breaking Myths and Perceptions About At-Home Agents (Tim Dewey)11:45am - 12:45pm Lunch Common Ground Rounds Networking12:45pm - 1:30pm General Session: Work Smarter, Not Harder – Improving Your Contact Center Operations (Mariann McDonagh)1:45pm - 2:45pm Session Block 3 301: Contact Centers and Cloud Computer – An Executive Perspective (Milos Djokovic) 302: Customers at Work: How Customer Driven Organizations Engage Their Customers (John Bannerman, Scott Thomas) 303: Driving Employee Engagement (Brian Flagg) 304: Tailoring Contact Center Metrics Processes to Your Organization (Darryl Flores) 305: Community: The Amazingly Under-rated Self Service Tool (Michael Pace)3:00pm - 3:30pm Tools and Trends Showcase3:30pm - 3:45pm Afternoon Beverage Break3:45pm - 4:45pm Session Block 4 401: Changing the Game with Vested Outsourcing (Alton Martin) 402: Integrating New Work into an Existing Workforce – Do’s and Don’ts (Chris Hermann, Kimberly King) 403: Creating a One-Call Experience (Justin Robbins) 404: Unleashing High Performance Using Lean Tactics (Mohan Nair) 405: World Travel Holdings @ Home Agent Program: A Case Study (Karen Reynolds)
  7. 7. 4:30pm - 6:30pm Exhibit Hall Open4:45pm - 6:30pm Happy Hour Welcome ReceptionWednesday April 25, 20127:00am - 6:00pm Registration Information7:00am - 8:00am Breakfast Lightning Talks8:00am - 9:00am General Session: What’s So Funny About Contact Center Management? (David Glickman)9:15am - 10:15am Session Block 5 501: Creating A High Performance Environment (Anne Slough) 502: Does your Check the Box, Double Dinging, Big Brother Quality Monitoring Evaluation Program Need a Redesign? (Connie Smith) 503: Transitioning Call Centers for Success with Gen Y (Kevin Childs, Kate Donovan) 504: Proactive Contact to Retain and Grow Customer Base (Donald Greco) 505: Managing Social Media Within Your Contact Center (John McDaniel)10:15am - 10:30am Morning Beverage Break10:30am - 11:30am Session Block 6 601: World Class Cultures Enable World Class Support (Brian Mullaney, Tim Montgomery) 602: Leveraging Statistics and Innovative Leadership to Achieve Better Customer Satisfaction and Drive Performance (Troy Curtis) 603: Eye of the Storm: Quick Fixes When Severely Short Staffed (Jay Minnucci) 604: The Coaching Conversation (Gregg Baron) 605: Remote Agents: The Big Game Changer (Michele Rowan)11:00am - 2:00pm Exhibit Hall Open11:30am - 1:30pm Lunch in the Expo Hall1:30pm - 1:45pm Expo Prize Giveaway2:00pm - 3:00pm Session Block 7 701: Ban AHT Reduce Your Metric Footprint (Barbara Burke) 702: Plan It and Prove It! Building a Successful WFM Strategy (Dan Rickwalder) 703:Understanding and Improving Agent Turnover (RJ Milnor) 704: The Relationship Among Net Promotion, Customer Effort, and Agent Performance (John Georgesen) 705: Next-Generation Writing Skills: Delivering Customer Service via Chat, Facebook, and Twitter (Leslie O’Flahavan)3:15pm - 3:45pm Tools and Trends Showcase3:45pm - 4:00pm Afternoon Beverage Break4:00pm - 5:00pm Session Block 8 801: An Executive View: Technologies That Will Change the Way We Work (Pete McGarahan) 802: It’s No “Noes” Tuesday!! (Lori Card King) 803: Welcome to the IVR Triage Clinic – Did Uou Know that Your IVR is Bleeding Cash? (Mark Camack, Peter Brandt) 804: Measuring the Success of Your WFM Team and Processes (Maggie Klenke) 805: The Training Paradigm: At-Home Agent Learning (John Towsley)6:00pm - 8:00pm Dinner GroupsThursday April 26. 20127:30am - 12:30pm Registration Information7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast Sponsor Roundtable Discussions8:30am - 9:45am General Session: The Zappos Experience (Myra Golden)10:00am - 11:00am Session Block 9 901: Turning Service Into Sales Through A Quality Conversation (Bob Davis) 902: Voice of the Customer – Customer Enagagement is the Easy Part (Greg Troxell) 903: How to Excel with At-Home Agents (Mariann McDonagh) 904: What Should I Be Measuring And How Do I Get The Rest Of The Enterprise Onboard? (Dennis Hauser) 905: How Having Your Agents Use Social Networking Can Turn Your Clients Cost into a Revenue Stream (Ryan Romero)11:00am - 11:15am Morning Beverage Break11:15am - 12:15pm Session Block 10 1001: Anticipated Changes in the Workforce and WFM Tools (William Durr) 1002: Turn Speech Analytics into Action (Rebecca Gibson, Jim Grace) 1003: Chat Software Can Do That? (Darshanna Tudor) 1004: The Emerging Culture of Behavioral Management (Kimberly Mitchell) 1005: Hiring, Motivating and Leading Successful Work-at-Home Agents (Marion Timpson)
  8. 8. Breakout Sessions Tuesday April 24 9:30am – 10:30am 101 102 103 104 105 Making the Adaptive Better By Coaching Your Innovating Leap: Moving Customer Design: Call Way to World the Customerthe Call Center from Engagement: A New Routing That Satisfies Class Success Experience – The Future ofService to Experience Vision for Call Centers Jay Minnucci, Steve Riddell, the Contact Center IndustryTim Handren, CSG Prem Uppaluru, Service Agility Lauren Ziskie,Tim Montgomery, CSG Transera Communications In this session, we will take a Walk away from this session Social Lift Inc.Join this session where the Explore this unique model close look at how to route the with a unique approach on Attend this session and learnpresenters will share their which uses the power of call from start to finish to get how to boost productivity and the best ways to implementreal-life experiences in helping analytics to adapt the customer the best results for everyone. revenue through coaching – new and emerging technologiesorganizations make the leap engagement process based on all while protecting culture. to service our digital become a world-class the customer’s intrinsiccontact center. need and expected value. 10:45am – 11:45am 201 202 203 204 205 How to Stretch Putting your Creating a Attendance Has Anyone Your Dollar: Get Customer Winning Service and Adherence Seem My At-the Quality You Want with Surveys to Work: How Culture Using a Multi-Track Strategies: Getting and Home Agents: Breakingthe Budget You Have to Drive Action Off of Approach: A Case Study Keeping Bodies in Seats Myths and PerceptionsRick Zayas, Customer Feedback Barbara Burke, Penny Reynolds, About At-Home AgentsCOPC Inc. Rick Emery, Barbara Burke Assoc. The Call Center School Tim Dewey,This session will show you Knowledge Wave International Tracy Mitchell, This session will share proven B Virtual to look at elements Learn how to move beyond just New Jersey Natural Gas practices on attendance and Join us as we take anof your daily operational measuring your organization’s Gain a practical road map for adherence that have resulted entertaining look at theroutine to redirect existing performance to fully take creating a positive, inclusive in increased availability. changing trend in At-Homeresources to get the quality and advantage of the feedback culture in which your service Agent based support modelsperformance results you desire. your customers provide. reps thrive (not just survive) and how they can work based on a real life experience. effectively, regardless of size. 1:45pm – 2:45pm 301 302 303 304 305 Contact Customers at Driving Tailoring Community: Centers and Work: How Employee Contact Center The AmazinglyCloud Computing – Customer Driven Org. Engagement Metrics Processes Under-rated SelfAn Executive Perspective Engage Their Customers Brian Flagg, to Your Organization Service ToolMilos Djokovic, John Bannerman, NTTA Cincom Systems Darryl Flores, SWBC Michael Pace,Eventus Solutions Group Scott Thomas, Tamer Partners The session covers: what This session will take you from Constant ContactLearn how cloud computing Attend to learn how the is engagement and why is basic indicators to examining Learn about this phenomenalcan transform your business North Texas Tollway Authority it important; what are the unique and innovative ways self-service channel thatthrough a discussion on (NTTA) transformed their benefits; what are the drivers; to derive the right KPIs that supports one to many,business models and a customers into one of the and how can you foster lead to optimized service increases retention, buildspresentation of ROI examples most effective resources in engagement. and operations. relationships, and fills theand case studies. their organization. acquisition funnel. 3:45pm – 4:45pm 401 402 403 404 405 Changing the Integrating Creating a Unleashing World Travel Game with New Work into One-Call High Holdings @Vested Outsourcing an Existing Workforce – Experience Performance Using Home Agent Program:Alton Martin, Do’s and Don’ts Justin Robbins, Hershey Lean Tactics A Case StudySPOT Consulting LLC Chris Hermann, FIS Entertainment and Resorts Mohan Nair, Karen Reynolds,Attend to learn the latest and Kimberly King, FIS This session will focus on Tim Hortons Inc. World Travel Holdingsmost effective techniques Attendees will learn how how Hershey Entertainment This session demonstrates In this session learn how WTHto work with outsourced to identify opportunities and Resorts merged multiple a number of ways to use grew the Home Agent programproviders using the theory for synergies within their processes into one call center insights from quality data from a couple of agents toof Vested Outsourcing in the own organizations and then to provide guests with a one scores and the Voice of the over 70% of the center world. explore how to build on these call experience. Customer (VOC) to your best synergies for success. advantage.
  9. 9. Breakout Sessions Wednesday April 25 9:15am – 10:15am 501 502 503 504 505 Creating A High Does your Check Transitioning Proactive Managing Social Performance the Box, Big Call Centers Contact to Retain Media Within Environment Brother Quality Monitoring for Success with Gen Y and Grow Customer Base Your Contact Center Anne Slough, Evaluation Program need Kevin Childs/Kate Donovan, Donald Greco, Siemens John MacDaniel, LSA Global a Redesign? ManpowerGroup Solutions Enterprise Communications Telerx Gain an understanding of the Connie Smith, Learn how successful call Learn how proactive customer This presentation will specific factors that trigger SpotOn Enterprises center groups make adjustments contact reduces inbound calls, provide current case studies improved performance Join us as we walk you to their management styles, improves business processes, on how to leverage contact in people in the High through the steps needed to policies, and procedures in enhances customer service center best practices in Performance Environmental redesign your quality program order to work effectively with and generates new revenue social media monitoring Structure (HPES). in this highly interactive, Gen Y employees. opportunities. and engagement efforts. practical session! 10:30am – 11:30am 601 602 603 604 605 World Class Leveraging Stats Eye of the The Coaching Remote Cultures Enable Leadership to Storm: Quick Conversation Agents: The World Class Support Achieve Better Customer Fixes When Severely Gregg Baron, Big Game Changer Brian Mullaney, Satisfaction and Drive Short Staffed Success Sciences Michele Rowan, The Scooter Store Performance Jay Minnucci, Whereas ‘managing’ At Home Customer Contacts Tim Montgomery, Troy Curtis, Service Agility allocates resources to This session will offer CSG Henkel Corporation Participants will gain tips obtain specific goals, learn cutting edge strategies and ideas that will help how ‘coaching’ develops for implementing remote The presenters will provide Learn how to translate existing deliver the type of service employees’ competencies, agent programs based on real-life examples of how data into sustainable solutions customers expect on a more confidence, and commitment the personal experience some of the world’s most to improve not only customer consistent basis in spite of to excellence. of the presenter. celebrated call centers create satisfaction but also your amazing cultures. center’s overall performance. unforeseen situations. 2:00pm – 3:00pm 701 702 703 704 705 Ban AHT Plan It and Understanding The Relationship Next-Generation Reduce Your Prove It! and Improving Among Net Writing Skills: Metric Footprint Building a Successful Agent Turnover Promotion, Customer Effort, Delivering Customer Barbara Burke, WFM Strategy RJ Milnor, and Agent Performance Service via Chat, Barbara Burke Assoc. Dan Rickwalder, CallMe! Consulting John Georgesen, Facebook, and Twitter Learn why more call centers Proactive Planning Group, LLC. Attend this session to Convergys Corporation Leslie O’Flahavan, are moving away from heavy Learn a strategy to improve understand the current state Learn why in today’s cross- E-WRITE reliance on quantitative workforce management of agent turnover and how to channel service environment, Discover how to balance measures to a less structured, processes and identify key diagnose improvement areas customer effort is the single approachability with more personalized approach gaps in the planning and in your call center. best indicator of service professionalism, brevity to agent support. communications processes. quality and its impact on with detail, and individual customer loyalty. authorship with group writing used in today’s channels. 4:00pm – 5:00pm 801 802 803 804 805 An Executive View: It’s No “Noes” Welcome to the Measuring the The Training Technologies That Tuesday! IVR Triage Clinic Success of Your Paradigm: At- Will Change the Way We Work Lori Card King, – Did You Know that Your WFM Team and Processes Home Agent Learning Pete McGarahan, Interval International IVR is Bleeding Cash? Maggie Klenke, John Towsley, McGarahan Associates This session tells the story of Mark Camack/Peter Brandt, The Call Center School MindMuze This session will explore the how one center changed the IVR Doctors In this session you will learn This session will focus on impact of rapidly changing paradigm from “our customers This highly interactive which metrics provide the best learning and how it can be technology and business should follow our rules....,” and dynamic session will measures of the WFM team delivered in a manner that is trends on traditional careers, to “how do we say yes to our demonstrate the ups and downs and how to calculate them effective and measurable for positions, and skill sets. customers’ request?” of IVR systems, and the bottom considering industry standards. agents, regardless of location. line cost of typical mistakes.
  10. 10. Breakout Sessions Thursday April 26 10:00am – 11:00am 901 902 903 904 905 Turning Service Voice of the How to Excel What Should I How Having Into Sales Customer: with At-Home Be Measuring Your Agents UseThrough A Quality Customer Engagement Agents And How Do I Get The Social Networking CanConversation is the Easy Part Mariann McDonagh, Rest Of The Enterprise Turn Your Clients CostBob Davis, Greg Troxell, InContact Onboard? into a Revenue StreamRobert C. Davis and Assoc. United Stationers Supply Co. Attend this session where Dennis Hauser, Siemens Ryan Romero,Based on years of experience, Attend this session and walk a panel of practitioners will Enterprise Communications Fusion Contact Centersthe presenter will discuss how away with strategies for outline the steps to justifying, In this fast-paced session we The presenter will sharethe service-to-sales transition achieving a more realistic/real implementing and monitoring will look at ways to determine with you a strategy on howbegins with a journey to win time VOC Process and higher your at-home program in order the right metrics for you to to use social networkingagents’ hearts and minds. levels of engagement with to ensure ongoing success. monitor… “one size” does effectively to increase NPS employees and customers. not fit all! (Net Promoter Score). 11:15am – 12:15pm 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 Anticipated Turn Speech Chat Software The Emerging Hiring, Changes in the Analytics into Can Do That? Culture of MotivatingWorkforce and WFM Tools Action Darshanna Tudor, Behavioral Management and Leading SuccessfulWilliam Durr, Rebecca Gibson/Jim Grace, Marketing Alternatives Kimberly Mitchell, Work-at-Home AgentsVerint Systems Interactive Intelligence With a variety of chat software InterWeave Marion Timpson,Join this session as we No matter what speech options available, this session Walk away with an action plan PlusOne Companyspeculate about how work will analytics tool you have, will discuss features and of how to make the human This session will showcasebe accomplished and what you will leave this session functionality found in the performance processes of a strategy that empowersfunctions are likely to be found with practical ideas you can most prevalent tools today. hiring, training, coaching and people to become outstandingin an enterprise-class workforce implement right away to deliver reviewing more behavioral for work at home agentsmanagement solution. stellar customer experiences. higher results. ultimately leading to the best results in the industry.Hotel Information Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld 6677 Sea Harbor Drive | Orlando, Florida 32821 1.800.468.3571 | 1.407.351.5555 www.renaissanceseaworldorlando.comAll conference activities will take place at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld Resorton April 23 – 26, 2012.A special discounted rate of $179 has been reserved for conference participants.To reserve your room, please call 800.468.3571 or 407.351.5555 and reference theContact Center Conference rate. Hotel rooms are expected to sell out – pleasereserve as soon as possible. The conference rate will be available until March 30, 2012OR until rooms sell out. Don’t miss your opportunity to stay at the conference hotel. Early Bird – March 9 Save $400