SharePoint Saturday Louisville 2012


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Code for the .Net Assembly Connector can be found at:

Code for the Custom Connector (SPList) will be posted at:

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SharePoint Saturday Louisville 2012

  1. 1. SharePoint Saturday Louisville, Kentucky July 28, 2012Advanced BDC/BCS Development Scott Brickey Strategic Data Systems
  2. 2. Strategic Data SystemsSDS SharePoint Custom SolutionsCount on our Agile development and expert coding experience to create an optimalsolution for your unique SharePoint application and integration needs.· Workflow & InfoPath Forms for Business Process Automation· SharePoint Reports & BI Integration· Portals & Collaboration· Content Management*Agile Practices for proven faster delivery, higher quality, & increased business value.For twenty years, SDS has solved enterprise development challenges using codingbest practices. We deliver required functionality with · Exceptional code quality · Maintainability · Reliability
  3. 3. What is BCS and what does it do?• Business Connectivity Services – Formerly the Business Data Catalog• Business Data Catalog features – Required SharePoint Enterprise Edition – READ from the external system – Supported by SharePoint Search• New in BCS – Supported in SharePoint Foundation – READ + WRITE support
  4. 4. BDC/BCS Architecture• Connectors – .Net assemblies – Select, Insert, Update, Delete• Metadata Model Files – Objects • Primary Keys • Searchable Fields • Operations • SharePoint Actions – Relationships – Settings / Parameters
  5. 5. Built In Connectors and Tools• Connectors – Web Service / WCF Service – SQL Database – .Net Assembly• Tools – SP Designer 2010 – BDC Metaman
  6. 6. Custom Code with BDC/BCS Connectors• .Net Assembly Connector – BCS Object  .Net Class – BCS Operation  .Net Method – Base (template) model file + SPD model file• Custom Connector – Class which implements • ISystemUtility – BCS connector • IAdministrableSystem – Configuration options – Single model file
  7. 7. .Net Assembly Connectors• DLL stored in BDC database, automatically installed on clients• One-to-one mapping between .Net objects and BDC/BCS objects – Code should be static• No awareness of metadata model files
  8. 8. Custom Connectors• DLL installed into SP, manual install onto clients• Custom data mapping of BDC/BCS objects – Code can be more flexible• Awareness and access to Model file• Multiple security options available – Revert To Self (system) – Passthrough (user) – SSO / Secure Store – Configuration parameters (cleartext!)
  9. 9. Operations• Finder – SELECT ALL• SpecificFinder – SELECT by Primary Key• IDEnumerator – SELECT ALL Primary Keys – Required for Search Indexing• StreamAccessor• AccessChecker• Creator• Updater• Deleter
  10. 10. DEMO
  11. 11. References• Expert WSS 3 and MOSS 2007 Programming – Chapter 13, Pages 655 – 790• Differences Between using the .NET Assembly Connector and Writing a Custom Connector us/library/ee554911.aspx• How to: Publish a .NET Connectivity Assembly to the BDC Metadata Store• Code Snippet : Implementing a Custom Connector us/library/ff464382.aspx
  13. 13. General Information• Tweet it Out!! – Hashtag for this event: #SPSLouisville – Follow us: @SPSLouisville – Include your presenters• Check out SPTV – Man on the street interviews… – Footage will be shown at
  14. 14. Tonight’s SharePint is generously sponsored bySharePint is being held right here at the Marriottimmediately following the event. Visit theRackspace booth for your ticket.For each unused drink ticket turned back in, a $5donation will be made to charity.
  15. 15. SharePoint Saturday Louisville has beenmade possible because of a generoussponsorship from the following friends…
  16. 16. SDS SharePoint Library• Access Checker• File Upload Web Part• Replace Document• Password Change Web Part• SP Designer Workflow Conditions• More to come! – SP List BCS Connector – Xml SiteMap
  17. 17. Clean-Up Items• Fill out your evaluation forms!• Visit the Dugout for a sneak peak of SharePoint 2013 and Networking.• See you back at Home Plate for the Closing and Raffles!!•
  18. 18. Lorum Ipsum Dolor Titleus Maximus• Fourscore and Seven Years Ago• Our Fathers Brought Forth Upon This Continent• A New Nation