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SharePoint Saturday Dayton 2012
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SharePoint Saturday Dayton 2012



Code for the .Net Assembly Connector can be found at: http://sbrickey.com/Tech/Blog/Post/SharePoint_BCS_-_Sample_Net_Assembly_Connector ...

Code for the .Net Assembly Connector can be found at: http://sbrickey.com/Tech/Blog/Post/SharePoint_BCS_-_Sample_Net_Assembly_Connector

Code for the Custom Connector (SPList) will be posted at: http://sdssharepointlibrary.codeplex.com



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SharePoint Saturday Dayton 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SharePoint Saturday Dayton, Ohio June 30, 2012Advanced BDC/BCS Development Scott Brickey Strategic Data Systems
  • 2. General Information• Tweet it Out!! – Hashtag for this event: #SPSDayton – Follow us: @SPSDayton – Include your presenters• Check out SPTV – Tweets will display throughout the day on the screens. – Footage will be shown at http://mysp.tv
  • 3. Strategic Data SystemsSDS SharePoint Custom SolutionsCount on our Agile development and expert coding experience to createan optimal solution for your unique SharePoint application and integrationneeds.· Workflow & InfoPath Forms for Business Process Automation· SharePoint Reports & BI Integration· Portals & Collaboration· Content Management*Agile Practices for proven faster delivery, higher quality, & increased business value.For twenty years, SDS has solved enterprise development challenges usingcoding best practices. We deliver required functionality with· Exceptional code quality· Maintainability· Reliability
  • 4. What is BCS and what does it do?• Business Connectivity Services – Formerly the Business Data Catalog• Business Data Catalog features – Required SharePoint Enterprise Edition – READ from the external system – Supported by SharePoint Search• New in BCS – Supported in SharePoint Foundation – READ + WRITE support
  • 5. BDC/BCS Architecture• Connectors – .Net assemblies – Select, Insert, Update, Delete• Metadata Model Files – Objects • Primary Keys • Searchable Fields • Operations • SharePoint Actions – Relationships – Settings / Parameters
  • 6. Built In Connectors and Tools• Connectors – Web Service / WCF Service – SQL Database – .Net Assembly• Tools – SP Designer 2010 – BDC Metaman
  • 7. Custom Code with BDC/BCS Connectors• .Net Assembly Connector – BCS Object  .Net Class – BCS Operation  .Net Method – Base (template) model file + SPD model file• Custom Connector – Class which implements • ISystemUtility – BCS connector • IAdministrableSystem – Configuration options – Single model file
  • 8. .Net Assembly Connectors• DLL stored in BDC database, automatically installed on clients• One-to-one mapping between .Net objects and BDC/BCS objects – Code should be static• No awareness of metadata model files
  • 9. Custom Connectors• DLL installed into SP, manual install onto clients• Custom data mapping of BDC/BCS objects – Code can be more flexible• Awareness and access to Model file• Multiple security options available – Revert To Self (system) – Passthrough (user) – SSO / Secure Store – Configuration parameters (cleartext!)
  • 10. Operations• Finder – SELECT ALL• SpecificFinder – SELECT by Primary Key• IDEnumerator – SELECT ALL Primary Keys – Required for Search Indexing• StreamAccessor• AccessChecker• Creator• Updater• Deleter
  • 11. DEMO
  • 12. References• Expert WSS 3 and MOSS 2007 Programming – Chapter 13, Pages 655 – 790• Differences Between using the .NET Assembly Connector and Writing a Custom Connector http://msdn.microsoft.com/en- us/library/ee554911.aspx• How to: Publish a .NET Connectivity Assembly to the BDC Metadata Store http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff464392• Code Snippet : Implementing a Custom Connector http://msdn.microsoft.com/en- us/library/ff464382.aspx
  • 14. Brixx Ice Co.500 East First St., Dayton
  • 15. SharePoint Saturday Dayton has been made possible becauseof generous sponsorship from the following friends…
  • 16. SDS SharePoint Library on CodePlexhttp://SDSSharePointLibrary.codeplex.com/• Access Checker• File Upload Web Part• Replace Document• SP Designer Workflow Conditions• More to come! – SP List BCS Connector – Password Change Web Part – Xml SiteMap
  • 17. Questions and Evals…• Fill out your evaluations to receive – Parking Pass – SPS Dayton T-Shirt• Scott.Brickey@sds-consulting.com