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Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery
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Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Introduc)on  to   Disciplined  Agile   Delivery  (DAD)  
  • 2. Disciplined  Agile  Delivery  (DAD)  is   a  process  decision  framework     The  key  characteris;cs  of  DAD:   –  People-­‐first   –  Goal-­‐driven   –  Hybrid  agile   –  Learning-­‐oriented   –  Full  delivery  lifecycle   –  Solu;on  focused   –  Risk-­‐value  lifecycle   –  Enterprise  aware   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 2
  • 3. Scrum   Extreme   Programming   Lean  Kanban   DAD  is  a  Hybrid  Framework   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 3 Unified  Process   Agile  Modeling   Agile  Data  “Tradi;onal”  Outside  In  Dev.   DevOps   …and  more   DAD leverages proven strategies from several sources, providing a decision framework to guide your adoption and tailoring of them in a context-driven manner. SAFe  
  • 4. A  High  Level  Lifecycle   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 4
  • 5. Disciplined  Agile  Delivery:  Basic  Lifecycle   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 5 DAD promotes a full delivery lifecycle
  • 6. Disciplined  Agile  Delivery:  Lean  Lifecycle   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 6 DAD doesn’t prescribe a single lifecycle
  • 7. Disciplined  Agile  Delivery:  Lean  Con;nuous  Delivery   Lifecycle   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 7 Advanced product teams follow a continuous delivery approach
  • 8. DAD  supports  a  robust  set  of  roles   •  Team  Lead   –  Agile  process  expert,  keeps  team  focused  on   achievement  of  goals,  removes  impediments   •  Product  Owner   –  Owns  the  product  vision,  scope  and  priori;es  of  the   solu;on   •  Architecture  Owner   –  Owns  the  architecture  decisions  and  technical   priori;es,  mi;gates  key  technical  risks   •  Team  Member   –  Cross-­‐func;onal  team  members  that  deliver  the   solu;on   •  Stakeholder   –  Includes  the  customer  but  also  other  stakeholders   such  as  Project  Sponsor,  DevOps,  architecture,   database  groups,  governance  bodies   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 8
  • 9. DAD  is  Goal-­‐Driven,  Not  Prescrip;ve   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 9
  • 10. DAD  Teams  Are  Enterprise  Aware   Disciplined  agilists:   •  Work  closely  with   enterprise  groups   •  Follow  exis;ng   roadmap(s)  where   appropriate   •  Leverage  exis;ng  assets   •  Enhance  exis;ng  assets   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 10
  • 11. Governance  is  Built  Into  DAD   •  Governance  strategies  built  into  DAD:   –  Risk-­‐value  lifecycle   –  Light-­‐weight  milestone  reviews   –  “Standard”  opportuni;es  for  increased  visibility  and  to  steer  the  team   provided  by  agile   –  Enterprise  awareness   –  Robust  stakeholder  defini;on   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 11
  • 12. Context  Counts  –  Tailoring  and  Scaling  Agile   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 12 Agile Disciplined Agile Delivery Agility at Scale •  Construction focus •  Value driven lifecycle •  Self-organizing teams •  Prescriptive •  Project team aware •  Delivery focus •  Risk-value driven lifecycle •  Self-organization with appropriate governance •  Goal driven •  Enterprise aware DAD provides the foundation from which to scale: §  Large teams §  Geographically distributed teams §  Compliance §  Domain complexity §  Technical complexity §  Organizational distribution
  • 13. Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) Disciplined  Agile  Delivery:   The  Founda;on  for  Scaling  Agile   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 13 Scrum   Lean  Kanban   XP   Agile  Modeling   And  more…  SAFe  Outside  In  Dev.   Team  Size   Geographic   Distribu;on   Compliance   Domain  Complexity   Technical   Complexity   Organiza;onal   Distribu;on   DAD leverages proven strategies from several sources, providing a decision framework to guide your adoption and tailoring of them in a context-driven manner.
  • 14. What  Does  it  Mean  to  Be   Disciplined?   •  In  general,  it  requires  discipline  to   follow  many  agile  prac;ces  and   philosophies   •  But,  it  also  requires  discipline  to:   –  Reduce  the  feedback  cycle   –  Learn  con;nuously   –  Deliver  solu;ons  incrementally   –  Be  goal  driven   –  Enterprise  aware   –  Streamline  Incep;on  and   Transi;on  efforts   –  Adopt  agile  governance  strategies   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 14
  • 15. Got  Discipline?   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 15 DisciplinedAgileConsor;     Disciplined  Agile  Delivery   Disciplined  Agile  Delivery    
  • 16. DAD  Cer;fica;on:  DisciplinedAgileConsor;   Disciplined  Agile  Yellow  Belt     –  Indica;on  that  the  person  is  new  to  disciplined  agile  but  eager  to   learn   –  Validate  basic  knowledge  via  a  test   Disciplined  Agile  Green  Belt   –  Indica;on  that  the  person  is  striving  to  be  a  professional   –  Poten;al  to  be  a  junior  coach   –  Difficult  test  and  several  years  of  proven  experience   Disciplined  Agile  Black  Belt   –  Indica;on  that  the  person  is  an  expert   –  Oben  a  senior  coach,  instructor,  or  agile  transforma;on  lead   –  Board-­‐level  cer;fica;on   © Disciplined Agile Consortium 16