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RIT Career Services


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Rochester Institute of Technology Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services D. Scott Whipkey, C.P.C. November 10, 2010
  • 2. Why do companies use Recruiters?
      • People are a company’s most valuable asset
      • Find the Best Talent
      • Purple Squirrels
      • Competitive Advantage
      • Recruiters do what HR can’t
  • 3. Types of Recruiters
      • Temp Agencies (you work for the agency)
      • Perm Recruiters (you work for the company)
        • Contingency
        • Retainer
        • Specialists
  • 4. How Recruiters Get Paid
      • Temp Agencies
        • Pay rates / Bill rates
        • Mark-ups
      • Contingency-based
        • % based on salary
      • Flat Fee
      • Retainer
  • 5. How do Recruiters Find Candidates?
      • Job Boards?
      • Referrals
      • Social Networks
      • Cold-Calls
      • Source Companies
      • Trade Associations
  • 6. Recruiting Agencies as Resource
    • How do recruiting agencies fit into my overall job search strategy?
    • Should I use multiple agencies?
      • INSIST on agencies getting your prior approval before submitting your resume ANYWHERE!
  • 7. Recruiting Agencies as a Resource
    • Should I post my resume online?
    • Should I have multiple versions of my resume?
    • Should I use a resume service?
    • Should I apply to companies online?
  • 8. What can Recruiters do for me?
      • Uncover hidden job openings
      • Direct contact with hiring managers
        • Not Human Resources
      • Set up immediate interviews
      • Explain ‘real’ job description
      • Hiring Manager ‘hot buttons’
      • Interview Prep
      • Real, timely Feedback
      • Salary/benefits negotiation
  • 9. Conversations with a Recruiter
    • What should I say when talking with a recruiter?
      • For a specific job listing
      • For general help finding a job
      • Leads!!!
      • Be honest!
      • How do I handle the money question?
      • How often should I call / email?
  • 10. Conversations with a Recruiter
    • Should I give a recruiter my references?
    • Should I tell recruiter where I have interviewed and applied?
    • Why won’t the recruiter tell me who the client is?
    • Why won’t the recruiter return my calls?
  • 11. Recruiting Agencies as a Resource
    • Summary
    • YOU are in control of the process
    • The best time to find a new job:
      • When you don’t have to
    • Recruiters are a small part of your search strategy
    • Recruiters work for clients, not you!
    • The Phone is your best Tool!
    • NETWORK!!
  • 12. Thank You!!
    • D. Scott Whipkey, C.P.C.
    • Executive Search Consultant
    • Kelly Direct Recruiting
    • 1200A Scottsville Rd. Suite 375
    • Rochester, NY 14624
    • 585-235-0230
    • [email_address]